Linux OpenSSL programming client side

Related configuration, etc. please see an article about server side articles: Terminal Source:Openssl_client.c#include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include

Copy directory and delete under Linux

The CP command is used to copy files or directories, and if a colleague specifies more than two files or directories, and the last destination is an existing directory, it copies all of the previously specified files or directories to this directory.

20 Linux Command Interview quiz

Q: 1 How do I check the current operating level of a Linux server?A: The ' who-r ' and ' runlevel ' commands can be used to view the running level of the current Linux server.Q: 2 How do I see the default gateway for Linux?A: With the "Route-n" and "

"Linux_ notes" Linux common commands

The notes are the result of watching Marco's Linux training video tutorial, after I have collated and released.Knowledge Review:Gui:graphic User interface--GUIWindows (Windows desktop)X-window (Linux Desktop)GnomeKdeXfceCli:command lines

Linux format Udisk as EXT3 format

Linux Format Udisk as Ext3 formattable of Contents 1. Show U-disk Info 2. Format entire U-disk 3. Show format result 4. Solve "Disk/dev/sdb doesn ' t contain a valid partition table" problem 5. Create filesystem for U-disk

Decompression of the Linux XZ format

XZ This compression may be a lot of strange, but you can know that XZ is the largest number of Linux by default with a compression tool.Before XZ use has been very little, so there is hardly anything to mention.I was in the download phpmyadmin when

Installation of JDK and maven from VMware downloads to Linux environments

Write in front: personal summary, if not, please point outOperating Environment:Operating system: WINDOW7 Enterprise EditionProcessor: Intel Core i5-4200u CPU @ 1.6GHzMemory: 8GSystem type: 64-bit operating systemFiles that need to be

How to configure TCP parameter settings under Linux

Set TCP parameters Be careful not to change the online environment, I paste the content of our online environment, sysctl.conf, see the bottom of the articleNet.ipv4.tcp_tw_reuse    = 1 net.ipv4.tcp_tw_recycle  = 1 net.ipv4.tcp_fin_timeout = 30  net.

(RPM) synchronous asynchronous/blocking non-blocking and 5 Linux network communication models

Blocking functions: Connect, Accept,send/recv/sendto/recvfrom and other read-write functions.Functions that do not block: Bind, Listen,socket, closesocket.The Linux network communication model is:Blocking IO Model (synchronous), non-blocking IO

Linux File and directory permissions

Linux File and directory permissionsView permissions for a fileThe permissions for a file and directory, as shown below,Localhost:workspace-github xinxingegeya$ ls-ltotal 8-rw-r--r--1 Xinxingegeya staff 8 19:10 a.htmldrwxr-xr-x 2 Xinxingegeya Staff 8

User Management for Linux

I. The process of user login verification1. Find out if there is an account entered in/etc/passwd? If not then jump out, if any, then the account corresponding UID and GID (in/etc/group) read out, in addition, the account's home directory and shell

Linux down from the beginning gtk+-3.0 (a)


Originally due to the project requirements in Linux under a period of time to learn gtk+2.0 graphics development, after a period of time, want to really deep learning GTK.This is a straight-from-the-gtk+-3.0, and it's easy to get started by writing

Replace string summary with sed command in Linux

The basic syntax for sed substitution is: sed ' s/original string/replacement string/' Single quotation mark, s for replacement, three slash middle is a replacement style, Special characters need to be escaped with a backslash "\", but the

Linux Learning Notes: System boot boot process

Linux system boot Boot processRecently found himself in just mastering a few more hard wounds: First, knowledge system fragments, such as Linux, this learning point that learning point, the result is not a system, string up; Second, the

Linux command Xxd

Xxd, you can view the Linux file binary representation, man xxd, you can get the following informationNAMEXxd-make a hexdump or do the reverse.SynopsisXXD-H[ELP]xxd [Options] [infile [outfile]]Xxd-r[evert] [options] [infile [outfile]]DESCRIPTIONXXD

Linux common Commands (a)-Manage Files and directories command (2)-ls command

Note: Not original, mostly excerptsEnglish Full Name: list is the meaning of lists.1. Command formatls [options] [directory name]2. Command functionList all subdirectories and files in the destination directory3. Common parameters-A, –all lists all

Linux operation and Maintenance little memory

In Linux CentOS operations, common operations and commands are recorded:1. DNS SettingsOn a Linux server, when we ping this error: Ping:unknown host, it is very likely that the system's DNS is not set or set incorrectly. In/etc/resolv.conf, you can

Remember a Linux physical server migration summary

Two days ago we did an online migration of two servers in the production system, so we wanted to summarize some of the things that have happened before and after the migration and the lessons learned. In the professional style of doing things, I

Changes to the logo displayed in Linux kernel boot

1. Configuring the KernelEnable the kernel to load the logo at boot time, in the source code of the main directory make MenuconfigDevice Drivers--->Graphics Support--->Select and enter the Bootup logo--Choose the standard 224-color Linux logo[*]

Linux Multi-threaded debugging (memory footprint, dead loop, high CPU usage ...) )

Article Source: software stops service at some point, CPU usage reaches 100%+, one possible cause is a dead loop, assuming there is a potential dead loop in the program

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