The ln command for Linux

LN is another very important command in Linux, Its function is to create a synchronized link for a file in another location. When we need to use the same file in different directories, we don't need to put a file in every required directory, we just

Linux HDD Detection (original) the rapid development of hard disk capacity and speed, the reliability of hard disk is becoming more and more important, today's single-block hard disk storage capacity can easily reach 1TB, the

Rules for using variables under Linux

Configuration rules for variables Variables and variable contents are linked with an equal sign "=", as follows:"Myname=vbird" The equals sign cannot be directly connected to a space character, as shown in the following error:"myname =

Common Linux/unix Development Auxiliary command Assorted

Many fragmented command highlights:1. How to download FTP files by commandRead-s-P "Your passwd:" passwd; wget--user=yourusername--password= $Passwd ftp://IP/dir/fileRead-s-P "Your passwd:" passwd; Axel Ftp://yourusername:[email Protected]/dir/file2.

Learn Linux (5)---RM command every day

Yesterday I learned the command to create files and directories mkdir, today learn about the commands for deleting files and directories in Linux: RM command. RM is a commonly used command that removes one or more files or directories from a

Linux command: SSH command telnet

1. View the SSH client versionSometimes it is necessary to confirm the SSH client and its corresponding version number. Use the SSH-V command to get the version number. It is important to note that Linux generally comes with OpenSSH: The following

Resolves AES decryption failure under Linux

Some time ago, with a AES encryption and decryption method, see the previous blog AES encryption and decryption . encryption and decryption method on the window to test the time there is no problem, the encryption process on the Android, Decryption

Linux Application Summary (1): Automatically delete n days ago Log

Linux is a very automatic file generation system, log, mail, backup and so on. Although now hard disk cheap, we can have a lot of hard disk space for these files wasted, so that the system regularly clean up some unnecessary files there is a

Using expect in Linux

Expect is developed by Don Libes based on the Tcl language and is widely used in interactive operations and automated test scenarios, expect allows shell scripts to automate interactive communication without human intervention.The core function of

"LINUX" cmd2 writeup

Tried all night and finally tried out .... True twists and turns, investigating Linux scripts.Here are the points to note:1. The SH bash inside Linux is not the same, and the presence on different systems is different. SH is designed for UNIX,

Build svn+ version conflict under Linux

Environment: CentOs 6.5 (minimized installation)Reference:[[email protected] ~]# yum -y install subversion[[email protected] ~]#  mkdir /svn/ -p[[email protected] ~]# useradd svn[[email protected]  ~]

Linux compression, decompression, and packaging tools

Do you ever because a file occupies a large space, and the space shortage of the USB stick can not store this file. Have you ever had too many files in the software to make it easy to copy and carry? Have you ever had a headache because you need

Detailed description of common SVN commands under linux command line

1. Checkout files to a local directory under the Linux command lineSVN checkout Path (path is a directory on the server)Example: SVN checkout Svn:// SVN Co2. Add new files to the repository from the Linux command

About system calls under Linux

Once, it was tortured by the system () function, because the system () function was not well understood. Simply knowing that using this function to execute a system command is not enough, it is not sufficient, its return value, the return value of

[Reprint] Linux Quick check table

Original: Linux Command Line Linux Reference card-great Reference published on Fosswire website One page Linux manual-great one page reference to the most popular Linux

Reproduced Five IO models of Linux

Reprint:  performance analysis of Linux five IO modelsDirectory (?) [-] Conceptual understanding Five types of IO models under Linux Blocking IO Model Non-blocking

Organize Linux to view system logs for some common commands

Organize Linux to view system logs for some common commands Last-a the host name or IP address from which to log in to the system, displayed on the last line.-d Specifies the record file. Specifies the record file. Converts an IP address

The Linux/dev/shm directory is used to optimize

we often df–th check the disk capacity in daily operation, so what is the role of /dev/shm ? $ df-th File system type capacity used available % mount point /dev/sda2 ext3 57G 32G 23G 59%/ /dev/sda5 ext3 476G 341G 111G

Linux Command-----CD

linux Command ----CD"Feature description"CD: Represents the Cut directory (change directory);"Command Syntax"CD [options] [parameters]"Option description"CD or cd~: Indicates whether the current directory can be switched to the user's home directory

The Linux awk command is detailed?????????? Research

Http:// AWK descriptionAwk is a programming language that is used to process text and data under Linux/unix. Data can come from standard input, one or more files, or the output of other commands. It

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