Linux Web site configuration file. htaccess pseudo-static transition to IIS Web. config

The PHP Web site under Linux is placed under Windows Server IIS. htaccess file pseudo-static rule conversion.   This method is only suitable for Linux under the PHP Web site under the Windows Server IIS, the site in addition to the main page of

Bc:linux the command line calculator

Under Linux, there is a command-line calculator: BC. The program is generally released with the release.The BC Calculator is capable of performing some basic calculations, including +,-,x,\,%.These calculations are not for decimal, and can be binary,

Common Commands under Linux

============= mount and login command ======================================== reprintMount: Mount command. For example, mount the optical drive Mount/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom, you can view the contents under the directory/mnt/cdrom, you want to exit the

Linux under SSH remote Connection service Slow solution

1. The applicable order and scheme are as follows:"Remote Connect and Execute command"SSH-P22 [email protected]SSH-P22 [email protected] /sbin/ifconfig"Remote copy: Push and Pull"Scp-p22-r-p/etc [email protected]:/tmp/Scp-p22-r-P [email

Linux redirection related (reprint post, for yourself Cookbook)

Linux redirection refers to the modification of the original default of some things, the original system commands the default way to change, such as simple I do not want to see the output of the display but want to output to a file can be done

Common Commands under Linux

============= mount and Login commands ========================================Mount: Mount command. For example, mount the optical drive Mount/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom, you can view the contents under the directory/mnt/cdrom, you want to exit the disc,

Linux Create timed tasks and date formatting

-----reproduced from the network1. Create a timed task$ crontab-u//Set a user's Cron service, the general root user needs this parameter when executing this command $ CRONTAB-E//Edit Task $ crontab-l//show current Task $ crontab-r//Delete all

Log in to the Linux system using the Xshell tool key authentication

If you are a Linux operation, then the Linux Server system security issues, you may want to consider, and the system login method has two kinds, passwords and keys. Which one is more secure? Undoubtedly the latter! Here I share with you the way to

How to produce core under Linux, Debug core

how to produce core under Linux, Debug coreExcerpt from: Http://[email protected]/blog/static/19554784201131791239753/When an unusual program exits, the kernel generates a core file (a memory image, plus debugging information) in the

Linux file time detailed CTime, Mtime, atime "Turn"

This article was reproduced from: system files have three main time attributes, CTime (change times), Atime (Access Time), Mtime (Modify). These three time is easy to confuse, ready to learn

Interpreting "Everything is a file" concept in Linux and the corresponding file type

in Unix and its derivative, such as Linux, everything can be considered a file. Although it is only a general concept, it is true. If there is not a file, then it must be a running process. To understand this, for example, the space in your root

Answer to the question of network-transmitted Linux operation and maintenance plane (I.)

title reproduced from: of them do it themselves, part of the original post of the blogger 's answer1, Linux system software installation and uninstallation of common methods①yum Way:Yum InstallYum

Linux Learning Notes-A detailed description of users and permissions

Detailed user and authority  Users, Groups, permissionsSecurity context (secure contexts);Permissions:R W XFile:R: Readable, you can use similar commands such as cat to view the contents of the file;W: writable, can edit or delete this file;X:

Linux File Finder Tool--find

Briefly:The Find command in Linux is a powerful real-time lookup tool that uses the path given by the user to find files in the file system under that path. As a result, it takes time to traverse a larger file system, and the Find command takes up a

Similar under Linux

As operations personnel, often use Linux know, under Linux, a lot of commands, keywords, looks like a long, but the actual application can be found sometimes there is a difference, of course, the person who is not careful perhaps you will never

Linux Task Plan detailed

Linux Task Scheduler, recurring task executionOne task at a time in the future: At,batch periodically runs a task: crontab execution Result: It will be sent to the user via email.Mail easy to useCheck to see if your local email service is turned on  

Linux Kernel Basics

Linux kernel functions:The Linux kernel is the heart of the operating system. It's the layer between the user who works with Linux from a shell environment and the hardware that's available in the C Omputer on which the user is working. The kernel

Linux common commands-Getting Started

Reference Address: who have played Linux will know that there are really a lot of commands in Linux, but people who have played Linux have never bothered by the fact that Linux commands

Linux Basic Learning Day 13th (array, string variable handling)

2016-08-22Content of the lesson:ArrayAdvanced string manipulationOne, arrayVariables: Storing the memory space of a single elementArray: A contiguous memory space that stores multiple elements, equivalent to a collection of multiple variables.Array

Linux Package Management Rpm,yum and compilation installation and bubbling sequencing exercises

Linux Package Management:Api:application Programming InterfacePosix:portable OSProgram Source--preprocessing----compile-to-linkStatic compilation:Shared Compilation:. SoAbi:application Binary InterfaceWindows is incompatible with LinuxELF

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