Top ten JavaScript Editor, which do you use?

Welcome to continue to focus on the Grape City Control Technology team blog, more and better original articles here ~ ~For JavaScript programmers, there are a lot of great tools to choose from right now. The text will discuss 10 excellent text

JavaScript operator Summary

Operator JavaScript has assignments, comparisons, arithmetic, bits, logic, strings, and special operators. This chapter describes the operators and some information about operator precedence.Table 2.1 A concise list of all the JavaScript

The Arguments,callee,caller in JavaScript

Before referring to the above concepts, I would like to start by saying the implicit parameters of the functions in javascript:ArgumentsArguments the object represents the function being executed and the parameters of the function that called

JavaScript Get service time

Using the Ajax method of jquery, Ajax can write itself.Specific usagevarSetId = SetInterval (function(){varXHR =$.ajax ({type:' HEAD ',//Get header information, Type=head canUrl:window.location.href,complete:function(xhr,data) {varDate =NewDate (Xhr.

Empty (reset) The value of the INPUT element of the file type with JavaScript

Before StackOverflow answered this question, now organize into a blog.Due to security restrictions. The script cannot set its value values arbitrarily, so it cannot be set to reset with the properties as other form input fields.Resetting the value

JavaScript from scope to closure-notes

Read "You don't know JavaScript" a book to make a note;Compiler principle:JS is a compiled language, similar to the traditional compilation language, the traditional compilation process is divided into three stages;1. Word segmentation/lexical

JavaScript operators: Increment and decrement (the difference between ++i,--i and i++,i--)

The increment and decrement operators draw directly from C, and each has two versions: pre-type (increment ++i , decrement --i ) and post-type (increment i++ , decrement i-- ). The definition of both in the book is that the predecessor should

Null and nudefined in JavaScript

OverviewnullAnd undefined both can mean "no", meaning very similar. Assign a variable to undefined or, to be null honest, the grammatical effect is almost indistinguishable.var a = undefined;// 或者var a = null;In the above code, the a variables are

JavaScript implements an array of objects sorted by different fields

If there is an array of objects, we want to sort the arrays based on an object property. The comparison function passed to the array sort () method receives two parameters, which is the comparison value. But. We need a way to specify which attribute

JavaScript picture preload detailed

Preloading a picture is a great way to improve the user experience. The images are preloaded in the browser, and visitors can surf the site smoothly and enjoy extremely fast loading speeds. This is good for a large proportion of the image galleries

JavaScript anonymous function and closure----REPRINT

Many explanations on the Internet, I do not understand, I want to know the principle ... This article should be a little more thorough.Query fragment:View Plaincopy to Clipboardprint?(function () {This ignores all implementations of jquery})();When

Implementation of the Trim method in JavaScript

The string class in Java has a trim () to remove space characters before and after a string. jquery also has the trim () method to remove strings before and after a character variable.However, there is no corresponding trim () method in JavaScript.

JavaScript time format (very handy native function)

Original:  JavaScript time format (very handy native function)

The JavaScript base a tag uses the OnClick event to block the default jump onclick event and jump, and the onclick event takes precedence.

Town Field Poem:The Pure Heart sentiment wisdom language, does not have the world name and the benefit. Learn water under the hundred rivers, give up arrogant slow meaning.Learn to have a small return to feed root, willing to cast a conscience blog.

A detailed description of JavaScript operating mechanism

Why is JavaScript a single thread?The front-end students know that the JavaScript language is single-threaded, meaning that only one thing can be done at any moment. However, multithreading can improve efficiency, why does JavaScript not use threads?

JavaScript function expressions

First, the orderThere are two ways to define a function: One is a function declaration and the other is a function expression;1.1 Function declarationsfunction functionname (Arg) { // function Body }With regard to function declarations, an

JavaScript Learning-A simple test environment

In the basic knowledge of the JavaScript Ninja cheats 2.4 test condition, the author gives a simplified version of the Assert and assert group implementation, for beginners, this is a good example, not only let us get a handy gadget, It also lets us

SetTimeout and SetInterval of JavaScript asynchronous programming the case of asynchronous programming, I will mainly from the following three aspects to summarize the asynchronous programming ( Note: Special explanation: is summed up, I am also a rookie, so the summary is

[javascript Grammar learning] full Introduction to Array


ArrayAn array can contain any data type and access each element through an Index. Assigning a new value directly to the length property of an array results in a change in the size of the array, where the unassigned data is Undefined. It is therefore

CSS3 achieves 3D text animation effect _ special text effects

CSS33D text animation is shocked to see this word. By the way, it uses another two attributes: transition and animation. Because CSS3 technology is used, use Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers during testing. Otherwise, the effect cannot be seen.

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