How to start Sybase under Linux

isql-dxxx-uxxx-p111111 connect the database with isql to discover that the database is not started.How do I start the Sybase database?[Ta_sybase] [/home/bta]su-sybase//Switch to Sybase user.Password:handsome[Email protected] ~]$

Linux OPS Practice-August 30, 2015 Course Assignment (practice) Schedule

First, homework (exercise) content:1, summarize the text editing tool vim use method;2, summarize the document Search command find use method;3, summarize the content of bash environment variable;4. Summarize the knowledge points of special

Linux Package Management

One:1. API and AbiApi:application Programming InterfaceApplication Programming InterfaceProgram Source--preprocessing----compile-to-linkAbi:application Binary InterfaceApplication Binary InterfaceWindows is incompatible with LinuxLibrary-level

"Linux_ Notes" linux_ File system access Control List (FACL), users, and Linux endpoints

Learning resources from: www.magedu.comMistakes are unavoidable in the learning process, and if found, they are also pointed out by the great gods.Some of the sample operations are related to historical operations, and if the previous example

Linux System Services Daemon

If according to daemon start and management way to differentiate, can be divided into:1, the stand alone can be started independently;2, Super Daemon to unified management services.Daemon related files, as well as some important configuration files,

What the different color files in Linux mean

The meaning of the Linux file color blue represents the directory green represents the executable file red indicates the compressed file light blue indicates that the link file gray indicates that the other file is flashing red indicates that the

Linux commands gzip and gunzip unzip

The gzip command is used to compress files. Gzip is a widely used compression program, after which the file is compressed, and its name is followed by a number of ". Gz" extensions.Gzip not only compresses large, less-used files to conserve disk

Linux Learning Path-management of permissions

Rights ManagementFile permissions: There are three types of user access to files:r,w, x read, write, executeDirectory permissions (here the X permission and file are a bit different to note):r: you can use the LS command to list files or

Linux Command Encyclopedia

System Information The processor architecture of the Arch Display Machine (1) UNAME-M display the processor architecture of the Machine (2) uname-r display the kernel version dmidecode-q display hardware system parts-(SMBIOS/DMI) hdparm-i/dev/ HDA

Coding style--linux kernel developed coding style

Summarize the Linux kernel development coding style, easy to write code later reference.Here are just a list of some rules, specific instructions can be consulted: kernel source (Documentation/codingstyle)01-IndentIndent tab, and tab width is 8

Teach you to learn Linux/unix under the vi text Editor

The VI Editor is an editor that unix/linux system administrators must learn to use. Read a lot of information about VI, finally get this summary. First, remember the two modes of the VI Editor: 1,Command mode2, editing mode . After a unix/linux

How to develop and run 32-bit applications on 64-bit versions of Linux

Recently changed the Linux system, changed from i686 to x86-64, resulting in the development of the time out of the original SDK in the 32-bit development tools. So, Bo Master found the following article, Bo Master Pro-Test practical: How to develop

Linux network programming--IP address and Domain name resolution (DNS)

In daily life, people often know the host domain name without knowing the host IP address, and the socket API is based on IP address, so need to use DNS domain name resolution server to parse.So the first simple introduction of the principle of DNS,

How to exit using the VI command under Linux

Exit VIWhen you are finished editing the file, ready to exit VI when you return to the shell, you can use one of the following methods.In command mode, double-press two capital Letter Z, if the currently edited file has been modified, then VI save

Commands related to the Tomcat service under Linux

One: The startup, shutdown, and error tracking of the Tomcat service under Linux, after using putty to connect to the server remotely, typically starts the shutdown of the Tomcat service in several ways:Switch to the bin directory under the Tomcat

Introduction to Linux Kernel Engineering--process

Summary of process process schedulingLinux is a multi-process environment, not only user space can have multiple processes, and the kernel can also have kernel processes inside. The threads in the Linux kernel are no different from the process, so

Linux SVN restore Backup Library

Profile:1. Two Linux servers, one currently in use, such as server 1: (Backup is also in this machine),The other one needs to be restored, such as server 2: (Restore on the server using a backup of the 172.

Linux Network Programming--string IP and binary IP conversion

One: unsafe (non-reentrant) inet_xxx () function FamilySince computer-understood IP is stored in binary form, the conversion of string IP and binary IP is often required in network programming, and the Linux system has a set of functions to be used

Introduction to Linux Kernel Engineering--memory Management (III)

User-side Kernel memory parameter tuning/proc/sys/vm/(needs to be adjusted according to kernel version) Exchange related Swap_token_timeoutThisfile contains valid hold time of the swap out protection token. The Linux VM Hastoken based thrashing

Linux basic commands

Date command1. Command function: The date command can be used to display or set the system's dates and times.2. Command format: Date [options] ... Format3. Command parameters:-D Displays the date and time that the string refers to650) this.width=650;

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