Summary of JavaScript floating-point number and operation precision Adjustment

Summary of JavaScript floating-point number and operation precision AdjustmentJavaScript has only one numeric type number, and all the numbers in JavaScript are represented in the IEEE-754 standard format. The accuracy of floating-point numbers is

JavaScript Learning 14: Form processing

What is a form? In HTML, a form is represented by a element. In JavaScript, the form corresponds to the htmlformelement type. Htmlformelement inherits the HtmlElement, so it has default properties for HTML elements and is unique to its own

The difference between substring (), slice (), substr () methods in JavaScript

The substring () method is used to extract the character of a string intermediary between two specified subscripts.stringobject. substring (start,stop)The Slice () method extracts a portion of a string and returns the extracted part with a new

Custom implement JavaScript Map object, modify IE incompatible map () problem

Because IE8 and the following versions do not support map objects, this article provides an effective solution for the program apes.This article overrides the map object and implements the usual set, get, put, clear, remove, delete, ForEach, have,

JavaScript floating-point value arithmetic rounding error

ProblemIn JavaScript, where integers and floating-point numbers belong to the Number data type (one of the simple data types), we often find that the result of printing 1.0 such a float is not 1 1.0 , because the memory space that holds the floating-

JavaScript defines private variables and private functions in a private scope (1)

JavaScript has no private members, but there are private variables, all of which are public.Any variable defined in a function can be considered a private variable because it cannot be accessed inside the function.Private variables include:

JavaScript Knowledge Point 01

JS Basics The page consists of three parts: HTML: Hypertext Markup Language, responsible for page structure CSS: Cascading style Sheets, responsible for page styles JS: A lightweight scripting language, responsible for the

mdn--javascript--Introduction--The first chapter--Summary of knowledge points

1. What is js: JavaScript is a programming language that allows you to implement complex things in a Web pageExample:var para = document.queryselector (' P ');Para.addeventlistener (' click ', UpdateName);function UpdateName () {var name = prompt ('

JavaScript array de-weight (Undefined,null,nan)

Array to redo record:1. IndexOf method, cannot recognize NaN1 varary = [false,true, Undefined,NULL, NaN, 0, 1, 1, "1", "1", {}, {}, "a", "a", NaN];2 3Array.prototype.uniq =function() {4 var_this = This;5 return_this.filter

Arrow function-------JavaScript

This article abstract: ES6 standard adds a new function:arrow function.Why is it called Arrow Function? Because it's defined by an arrow:x => x * xThe above arrow functions are equivalent to:function (x) { return x *

How does JavaScript compare two arrays?

How does JS compare two arrays with exactly the same elements?JavaScript can not directly use = = or = = = To determine whether two arrays are equal, whether equal or congruent, the following two lines of JS code will return falseTo determine

(7) JavaScript program control structure and statement------(2) Loop-controlled statements, jump statements, dialog boxes

First, the loop control statementThe loop statement mainly consists of executing an operation repeatedly while satisfying the condition, and the loop control statement mainly includes the while statement , thedo...while statement and the FOR

Dom object for JavaScript manipulation

What do you call dom?Dom is the Document Object model, which is a set of API interfaces based on browser programming (in this tutorial, which can be said to be DHTML programming), the recommended standard for the web, and each browser has some

JavaScript event handlers

An event is an action performed by the user or the browser itself, and the interaction between JavaScript and HTML is implemented through events. And the function of the corresponding event is called the event handler function. Includes the

JavaScript Little Exercise 3

Take out the elements of the common part of array 1 and array 2Thought 1: Put the array 1 into the map, and then iterate over the array 2, the elements in arrays 2 do not exist in the map does not work, if the element in the array 2 already exists

JavaScript number vs. string comparison size

In summary JS often encounter pure numbers and a variety of strings to compare: A comparison between pure numbers alert (1 Numeric string comparisons that convert its first to numbers Alert ("1" Alert ("123"

Properties of objects in JavaScript

Original: are three different types of properties in javascript: named data attributes (named Data properties), named accessor properties (named Accessor properties), and internal

String objects and methods in JavaScript

String ObjectTwo types of String objects are createdvar a= "Hello";var b=new String ("Hello");Here's howCharAt () Find characters in a string based on subscript     Alert (A.charat (3));//Returns a character string according to the subscript

JavaScript generates UUID

The globally unique identifier (guid,globally unique Identifier) is also known as the UUID (universally unique Identifier).A GUID is a numeric identifier generated by the algorithm with a binary length of 128 bits. The format of the GUID is

JavaScript Note 03--Document Object model (Doc object models, referred to as DOM)

Dom technology allows the user page to dynamically change, such as the ability to dynamically display or hide an element, change their properties, add an element, and so on, Dom technology makes the page interactivity greatly enhanced. [1] The DOM

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