Linux System (X64) installation oracle11g Complete installation graphics tutorial with basic operation

One: View the local SSH serviceLinux system to install the start SSH service, the following version of the CentOS Linux system as an example: 1. Check if the SSH package Rpm-qa |grep SSH2 is installed. No SSH direct Yum installs yum install

File systems for Linux

LSB (Linux standards Base):The LSB is the de facto standard in Linux standardization, and the binary interface between the application and the running environment is developed.Specifically, it is:1. A binary interface specification means that

Mtime,cime,atime fog of Linux Find Lookup command

View man Help:Find-search for files in a directory hierarchy ( [' harɑk] hierarchy, Hierarchy )Search for files in the directory hierarchyThere are two more plausible explanations in the man Help: -atime N File was last accessed n*24

2016-5-15 Linux Basic Learning--case statement

File system access listFacl: Saving control permissions with file extensionsPermission Application order: Ower->group->otherOwer->facl in User->group->facl in Group->otherSetfacl-M: SetU:uid:perm Setting OwnerG:gid:perm set GenusEg:setfacl-m

Linux system date Command modification time and Hwclock hardware time

Date Modified:The order of 5 months ' time is set as follows:#date-S 05/18/2016Modification Time:The command to set the system time to ten minutes in the morning is as follows. #date-S 10:10:40To modify the time zone:Locate the appropriate time

Open on Linux or UNIX, each line will have more characters like ^m

Files written on Windows, opened under Linux or UNIX, each line will have more characters like ^m, because Windows is different from *nix's newline character, so let's see how the file format differs.To view file formats under Linux:# file filename#

Error:command ' X86_64-LINUX-GNU-GCC ' failed with exit status 1

Reprinted from: the ubuntu14.04 version of the installation of lxml, always error, after a hard search, finally found out the correct method of installation, in fact, is not dependent on

Linux Common Commands Summary--rmdir

1. Function: Delete empty directory.2. Usage:rmdir parameter Path3. Parameters:-P: Recursively delete empty directories, ' rmdir-p a/b/c ' is equivalent to executing a rmdir a/b/c A/b '4. Example[Email protected] home]# tree

The upstart of Linux system

   Zi Gong asked for benevolence. Zi Yue: "工欲善其事, its prerequisite." The house is the state, the sage of his doctor, the benevolence of his friends. --Confucius (Spring and Autumn), "The Analects and Weiling" "工欲善其事, its

Record the useful terminal tools under Linux

1, using wget crawl siteFor example, I want to crawl all the contents of, then enterWget-r-p-np-k-E wget will crawl all the content in the and store

Embedded development makes the smallest Linux file system

Requirement: The compiler version is 4.4.6To view the current cross compiler version:arm-linux-gcc-vIf it is not a 4.4.6 compiler, you need to modify two files:Vim/home/tarena/.bashrcDelete the last line:Export PATH =/opt/arm-2009q3 ...sudo

Linux Performance monitoring Tools

When there is a problem with the Linux system, we not only need to look at the system log information, but also use a lot of performance monitoring tools to determine what part (memory, CPU, hard disk ...). ) out of the question. In the Linux system,

Simple implementation of Linux ATM self-defined teller machine

The first is implemented in the Linux underground, creating four files, the main implementation process:Register-Login-deposit-withdraw-transfer-Change password-check personal information-Show all accounts-exit systemDon't say much nonsense, look

Linux/proc Directory

1./proc DirectoryThe Linux kernel provides a mechanism for accessing kernel internal data structures and changing kernel settings at run time through the/proc file system. The proc file system is a pseudo-file system that only exists in memory and

Linux System Optimization Summary

Linux System Optimization Summary1) do not use root login management system, and the normal user login through sudo authorization management.For example:Useradd OldboyID Oldboyecho "Oldboy all= (All) nopasswd:all" >>/etc/sudoers2) Change the default

Linux system--file directory

Linux file directoryWhen we use the Linux system, we will find a lot of directories, these directories also have a lot of subdirectories and files. Because of the many Linux development teams and individuals, if everyone in accordance with their own

Linux Kernel list Depth analysis

Introduction to the linked list:A linked list is a common data structure that connects a series of data nodes into a single data chain through pointers . Relative to the array, the linked list has better dynamic, the establishment of the linked list

Linux commands to learn to organize.

Http:// article mainly includes two parts, one is the summary of the Linux Basic command, and the other is to summarize some common command knowledge points.First, the basic summaryWhen you learn Linux, I

The alias of the NIC configured under Linux is the configuration of the NIC sub-IP

What is an IP alias?In the words of Windows, you configure multiple IPs for a network card.When do I add IP aliases to what occasions?Web needs, multi-IP access testing, specific software for multiple IP needs ... and so on.HowHere are a few

Common Linux Commands 30


1. CD commandThis is a very basic, is also a common need to use the command, it is used to switch the current directory, its parameters are to switch to the path of the directory, can be an absolute path, can also be a relative path. Such as:[plain]

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