One Linux command per day: ls command

Http:// LS command is the most commonly used command under Linux. The LS command is the abbreviation for list. LS is used to print out the list of current directories if LS specifies a

The process of installing a startup Nginx under Linux

1. First upload the Nginx installation package to the/home directory in the virtual machine2. Create a combined user for easy Nginx operation without compromising Linux securityGroupadd-r NginxUseradd-r-G nginx-m nginx3. After entering the/home

Linux->> SCP command to copy files/folders on the peer machine

The SCP is a shorthand for secure copy, which is used to copy files from a remote machine under Linux.Characteristics:The transmission is encrypted and slightly affects the speed. Compared with rsync, it has an advantage over resource

Common word abbreviations for Linux

command abbreviation:ls:list ( list Directory contents ) CD:changedirectory (Change directory)Su:switch User Switch usersRpm:redhat Package Manager Red Hat Pack managerPwd:print Work directory Print current directory displays the absolute path of

Synchronization mechanism of the Linux kernel---spin lock

Spin Lock thinking: in See Song Baohua "device driver development Specific explanation" second edition. See the spin lock part, some doubts. So come and ask the people. Here are some of the

Mkfifo, EXEC commands under Linux are used

Mkfifosection:user Commands (1)updated:1998 Year NovemberIndex Return to Main ContentsName (title)Mkfifo-Create FIFO (named pipe)Synopsis (Overview)mkfifo [options] File ...POSIX Options (option): [-M mode]GNU options (Shortest form): [-M mode]

Linux input-output-redirect Stdin/stdout/stderr

redirect Shell Edit Text Graphical tools to edit files 1. redirect Standard input Standard output Error output [Email protected] kkk]#CatAaa.SH#!/bin/Basha=1 while[$a-le5 ] DoUseradd user$a let a++ Done[email protected] kkk]#./aaa.SH[email

Understanding of Linux Umask

1) umask Set the new file created with its default permissionsUmask Total 4 bits, usually with the latter 3 bits. The default Umask value can be viewed using the umask command1.1) The format of this command is#umask [-S] [maskexpression] #umask0022 #

Process view for Linux

Linux is a multi-user system Sometimes you need to know what other users are doing. In this section, you will also be exposed to multi-user content while Linux is a multi-process system that often requires some provisioning and management of these

Linux Network management--linux network configuration

2. Linux Network Configuration 2. Linux Network Configuration 2.0 IP address configurationHow to configure IP addresses for Linux Ifconfig command temporarily configures IP address Setup tool permanently configures IP

Linux hard links and soft links

There are two special "files" for soft links and hard links in Linux systems.A soft link can be thought of as a shortcut in Windows that lets you quickly link to a target file or directory.Hard links generate new files through the inode of the file

The difference between hosts, host.conf and resolv.conf under Linux

/etc/resolv.confThe file is a configuration file for DNS domain name resolution, and its format is simple, with each line beginning with a keyword followed by configuration parameters.There are four key words in resolv.conf, namely:NameServer

Linux commands-Full name

Cal = Calendar calendars, calenderCat = CATenate connection, allowing continuouscd = Change DirectoryCHGRP = Change GRouPchmod = Change MODeChown = Change OWNerChsh = Change SHellCMP = CompareCobra = Common Object Request Broker ArchitectureComm =

One Linux command per day (3): pwd command

Transferred from: Linux, use the PWD command to view the full path to the current working directory. To put it simply, you will have a current working directory every time you operate in

LINUX (UNIX) file I/O Learning (i)

One, the file descriptor  A file descriptor is an identity (non-negative, int) that is returned by the kernel to the appropriate process when a file is opened or created. The corresponding process can reference the identity to manipulate the file

To be a Linux maintenance engineer's friend, must master the following several tools to do ...

to be a Linux maintenance engineer's friend, must master the following several tools to do ...[Copy link]Posted on 2013-12-13 15:59 | From 51CTO Web page[See him only] landlordI am a Linux operations engineer, a bit of experience in this area, and

Linux Learning Notes--for example, makefile add a macro definition

0. PrefaceFrom the beginning of learning C language began to contact Makefile, consulted a lot of makefile information but the total feeling did not really master makefile. Assuming that you write a makefile, you always think it's very exhausting.So

Forced write log on Linux stop svn commit

Forced write log when SVN commits under LinuxSVN default can not write comment submission, sometimes may forget to write comments, and some people do not write the habit of commenting, resulting in looking at the history of the time do not know what

Linux SendMail mail Server Setup

We all know that a mail server is the first to rack the DNS service. Set up SendMail mail server for everyone to study together.Step One, install the Snedmail service to see if you have installed SendMail.#rpm-qa|grep Bind#rpm-qa|grep caching*If it

Linux tips: Several ways to keep processes running reliably in the background

Transferred from: the process to remain running after disconnecting? If the process is already running, how can it be remedied? If there are a large number of such requirements how to

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