Linux Pam&&pam Backdoor

Linux Pam&&pam back door I'm chaps.2014/03/24 11:080x00 Pam Introduction PAM (pluggable authentication Modules) is a certification mechanism presented by Sun. It separates the services provided by the system and the authentication of the

Turn off the beep of the Linux backspace and VI (alarm sound)

Online Introduction:vi/etc/inputrc, and then remove the set Bell-style none before the comments, modified, you need to exit the current shell, login again to take effect. At this time, you can use the crtl-g to test. But such a practice can only

System Day67 Linux Getting Started

Linux System Quick Start1 Linux Introduction:1) Linux is a free-to-use and free-spread UNIX-like operating system, a multi-user, multi-tasking, multi-threaded and multi-CPU operating system. The core of Linux comes from UNIX, so it can run major

SSL Secure sockets for Linux 20160704

Before using SSL, there is a basic TCP socket connection. See Demo codeSsl_library_init ();//The appropriate protocol initialization must be done before using OpenSSLOpenssl_add_all_algorithms ();///* load all SSL algorithms */Ssl_load_error_strings

Linux third week

1. List the user name of all logged-in users on the current system, note: The same user logged in multiple times, only once.[email protected] ~]$ who | Cut-d '-f1 | Uniqrootsihua2. Remove the information about the user who last logged in to the

Change the system time zone and time under Linux

[[email protected] ~]# DateWed Jul 6 23:26:05 EDT              //edt (US) Eastern Time zone[Email protected] ~]# date-s 2016/7/6Wed Jul 6 00:00:00 EDT 2016[Email protected] ~]# date-s 14:18Wed Jul 6 14:18:00 EDT 2016[[Email protected] ~]# DateWed

[Reprint]linux Under the Configure command detailed introduction

Original link: installation of software in Linux is not an easy task; if it is installed by source code, it is more complicated; now the tutorial of installing various software is very common,

The tenth chapter-Embedded Linux debugging technology

Embedded Debugging methods:1. Simulator. For example, Qtopia core can be used to provide qvfb,arm hardware simulations using the frame Buffer Simulation tool SkyEye open source projects.2. Remote Debugging. The debugger is also on the PC, and the

TCP KeepAlive under Linux

TCP Keepalive HOWTO Prev Next 3. Using TCP keepalive under LinuxLinux has built-in support for keepalive. You need to enable TCP/IP networking in order to use it. You also need PROCFS support and sysctl

"Linux kernel design and implementation" Note--VFS

There's a good blog about VFS is recommended that you read this article first, and then continue reading the article.VFS, a virtual file system, provides users with a file-and file-system-related

Install Multicast test tool ssmping on Linux

1. ssmping implements the multicast ping function specified by the rfc6450: Ssmping's source package can be downloaded from here: Unzip and then execute the

Linux timed Run command script--crontab

In Linux, periodic tasks are typically handled by the cron daemon Ps-ef | grep cronCron reads one or more configuration files that contain the command line and its invocation time.The cron configuration file is called "crontab" and is shorthand for "

Debugging technology of Embedded Linux

Print kernel debug information: PRINTKThe PRINTK function runs in kernel space, and the printf function runs in user space. The Linux kernel program can only output debug information using the PRINTK function.Prevent PRINTK function Lower Linux

Debugfs in the Linux kernel

DebugFS, as the name implies, is a virtual file system for kernel debugging, in which kernel developers exchange data through DebugFS and user space. Similar virtual file systems, such as PROCFS and SYSFS, are not actually stored on the hard disk,

Linux configuration supports high concurrent TCP connections (socket maximum number of connections)

Linux configuration supports high concurrent TCP connections (socket maximum number of connections)Linux configuration supports high concurrent TCP connections (socket maximum number of connections) and optimized kernel parameters2011-08-09 15:20:58|

Every day a Linux command (+)--/etc/group file details

Both the Linux/etc/group file and the/etc/passwd and/etc/shadow files have files related to the management of users and user groups by the system administrator. Linux/etc/group files are files that the system administrator manages for users and user

One Linux command per day)--chown command

Chown changes the owner of the specified file to the specified user or group, the user can be either a user name or a user ID, a group can have a group name or a group ID, and a file is a space-separated list of files to change permissions, and

Process communication mode under Linux (IPC)--Pipeline communication

Unix IPC: Pipelines, Named Pipes (FIFO) Piping 1. ConceptA pipeline is a one-way (half-duplex), first-out, non-structured byte stream that connects the output of one process with the input of another. The write process writes data at the end of

Linux: Ubuntu Quick notes (2)

Date written: 2016-7-3 18:20:39Basic content includes: Flash player install, compile and install PHP, write a simple PHP program, java program (Java need to use "Javac" command compiled to execute)First, the installation of PHP, Flash Player, simple

Linux kernel Analysis: The analysis and thinking on the problem of CPU load instant high in page recycling--------------Mushroom Street Technology Blog first one is to discuss what tools we can use to assist the analysis when there are problems with the Linux system, and to discuss the possible points and ideas when the problem arises, and hopefully to introduce

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