Linux System (X64) installation oracle11g Complete installation graphics tutorial with basic operation

One: View the local SSH serviceLinux system to install the start SSH service, the following version of the CentOS Linux system as an example: 1. Check if the SSH package Rpm-qa |grep SSH2 is installed. No SSH direct Yum installs yum install

Error:command ' X86_64-LINUX-GNU-GCC ' failed with exit status 1

Reprinted from: the ubuntu14.04 version of the installation of lxml, always error, after a hard search, finally found out the correct method of installation, in fact, is not dependent on

Embedded development makes the smallest Linux file system

Requirement: The compiler version is 4.4.6To view the current cross compiler version:arm-linux-gcc-vIf it is not a 4.4.6 compiler, you need to modify two files:Vim/home/tarena/.bashrcDelete the last line:Export PATH =/opt/arm-2009q3 ...sudo

Simple implementation of Linux ATM self-defined teller machine

The first is implemented in the Linux underground, creating four files, the main implementation process:Register-Login-deposit-withdraw-transfer-Change password-check personal information-Show all accounts-exit systemDon't say much nonsense, look

Linux/proc Directory

1./proc DirectoryThe Linux kernel provides a mechanism for accessing kernel internal data structures and changing kernel settings at run time through the/proc file system. The proc file system is a pseudo-file system that only exists in memory and

Linux Kernel list Depth analysis

Introduction to the linked list:A linked list is a common data structure that connects a series of data nodes into a single data chain through pointers . Relative to the array, the linked list has better dynamic, the establishment of the linked list

Linux commands to learn to organize.

Http:// article mainly includes two parts, one is the summary of the Linux Basic command, and the other is to summarize some common command knowledge points.First, the basic summaryWhen you learn Linux, I

The alias of the NIC configured under Linux is the configuration of the NIC sub-IP

What is an IP alias?In the words of Windows, you configure multiple IPs for a network card.When do I add IP aliases to what occasions?Web needs, multi-IP access testing, specific software for multiple IP needs ... and so on.HowHere are a few

———— of Linux signals

I. SignalWe run a program under the shell, can be in the process is running when the keyboard input CTRL + C, you will see that the process has been terminated, in fact, when we type CTRL + C is to send a SIGINT signal to the process, When a

Common Linux Commands 30


1. CD commandThis is a very basic, is also a common need to use the command, it is used to switch the current directory, its parameters are to switch to the path of the directory, can be an absolute path, can also be a relative path. Such as:[plain]

Linux environment variable Export command detailed

Issues raised by the host $ export dvsdk= "${home}/ti-dvsdk_dm368-evm_xx_xx_xx_xx"1,${home}: First, home is a variable, it represents your home directory, the variable must be preceded by a $ symbol, otherwise it will be an errorUSR/LOCAL/DVSDK for

Linux system installation DNS domain name Resolution Service

Installing DNS domain name resolution service under Linux systemThe steps are as follows:1> view hangs in mirror location650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" image. png "alt="

Cacti installation in a Linux environment:

This is a learning process notes, if there are most similarities, then you and I must be classmates, just do not know it!Cacti OverviewCacti is a software implemented using the PHP language, the main function is to use the SNMP service to obtain

Linux Sdio bus driver (ii)

Driven:Taking Sdio as an example, it uses Mmc_attach_sdio to match the driver and the device, and its essence is to match the Sdio_bus matching rules. In Mmc_attach_sdio, the MMC first matches a bus, that is, what bus to use for the MMC bus to

Talking about the cache:buffers and cached in the memory of Linux

can the cache in Linux memory really be recycled? Do you really know the free command of Linux?In Linux systems, we often use the free command to view the state of the system's memory usage. On a RHEL6 system, the display of the free command is

"SC" Scom-agent installation-based on Uinx\linux

"SC"scom-agent installation -based on Uinx\linux--------uinx\linux---scom-agent installation------For the scom agent installation, there are quite a lot of graphic tutorials on the Internet, why do you want to write it? In fact, there are some other

Linux-28-linux Basic Command (L005-10)

Example 8. Known file 1.txt content is:TesthahaLalalalalaThe Lalalalala string is not included when printing 1.txt content is required.Answer: Insert content in text file 1.txt:View content in 1.txt:Method One, use grep-v lalalalala 1.txt

Linux Installation Configuration FTP server

(1) Installation vsftp:[[email protected] ~]$ sudo yum install vsftpd #sudo Add root privileges to normal users, log in with root user without sudo(2) Complete the installation, configure the VSFTP:VSFTP configuration file

Linux uses Hosts.deny to prevent brute force ssh

First, SSH brute force hackThe use of professional crack program, with the password dictionary, login user name, try to log on the server, to crack the password, this method, although slow, but very effective.Second, violent cracking demo2.1. Basic

LINUX logical address, linear address, physical address, and virtual address

First, the conceptPhysical addresses (physical address)For memory chip-level cell addressing, corresponds to the address bus that the processor and CPU are connected to.This concept should be one of the best understanding of these concepts, but it

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