CP of Common Linux commands

Cp:copy (copy)1> function: copy files and directories, in addition to create a link file.2> Use format:CP [OPTION] ... [-T] SOURCE DESTCP [OPTION] ... SOURCE ... DIRECTORYCP [OPTION] ...-t DIRECTORY SOURCE ...3> Parameters: -A,--archive is quite the

Understanding of the Inode of Linux

Device block, inode, file nameFirst, what is the inode?To understand the inode, start with the file storage. The file is stored on the hard disk, and the minimum storage unit for the hard disk is called "Sector" (Sector). Each sector is stored 512

How to use the SFTP command under Linux

Reproduced:Bradychen:http://www.cnblogs.com/chen1987lei/archive/2010/11/26/1888391.htmlSFTP is an interactive file transfer program. It is similar to FTP, but it is encrypted and has higher security than FTP. Below is a brief introduction of how to

Linux systems get group names quickly by user name

Due to the project needs, the user name of the Linux system needs to quickly get the group name, through the test summarized as follows:Method 1: Pass the groups command[[email protected] ~]# for i in  ' awk -f  ': '   ' {print $1} ' /ETC/PASSWD ';d

"Linux" DNS server Setup, master and slave server configuration synchronization!

Experimental environmentUsing CentOS6.5 x64 to build a DNS server650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s5.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/79/BE/wKioL1aaQm-A-OoxAAAE9Z93Vic754.png "title=" {SQL2 ( (2X) E (9s3~8ln~~ $M. png "alt=" Wkiol1aaqm-a-ooxaaae9z93vic754.png

Linux Crontab Notes

Cite Bamboo BlogThe previous day learned that the at command is for routine scheduled tasks that run only once, and that the Linux system is controlled by the cron (Crond) system service. Linux systems have a lot of planned work on them, so this

Linux file Lookup

Text lookup: grep egrep fgrepFile Lookup: Locate, findThe difference between locate and findLocate has a self-maintained database (Linux self-built, associated with all files), Linux will periodically update it every day, and locate in this database

Reception of network packets in the Linux kernel-Part II Select/poll/epoll

And the first part of the previous article, the text is to help others or their own ideas, rather than the so-called source analysis, want to analyze the source code, or direct debug source is the best, see any document and books are the worst.

Error executing STRLWR function under Linux: LD returned 1 exit status

Execute strlwr function times wrong. The source program such as the following:#include #include void main () {char s[10]={"China"}; printf ("%s\n", STRLWR (s)); return 0 ;}Error content such as the following:eg6527a.c:in function ' main ':Eg6527a.c:

Compiling the Linux kernel

The purpose of this article is to help understand how to compile a version of the Linux kernel. Familiar with Kconfig kbuild tools. Whether you're modifying the Linux kernel yourself or doing embedded cross-compiling, there are some things that can

Real-time synchronization of data in Linux under Rsync+inotify-tools

Real-time synchronization of data in Linux under Rsync+inotify-toolsHttp://www.osyunwei.com/archives/7435.htmlDescriptionOperating system: CentOS 5.XSource server: server:, To synchronize

File types and permissions for Linux

information on using LL or ls-l to view files under Linux(ll and ls-l differences: LL will show hidden files in the current directory, and Ls-l will not)file information is divided into: file type, permissions, number of links, the user, the user

Basic parameters of Linux compilation and installation

This article is reproduced; thanks to zjt289198457 's column../configureThe script will run some tests to guess some system-related variables and detect special settings for your operating system, and finally create some files in the tree to record

The relationship between file descriptors and open files in Linux

Reprint please indicate source: http://blog.csdn.net/cywosp/article/details/389652391. Overviewin the Linux system, everything can be considered as a file, and the file can be divided into: Ordinary files, directory files, linked files and device

Linux Novice Learning Arch Linux Introduction experience sharing

I've always been using Ubuntu and Fedora as a starter system, but actually what I really want to recommend is arch, after the previous study, perhaps you have a general understanding of Linux, and now if you want to speed up your pace, maybe you can

Understanding usage of Inode in Linux

First, what is the inode?To understand the inode, start with the file storage.The file is stored on the hard disk, and the minimum storage unit for the hard disk is called "Sector" (Sector). Each sector is stored 512 bytes (equivalent to 0.5KB).When

Linux about cryptographic decryption technology fundamentals, KPIs, and creating private CAs

Linux encryption and decryption technology fundamentals, KPIs, and creating private CAsOne, the encryption method is divided into:1. Symmetric encryption: Encryption and decryption using the same key;Symmetric encryption: The encryption method using

Tutorial on using Pwgen to generate passwords under Linux systems

Pwgen generated passwords are easy to remember and fairly secure. Technically, easy-to-remember passwords are no more secure than randomly generated passwords. However, in most cases, the password generated by Pwgen is secure enough to require a

Use the John the Ripper tool to try to hack a Linux password

This article mainly describes the use of John the Ripper tool to try to crack the Linux password method, this tool may be used primarily to crack the system user's password to obtain file operation permissions, the need for friends can refer to the

Install and uninstall mysql and yummysql in yum in linux

Install and uninstall mysql and yummysql in yum in linux 1. Check whether the installation is successful: Yum list installed mysql * Rpm-qa | grep mysql * 2. Check whether the installation package is available: Yum list mysql *   3. Install the

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