Linux system startup process

Post-->bios (Boot Sequence)-->mbr (bootload,446)-->kernel-->initPost: Power-on self-test, the CPU will find its own ROM inside the program to self-test, after checking the control to the BIOSBIOS: Our operating system can be installed in a variety

Linux iptables Firewall detailed

0x00 iptables Introduction The Linux packet filtering feature, the Linux firewall, consists of two components of NetFilter and iptables.The NetFilter component, also known as kernel space, is part of the kernel and consists of packet filtering

Understanding of the Inode under Linux

0x01 What is InodeThe file is stored on the hard disk, the minimum storage unit of the hard disk is called "Sector" (Sector), each sector is stored 512 bytes;When the operating system reads the hard disk, it does not read from one sector to the next,

First, Linux common commands

1.1. System InformationThe processor architecture of the Arch Display machine (1)UNAME-M Display the processor architecture of the machine (2)Uname-r displaying the kernel version in useDMIDECODE-Q Display hardware system

Knowledge about the Linux creation daemon

Knowledge about the Linux creation daemonHttp:// Creation Daemon Knowledge, this article mainly introduces the Linux creation Daemon knowledge, the need for friends can refer to the followingkeywords:linux,

Using split to split large files under Linux

split large files with split In our actual production environment, will produce a lot of large files, the size of these files are different, some even have a good dozens of T size, then we analyze these files, then how to do? In this case, we can

Design and implementation of TCP network chat room based on Linux

Using Linux to implement TCP-mode-based network chat programsThe two main components are: Server and client. The server program is primarily responsible for listening to messages sent by the client. The client needs to log on to the

Linux Learning 8 Rights Management

Eighth chapter Rights Management8.1ACL Permissions8.2File Special Permissions8.3File System Properties chattr permissions8.4system commands sudo permissions8.1ACL Permissions8.1.1ACL permissions introduction and opening8.1.2View and set ACL

Linux Common commands

From: commands for managing files and directories Command Function Command Function Pwd Show current directory Ls View the contents of the

Linux Fundamentals 19

1.linux Package Management API Application Interface ABI Application Binary Interface 2. Library executable program, this is not a program to execute the portal, but can be called in the compiled binary format 3. Program precompiled compilation link

Record system output sound on Linux with Pacat (Pulseaudio)

Record system output sound on Linux with Pacat (Pulseaudio)When PulseAudio was used as the sound server of the system, there was a simple-a-to-record the output sound to file on the Command line using the Pacat-command. This short article describes

Linux Text processing the Three Musketeers grep

The grep command in a Linux system is a powerful text search tool that uses regular expressions to search for text and print the rows that match.The full name of grep is: Global Search Regular Expression and print out the Line.grep works by

Embedded Linux bare Metal Development (15)--LCD

EmbeddedLinux Bare Metal Development (15)--LCD First,LCD Introduction the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is LCD display abbreviation. The LCD is constructed in two parallel Glass substrates placed in the LCD box, the lower substrate glass set TFT(thin

Send mail under Linux server

The System Manager often encounters the warning and the notification to the equipment or the task, usually sends the text message, the mail and so on way. Send text messages generally need to have SMS cat (hardware) or call libfetion to send to

[Marco Study notes] The production of Linux system bootable Linux with network function

Knowledge Base:System Boot Process: Post-->bios (Boot sequence)-->grub (Bootloder (in Stage1:mbr;stage2:grub directory))-->kernel (INITRD)-- SHELLProduction steps:1. Partition the target diskTwo:Host:/DEV/SDB1/DEV/SDB2Mount the/DEV/SDB1 to/mnt/boot,/

Linux System Information

Linux System InformationThe processor architecture of the Arch Display machine (1)UNAME-M Display the processor architecture of the machine (2)Uname-r displaying the kernel version in useDMIDECODE-Q Display hardware system

Linux basic commands

1. View the file information in the directory> LS//list View the file information in the current directory> ls-l or ll//to display the file information in a detailed list> ls-a//View all files (including hidden files)> Ls-al//View all files in a

Linux Scheduled Tasks (reproduced)

Linux Scheduled Tasks (reproduced)The planning task of Linux is an important part of the system management, and it is a way to realize the automatic work of the system, because of the planning task, we can fully realize the scripting and automation

A detailed array of bash programming in Linux

A detailed array of bash programming in Linux1.Array arrays and variable concepts and differencesThe variable is a memory space, and the variable and the variable are mostly discontinuous memory spacesArray arrays are made up of multiple variables,

Apply for Red Hat Enterprise Linux developer subscription

Apply for Red Hat Enterprise Linux developer subscriptionGuideRegistered members of the developer program can now get a free set of Red Hat Enterprise Linux licenses. The RHEL Development Kit will provide programmers with a stable development

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