How to use Gthumb to bulk resize a picture in Linux

How to use Gthumb to bulk resize a picture in Linux Guide If your work involves picture editing and processing, there is always the experience of batch resizing multiple images at the same time. While most image editing

Linux distributions • Common Linux system downloads

This feature page summarizes the most popular Linux distributions basic introduction and, if you are a new contact with Linux, the introduction may be helpful to you, if you think Linux use predecessors, you can also leave your comments and

Sixth. First Linux driver: Count the number of words

One, what is the Linux driver exactly what is a thing:1, actually the Linux drive and the common Linux API does not have the essential difference, only uses the Linux drive Way and uses the Linux API the way is different;2. The Linux system maps

How to set up the Recycle Bin in Linux

Modify the user's environment variablesVI ~/. BASHRC Note the alias of line 5th #alias RM='rm-i'The last line adds the following content mkdir-P ~/. Trash alias RM=Trash alias R=Trash alias RL='ls ~/.trash'alias ur=undelfile Undelfile () {MV-I

On Linux memory management mechanism

Often encounter some new Linux novice will ask how much memory consumption?In Linux often found that the free memory is very small, it seems that all the memory is occupied by the system, the surface of the memory is not enough to use, it is not.

The first step under Linux--progress bar (Gcc&makefile)

I believe you have written "Hello World" code in the initial study of C + +. After learning the C + + code to enter the Linux system of learning we do not have to start with "Hello World" This entry-level program, after all, has a few years of

FTP connection Linux times cannot change directory error resolution

Reason:The SELinux security policy of the Linux system does not turn on support for accessing FTP different directories by defaultUsing the Linux command: getsebool-a | grep FTP View statusIf you see Ftp_home_dir-to-off (indicating that SELinux does

Sixth. First Linux driver: Count the number of words

Now that we've entered the actual combat phase, we've learned the complete process of developing and testing a Linux driver using an example of counting the number of words. The first Linux driver is a count of the number of words.Instead of

Linux Delete non-empty directory

Linux Delete directory is very simple, many people still accustomed to use rmdir, but once the directory is not empty, it is deeply distressed.Direct RM is available, but add two parameters-rf that is: RM-RF directory name-R is recursive down,

Introduction to the Linux Virtual file system (VFS)

1. Generic file modelLinux The kernel supports loading different file system types, and different file systems have their own way of managing files. The standard file system in Linux is the Ext file System family, and of course, developers cannot

First Linux driver: Count the numbers of words

To write the Linux driver steps:1. Build Linux drive skeleton (load and unload Linux drivers)#include #include #include #include #include #include #include Initializing Linux driversstatic int word_count_init (void){PRINTK

Inode Records under Linux

Device block, inode, file nameTurn from:Http://, what is the inode?to understand the inode, start

Varnish basic applications in Linux

The HTTP cache is implemented in two ways: Squid, Varnish; generally known as a cache serverSquid: Supports forward and reverse proxies, is a heavyweight cache server with very stable performance under high load conditionsVarnish: Support reverse

Basic analysis of Linux operating system (vii)--bash basic knowledge and basic usage skills (1)

In everyday English, the shell can be translated into shells, most of which means a device or structure that can protect the inner core. In computer science, the shell actually refers to a provider that can use the entire computer's resources

Linux command Readlink

Readlink, you can see from the literal meaning that the output symbolic link value or authoritative file name. The readlink command parameters under OpenWrt are as follows:[email protected]:/# readlink--helpBusyBox v1.22.1 (2016-05-16 12:27:19 CST)

I/O efficiency of Linux Quest

First, the article for the reasonRecently read the "UNIX Environment Advanced Programming", the previously more obscure knowledge structure has been further strengthened, especially the first two chapters on the non-buffered file I/O and buffered

15 Practical Linux/unix Tape Management commands

Guide Tape devices should be used only for periodic file archives or to transfer data from one server to another. Typically a tape device is connected to a Unix machine and controlled with MT or MTX. It is strongly recommended that you back up

Linux kernel threads kernel thread details--linux process management and scheduling (10)

Date Kernel version Architecture author GitHub CSDN 2016-06-02 Linux-4.5 X86 & Arm Gatieme Linuxdevicedrivers Linux process management and scheduling--a description of the

TXT file under Windows upload to Linux Chinese garbled problem

Garbled is because of the compressed files, some of the files are named in Chinese. While in the Windows Chinese encoding is generally GBK, and Linux under the Chinese encoding is generally utf8, so under Windows normally open files, to Linux is

Windows Server and Linux server FTP fetch scripts

Linux (IP if for from Linux (IP if then need to on the VSFTP is the FTP server, in install FTP client,!/bin/sh###############################################

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