Linux Text Processing Tools

Linux Text Processing ToolsWC Print the number of lines, words, and bytescut split text by column Sort Sortsuniq Eliminating duplicate rows WC print the number of lines, words, and bytesGrammar:WC [OPTION] ... [FILE] ...Options:-l:line count

Linux most commonly used commands


As a tester we do not need to be like operations engineers, database administrators, network engineers, such as the operating system, database, network and so deep understanding, but the common basic operations must be understood.    Here is the

Linux advanced programming Socket process communication

Socket sockets can be used not only for network communication and LAN communication but also for local process communication. When you create a socket using the local protocol Pf_unix, the socket is divided into a drain socket, a datagram socket.

Linux Common Command Daquan

Linux Common Command DaquanSystem InformationThe processor architecture of the Arch Display machine (1)UNAME-M Display the processor architecture of the machine (2)Uname-r displaying the kernel version in useDMIDECODE-Q Display hardware system

Check the Linux server performance commands in detail

If your Linux server bursts into sudden load, how can you pinpoint Linux performance problems in the shortest possible time?You can get a general idea of system resource usage within 1 minutes by executing the following command. Uptime

Execute command to take out the IP address of eth0 in Linux

Method One: Cut command#ifconfig eth0|grep ' inet addr ' |cut-d ":-f2|cut-d" "-f1192.168.1.11Method Two: awk command1. Use the awk command two times#ifconfig eth0 |grep ' inet addr ' |awk-f ': ' {print $} ' |awk ' {print $} ' Use the

Linux system administrator: Don't be afraid to upgrade the kernel

One of the most important tasks for Linux system administrators is to be responsible for system kernel upgrades. It is very important for the stability of Linux system to do well to upgrade the kernel of the system. But few dared to escalate the

[Linux] File System

Root file System (ROOTFS):Root filesystemLSB, FHS: (FileSystem heirache Standard)/etc,/usr,/var,/root,/home,/dev/boot: Boot file directory, kernel file (vmlinuz), boot loader (bootloader, grub) are stored in this directory;/bin: A basic command for

[Brother Lian Technology sharing] How to install and configure Munin on Linux

how the L Inux Install and configure Munin on the Munin is a great system monitoring tool similar to the RRD tool that provides you with a wide range of systems performance information, such as disks, networks, processes, systems, and users. These

Operation of Gpio with file IO under Linux (/sys/class/gpio)

by Sysfs control Gpio, first access the/sys/class/gpio directory, write the GPIO number to the export file, so that the Gpio operation interface from the kernel space exposed to the user space, The GPIO's operating interface includes direction and

Interpreting "Everything is a file" concept in Linux and the corresponding file type

Guide In Unix and its derivative, such as Linux, everything can be considered a file. Although it is only a general concept, it is true. If there is not a file, then it must be a running process. To understand this, for example, the

Error handling mechanism of Linux system programming

Let's take a look at the code before explaining the LIUNX error handling mechanism:1#include 2#include 3#include 4#include 5#include 6 7 intMainvoid)8 {9 intFD;TenFd=open ("ABC", o_wronly); One if(fd0){ Aprintf"error:fd=%d\n", FD); -

Linux drivers Getting Started 4

Do not endure hardship, difficult people. Efforts to provide a good living environment for the wife and children.Http:// above mentioned how to create a proc node. But I often see cases where the/sys

Linux Nineth Week

1. Write a script to determine whether the shell of all users on the current system is a login shell (that is, the user's shell is not/sbin/nologin), the number of these two types of users, and the string comparison;#!/bin/bashAwk-f: ' $NF ~

Common Commands under Linux

============= mount and login command ======================================== reprintMount: Mount command. For example, mount the optical drive Mount/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom, you can view the contents under the directory/mnt/cdrom, you want to exit the

Linux under SSH remote Connection service Slow solution

1. The applicable order and scheme are as follows:"Remote Connect and Execute command"SSH-P22 [email protected]SSH-P22 [email protected] /sbin/ifconfig"Remote copy: Push and Pull"Scp-p22-r-p/etc [email protected]:/tmp/Scp-p22-r-P [email

Common Commands under Linux

============= mount and Login commands ========================================Mount: Mount command. For example, mount the optical drive Mount/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom, you can view the contents under the directory/mnt/cdrom, you want to exit the disc,

Linux Create timed tasks and date formatting

-----reproduced from the network1. Create a timed task$ crontab-u//Set a user's Cron service, the general root user needs this parameter when executing this command $ CRONTAB-E//Edit Task $ crontab-l//show current Task $ crontab-r//Delete all

Log in to the Linux system using the Xshell tool key authentication

If you are a Linux operation, then the Linux Server system security issues, you may want to consider, and the system login method has two kinds, passwords and keys. Which one is more secure? Undoubtedly the latter! Here I share with you the way to

Linux Package Management Rpm,yum and compilation installation and bubbling sequencing exercises

Linux Package Management:Api:application Programming InterfacePosix:portable OSProgram Source--preprocessing----compile-to-linkStatic compilation:Shared Compilation:. SoAbi:application Binary InterfaceWindows is incompatible with LinuxELF

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