New options for Linux on power open source technology

Today's open source technology is growing faster, in the Internet, mobile, cloud computing and big Data has a wide range of applications, Linux is growing better, and traditional small machines are declining. IBM's timely proposed Linux on power,

One Linux command per day: A detailed description of Linux file attributes

Http:// properties of a Linux file or directory include: The file or directory's node, kind, permission mode, number of links, the user and user group to which it belongs, the time recently

Linux under the specified version to compile and install lamp

DescriptionOperating system: CentOS 6.5 64-bitDemand:Compile and install lamp operating environmentThe software versions are as follows:mysql:mysql-5.1.73apache:httpd-2.2.31php:php-5.2.17Specific operation:Prepare the articleFirst, configure the

About Linux Cryptography Issues

About the Linux server password problem, actually quite simple, just need us to summarize, next I summarize what I know;Because the study of Linux time is not long, so there is a wrong place, I hope you can give guidance.I understand the password

Linux Learning Essay Three

First, the root directory detailedSecond, the file command usesls/ Enter the root directory/ boot system startup related filessuch as kernel, INITRD, and Grub (bootloader) boot loader/ dev device filesLight blue link File, * * * for special filesThe

Linux Common trouble Shooting fault error

Linux Common trouble shooting fault errorThe program that you must run to back up the boot is very necessary for an OPS person. In the actual production environment, the system and data are basically installed on different hard disks, because the

How to participate in Linux kernel development

This article originates from the Hoto file under the document folder of the Linux kernel code.Chinese translated version of Documentation/howtoIf you had any comment or update to the content, please contact theOriginal document maintainer directly.

One Linux command per day (6): rmdir command

Http:// about Linux commands today: the RmDir command. RmDir is a commonly used command, the function of which is to delete an empty directory before a directory is deleted must be empty.

Linux free-m Detailed description

The free command provides a more concise view of system memory usage relative to top:$ freeTotal used free shared buffers Cachedmem:255268 238332 16936 0 85540 126384-/+ buffers/cache:26408 228860swap:265000 0 265000some of the relevant notes:Mem:

# Linux WHOIS3 Get carrier information

Linux WHOIS3 Get carrier information Apnic is the organization of IP address allocation in the Asia-Pacific region, it has a rich and accurate IP address allocation database, and this information is also public, and provides a query tool,

Copy files between different Linux machines

There are 3 common ways to copy files between different Linux:The first is FTP, which is one of the Linux installation FTP Server, so you can use an FTP client program to copy files.The second method is to use Samba services, similar to the Windows

Linux awk command Details

IntroductionAwk is a powerful text analysis tool, with the search for grep and the editing of SED, which is especially powerful when it comes to analyzing data and generating reports. To put it simply, awk reads the file line-by-row, using spaces as

A detailed description of the file directory structure in the Linux operating system

A detailed description of the file directory structure in the Linux operating system1. Directory structure and main content:1) the "/" root directory section has the following subdirectories:The/usr directory contains all commands, libraries,

Linux Learning Essay II

First, how to use the View Help documentIi. differences between internal commands and external commandsThree, the study of several common basic commandsThe command is divided into internal command and external command, internal command is shell

Deployment of XAMPP under Linux

Download XAMPP installation packagewget Download-o Xampp-linux-x64-5.5.28-0-installer.runAdd execute permissions to the installation

Convert jpg,jpeg format to PDF under Linux

1, install ImageMagick(with the convert) and Gthumb sudo apt-get install ImageMagick gthumb 2. Convert TIFF images to PNG or JPEG format, because the tools do not support the direct conversion of TIFF to PDF. My conversion method is a batch

Linux ACL Management detailed

Transferred from: Why ACLs are usedLet's start by simply reviewing the Linux file permission.Under Linux, objects that can operate on a file (or resource) are divided into three categories: File owner

Extracting RAR files from Linux


Linux platform is not supported by default RAR file decompression, need to install the Linux version of RAR compression software, for: the download, unzip, go to the RAR directory, run the make command to

RHCE7 Manage I-12 archive files and copy files between Linux systems


The TAR command usesThe default tar has only the archive function, no compression functiontar [option ...] [File] ...-c,--create Create-x,--extract,--get Decompression-t,--list viewing the contents of an archive file-F,--file archive

Linux Network programming-----socket Address API

(1) Universal socket addressThe socket network programming interface that represents the socket address is the struct sockaddr, which is defined as follows:#include struct SOCKADDR{sa_family_t sa_family;Char sa_data[14];}(2) New generic socket

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