Linux file and directory attributes detailed

1, the Linux file attributes; The properties of a Linux file or directory mainly include: The node of the file or directory, the type, the permission mode, the number of links, the users and user groups, the time of the most recent visit or

Docker Application Container Basics technology: A Linux Namespace learning tutorial

Here we go. Start with the Linux namespace first.Brief introductionLinux namespace is a method of kernel-level environmental isolation provided by Linux. I don't know if you remember a long time ago Unix has a system call called chroot (by modifying

Linux Server architecture tengine2+mysql5.6+php5.5 Environment Tutorial

First, the library needed to upgrade Sudo-sLang=cYum install-y wget gcc gcc-c++ openssl* Curl curl-devel libxml2 libxml2-devel glibc glibc-devel glib2 glib2-devel gd GD2 Gd-devel gd2-devel libaio autoconf libjpeg libjpeg-devel libpng libpng-devel

Example to explain the creation of hard link and soft link in Linux system

The first thing to figure out is that in a Linux system, the kernel assigns an Inode (index node) to each newly created file, and each file has a unique inode number. The file attributes are stored in the index node, and when the file is accessed,

RM Command Delete directory and non-empty directory in Linux

RM command Creating files in Linux is easy, and files can become obsolete and useless in the system at any time. Users can delete them with the RM command. The function of this command is to delete one or more files or directories in a directory,

Linux-socket Model Understanding

First, socketIn general, the socket has an alias called a socket.Sockets originate from UNIX and can be manipulated using "open open–> read-write write/read–> close" mode. Socket is an implementation of this pattern, the socket is a special kind of

Four ways to convert PNG and JPG into batches under Linux

In computer terminology, batching refers to the method of performing a sequence of tasks [1] with a non-interactive program . In this tutorial, we will use the Linux command-line tool and provide 4 simple ways to .PNG convert some format images into

One Linux command per day: Kill command

The KILL command in Linux is used to terminate the run of the specified process (terminate a process) and is a common command for process management under Linux. Typically, terminating a foreground process can use the CTRL + C key, but for a

One Linux command per day (9): Touch command

Linux touch commands are not commonly used, and are generally used when using make, to modify file timestamps, or to create a new file that does not exist.1. Command format :touch [Options] ... File...2. Command Parameters :-A or--time=atime

Summary of commonly used compression tools under Linux (Gzip/tar/bzip2/zip)

Gzip:1) only for ordinary files compression, folder, Symbolic link is not valid.2) If you want to compress and package multiple files together, Gzip is not possible and need to be combined with tar[[email protected] databackup]# ll total dosage

Common command and usage of file management under Linux system

What are the file management class commands on Linux and how they are used?File system operation commands are divided into: directory operation command, file Operation command, Permission action commandDirectory Operations Command:LS lists the

Linux SORT,UNIQ,CUT,WC Command detailed

Linux SORT,UNIQ,CUT,WC Command detailedSortThe sort command sorts the rows in the files specified by the file parameter and writes the results to standard output. If the file parameter specifies multiple files, the sort command connects the files

User and user group management for Linux

Linux is a multi-userTick Operations for tasksSystem, all one to use system resourcesof usersThe system administrator must firstApply for an account, and then enter the system as the account ID. The user's account can help the system administrator

Use cross-compilation on Linux hosts to port U-boot to Raspberry Pi

0 environmentLinux hosts os:ubuntu14.04 64-bit, running on WMware workstation 10 virtual machinesRaspberry Pi Version: Raspberry Pi 2 Type B.Raspberry Pi Os:debian Jessie Raspbian Jessie1 Raspberry Pi Start-up processThe boot process of the

Teaches you to hide the command line history of Linux

If you are Linux command-line users, sometimes you may not want certain commands to be recorded in your command-line history. There may be many reasons, for example, you have a position in a company where you have some privileges that you do not

Linux OOM Auto Kill process


Problem Description:Today after work, log in an intranet test server, found that some of the process is missing (Nginx/php-fpm/mysql/crond).Workaround:1, start these processes first, to ensure the normal provision of services.2, check the server log

Linux Common commands

Linux commands1. Ls-a,–all lists all files in the directory, including the. The implied file at the beginning-L The file's permissions, owner, file size, and other information, in addition to file names2. CD CD/system root directory3.PWD pwd–p Show

The echo of the Linux Base command (involving bash command references and replacement parts)

Echo is a more common command in Linux, especially in bash scripting, which is essential for its flexible use.In the man manual, the explanation is: Display a line of text, translation comes back or more popular point is to show characters or

GZ, bz2, XZ, ZIP, format compression commands and tar usage on Linux operating systems

Compression ratios are different for each compression algorithmGZIP: Compressed files are. gz format, so is the suffixGzip/path/to/somefile: The original file is deleted when the compression is complete, the compressed file is named after the source

Linux Find command detailed

use the Find command to delete all VSSVER2.SCC files under LinuxDelete all VSSVER2.SCC filesThis is the purpose of my search for the Linux find command.1) Find/-name ' VSSVER2.SCC ' | Xargs rm-rf #先 (Recursive) Find the current path contains VSSVER2.

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