The difference between the cat, more, less, tail, head commands in Linux

One, cat display file connection file contents of the toolCat is a text file (view) and (connection) tool, often used in conjunction with more, and the more different is that cat can merge files. To view the contents of a file, it is simpler to use

The method of controlling export function of GCC compilation shared library under Linux

Through the development of some practical projects, it is found that under Windows, you can control which functions in the DLL (dynamic-link library) can be exported by specifying __declspec (dllexport) definitions, which are exposed to other

One Linux command per day (+): Watch command

Watch is a very useful command, basically all Linux distributions with this gadget, like the name, watch can help you monitor the results of a command, save you to manually run over and over again. Under Linux, watch is the periodic execution of the

One Linux command per day (PNS): Free command

The free command displays the idle, used physical memory and swap memory in the Linux system, and the buffer used by the kernel. In Linux system monitoring tools, the free command is one of the most frequently used commands.1. Command format:free

Linux Basic Command Learning mkdir (3)

Mkdir1. Command Formatmkdir [Options ] Catalogue .. .2 . Command Functionsby mkdir command can be implemented at the specified location to create aDirName (the specified file name)the named folder or directory. The user who creates the folder or

Linux mkdir command Sorting collection

The Linux mkdir command is used to create a directory of the specified name, requiring the user who created the directory to have write permissions in the current directory, and the specified directory name cannot be a directory that is already in

Linux Core Files an unusual program exits, the kernel generates a core file (a memory image, plus debugging information) in the current working directory. Using GDB to view the core file, you can indicate

Linux system ImageMagick image processing

ImageMagick is a free open source software that creates, edits, and synthesizes images in a Linux system. It can read, convert , write , cut, color Replace, application of various effects, picture rotation, composition, text, line, polygon, ellipse,

Linux Commands learning Note (4): mkdir command

Linuxmkdircommand to create a directory of the specified name, requiring the user who created the directory to have write permissions in the current directory, and the specified directory name cannot be a directory that is already in the current

Linux Basics 1

1 Common shortcut keysVirtual mid-end switchover: CTRL+ALT+F2~F6 switch to Virtual terminal (virtual terminal in LINUX5 is f1~ F7, and today's Linux7.0 virtual terminal is F2~F6); ctrl+alt+f1 switch to graphics terminal. (This article mainly takes

The meaning of each file under the Linux/proc/pid directory

attrProperties of the processCmdLine:Commands to execute when the process startsCwdsoft chain pointing to the current working directory of the processll CWD is a soft connection.EnvironThe environment variables used by the process execution, the

Installation LoadRunner steps and problems encountered in Linux

Under Linux, the pressure test can only be installed under Linux---load-generator, and then through the local recording script, through LoadRunner controller scenario--"load generators Log in to the Linux server for stress testing under

Linux--Ubuntu command

First, the file directory class1. Create directory: mkdir directory name2. Delete Empty directory: RmDir directory name3. Unconditional deletion of subdirectories: RM-RF directory Name4. Change the current directory: CD directory name (go to User

Linux Network Programming gethostbyname ()

gethostbyname () returns a pointer to the hostent structure that contains the host name and address information for the given host name. The declaration of the structure is consistent with the GETHOSTADDR (). Returns the host information

Configuring a syslog server on Linux

A syslog server can be used as a log monitoring center in a network, and all the facilities that can send logs over the network (including Linux or Windows servers, routers, switches, and other hosts) can send logs to it. By setting up a syslog

Linux SVN server Setup, client operation, backup and recovery

Subversion (SVN) is an open source version control system that manages data that changes over time. This data is placed in a central repository, which is much like an ordinary file server that remembers every change in the file so that it can be

Linux-inode Understanding

I. What is the inode?To understand the inode, start with the file storage.The file is stored on the hard disk, and the minimum storage unit for the hard disk is called "Sector" (Sector). each sector is stored 512 bytes (equivalent to 0.5KB). When

Understanding Linux Configuration Files

IntroducedEach Linux program is an executable file that contains a list of opcode that the CPU will execute to accomplish certain operations. For example, the LS command is provided by the/bin/ls file, which contains a list of machine instructions

Troubleshooting and remediation techniques for Linux systems

Troubleshooting and remediation techniques for Linux systemsI found that the Linux system in the boot process will have some failures, causing the system to not start normally, I wrote here a few application of single user mode, Grub command

GBK encoding to UTF-8 encoding for Linux platforms

In writing cocos need to parse a file, but the file is GBK encoding method, and Cocos default is to use UTF-8 so need to transcode, this is found on the Internet code, but the original can not be used, which I modified. System Environment: Macmini

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