Linux Basic Text Processing commands (Wc,cut,sort,uniq,diff,patch)

I believe that when you use Linux, you will always encounter situations where you want to extract some of the information you need, such as the following four scenarios:1. Find the IPV4 address of eno16777728 in ifconfig command result2. Find out

Linux Basics (20) Text processing the Three Musketeers of awk

awk is a more powerful text-processing tool than SED, where sed is usually treated as an entire unit of action, while awk can separate a whole line into multiple fields by the specified delimiter. The syntax of awkAwk-f separator '

Linux Editor-share the 10 best markdown editors

in this article, Brother Lian Linux Training will be Share some of the best Markdown editors that can be installed on Linux. Although you can find a lot of Markdown editor on the Linux platform , here we will try our best to recommend Of Markdown

Chattr +a lsattr groupmems pwconv linux Batch create user

This blog, I will introduce a few commands for you, some of which are difficult to find, I hope to help everyone1.chattr:The chattr command is used to change file properties. This directive alters the file or directory attributes that are stored on

Linux Editor-share the 10 best markdown editors

In this article, brother even Linux training will share some of the best Markdown editors available for Linux installation. Although you can find a lot of Markdown editors on the Linux platform, here we will try to recommend the best for

The use of rsync under Linux

I. Overview of RsyncRsync is a data-mirroring Backup tool under Unix-like systems, and--remote sync can be seen from the name of the software. Rsync is a file synchronization and data Transfer tool under the Linux system that uses the "rsync"

Account Management for Linux

User identifier UID and GIDWhen we landed on the Linux system, we entered our account number, but since the computer only knew 0 and 1, Linux would not know the account name directly, but would only know our ID. Each logged-on user will receive at

Linux Soft connect hard link operation and explanation

1.Linux hard links and soft connectionsln command, create a connection command parameters: Necessary parameters:-B Delete, overwrite previously established link-D allows super users to make hard links to directories-F Force Execution-I

Hard links and soft links in Linux

I. Overview of the LN commandIts function is to create a synchronized link for a file in another location. When we need to use the same file in different directories, we don't need to put a file in every required directory, we just put the file in a

Linux file system

File system: Hierarchical structure, indexed;/: Original starting point;Inverted tree-like structure;/DEV/PTS/2: Leftmost/indicates root directoryOther/represent path separatorsThe path delimiter for Linux is/window is the \The path to the file is

Linux Command Learning Manual-printf command

Category: LINUXReference: FORMAT [ARGUMENT] ...printf OPTIONfunctionFormat and print the data.For example* Print integers and strings:$printf ' The integer is:%d\nthe string is:%s\n ' 3

Fifth day Linux basic commands

TTY Console terminal tty1~tty6?CTRL + ALT + F2~F6 switch consoleALT + F1 returnHowever, after using init 3 in the graphical interface, you cannot use ALT + F1 to return, because the two are not a problem.Init 3 Toggle Current Run levelCTRL + ALT + F2

Linux Task Scheduler

Linux Task Scheduler: One-time task execution (at, batch); At: A timed task that specifies a time to perform a task that can only be performed once. At the mode of use; Interactive: Let the user enter

Compress, extract. rar files and Rar,unrar instances under Linux


http//[[email protected] src]# wget注意版本问题 (Baidu Network Disk 64: [[email protected] src]# tar-XZVF rarlinux-x64-5.4. b4.tar.gz

Linux User account Management commands

Process vs ProgramProgram: Binary Program Files + library files + profiles + Help filesStaticProcess: A copy of a program, an instance of program executionDynamic (with life cycle)User RightsUser group: User container and can associate permission

Linux-ip the meaning of the header and the fields of the datagram

Format of IP datagram:The first ministerial and data lengths of an IP datagram are variable-length, but are always 4-byte integer multiples.For IPV4, the 4-bit version field is 4.   (1) version is 4 bits, which refers to the version of IP protocol.

Linux Basic user management and its classification

User management is mainly done by modifying the user profileThe ultimate purpose of using the User Management Control tool is also to modify the user profileThe UID value of each user is uniquefirst, the user classificationThe user's role is

Linux hard links, the creation of soft links, and the difference between the two

One, hard linksNumber of links is the number of names:ln (link) hard links, multiple identical inode files (same partition), multiple hard-link files exist on the hard disk only occupy one file capacity. The hard links created are equal, the inode

Kali basic knowledge of Linux Infiltration (ii) vulnerability scanning

Kali Linux Infiltration Basics finishing Series article reviewVulnerability scanning Network traffic Nmap Hping3 Nessus Whatweb Dirbuster Joomscan Wpscan Network trafficNetwork traffic is

Implementing log Write file functionality under Linux and Windows

Recently in the DOS command to perform PHP functions, in order to make the results of the implementation of convenient recording, so you need to add a log-generating function. It's easy, let's study together.WindowsTo satisfy the log file is

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