Linux FreeType Installation

FreeType Download: command line is as follows.[Email protected] root]# cd/usr/local/src/Enter the directory where the software source package resides[Email protected] src]# tar zxvf freetype-2.3.

Basic concepts of the process of the Linux kernel (process, process group, session relationship)

a process is a core concept of the operating system. Each process has its own unique identity: The process ID, and its own life cycle. The life cycle of a typical process is shown in 4-1. The process has a parent process, and the parent process

Linux Date common commands and timestamp conversions

The date command in Linux is primarily used for time calculations and log time format settings.Date + "%T" shows the time T as a tab[[Email protected] ~]# date + "%T" 14:00:08[[email protected] ~]# date + "%T" [[email protected] ~]#Date +

The Mail command for Linux email

One, the Mail command 1. Configuration Vim/etc/mail.rc Add the following to the end of the fileSet from= [email protected]smtp= "" Set smtp-auth-user= " [email protected]"Smtp-auth-password=" 123456 " Set Smtp-auth=login

Linux Common commands

1. Manipulating Directory Commands    CD directory name                 to switch or enter the directory; For example, Cd/var switches to a directory named Var under the root directory; CD Mydir Enter Mydir directory under current directory     CD- 

Linux Cenos 6.5 Installation

1. Open the VMware software.2, click on the interface to create a new virtual machine.650) this.width=650; "src="/e/u261/themes/default/images/spacer.gif "border=" 0 "style=" Background:url ("/e/u261/ Lang/zh-cn/images/localimage.png ") no-repeat

Linux uses the SS command to view the socket status

The SS command is used to display the socket information in the active state. The SS command can be used to get socket statistics, which can display and netstat similar content. But the advantage of the SS is that it can show more and more detailed

Linux common system calls

Reprint Http:// convention, this list is modelled on the Man Pages section 2nd, the System invocation section. According to the author's understanding, the general

Linux Cloud Computing Cluster Architecture Learning notes: 1-2 directory structure of files

Basic file management and XFS file system backup Recovery 1.1 Linux system directory structure, relative/absolute path. 1.2 Create/copy/delete files, RM-RF/accidents 1.3 View File Contents 1.4 XFS File system backup and

The daemon under Linux daemon

What is a daemon process? In fact, there is no clear definition of the daemon process, but there are some characteristics of the daemon, which is what it needs to follow.The first feature of a daemon is a program that runs in the background for a

Command parsing in Linux

Command parsing:[[Email protected]~]#[] No special meaningRoot: Currently logged on user (Admin user)@ No special meaningLocalHost host name~ Represents the current location (~ home directory)# represents the current logged-on user as an

Marco Linux operations first week

Content of this week's job:1, describe the composition of the computer and its functions.The computer consists of two partsHardware and software, respectivelyThe hardware consists of five parts:CPU is a set of controllers and operators, the function

Linux Seventh Day: (August 05) Text Processing tool

Linux Seventh Day: (August 05) Text Processing toolHead-n Specify the first n rows of the right of shipmentTAIL-N Specifies to get the following n rowsTail-f displaying new additions to filesCut-d indicates delimiter, default tabCut-f the first few

Linux Basic Text Processing commands (Wc,cut,sort,uniq,diff,patch)

I believe that when you use Linux, you will always encounter situations where you want to extract some of the information you need, such as the following four scenarios:1. Find the IPV4 address of eno16777728 in ifconfig command result2. Find out

Linux Basics (20) Text processing the Three Musketeers of awk

awk is a more powerful text-processing tool than SED, where sed is usually treated as an entire unit of action, while awk can separate a whole line into multiple fields by the specified delimiter. The syntax of awkAwk-f separator '

Chattr +a lsattr groupmems pwconv linux Batch create user

This blog, I will introduce a few commands for you, some of which are difficult to find, I hope to help everyone1.chattr:The chattr command is used to change file properties. This directive alters the file or directory attributes that are stored on

Linux-ip the meaning of the header and the fields of the datagram

Format of IP datagram:The first ministerial and data lengths of an IP datagram are variable-length, but are always 4-byte integer multiples.For IPV4, the 4-bit version field is 4.   (1) version is 4 bits, which refers to the version of IP protocol.

Linux Basic user management and its classification

User management is mainly done by modifying the user profileThe ultimate purpose of using the User Management Control tool is also to modify the user profileThe UID value of each user is uniquefirst, the user classificationThe user's role is

Linux notes 1-centos7 Desktop GNOME installation, language settings, hostname settings

Linux notes 1-centos7 Desktop GNOME installation, language settings, hostname settingsOne, Desktop Gnome installation1. Find the software that can be installed, GNOME Desktop2. Install Yum Groupinstall "GNOME Desktop" until it's ready to

Implementing log Write file functionality under Linux and Windows

Recently in the DOS command to perform PHP functions, in order to make the results of the implementation of convenient recording, so you need to add a log-generating function. It's easy, let's study together.WindowsTo satisfy the log file is

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