Linux Programming-Database (chapter seventh)

7.3 Database This is the DBM database for Linux, and the code is downloaded in dbm database code. You can use files to store data, why do you need a database? Because in some cases, the characteristics of the database provide a better way to solve

Linux system Programming-system invoke I/O operations (file operations)

One, the file descriptor in the world of Linux, all devices are files . We can call the function of I/O in the system (i:input, input; o:output, output), and operate the file accordingly (open (), close (), write (), read (), etc.).

Working completely with Linux of the Linux programs I use are listed below. A list may have many, that is to facilitate you to choose, I listed the more trustworthy. But in fact a lot of only the first one is I really use,

SVN installation and configuration under Linux environment (using Hooks to synchronize development environment and test environment)

Install with Yum One-click installation:1. Environment CentOS 6.62. Install SVNYum-y Install Subversion3. ConfigurationBuild the Repository DirectoryMkdir/www/svndataSvnserve-d-r/www/svndata4. Build the RepositoryCreate a new Subversion

Linux Read system call

A recent project made a device that simulates the U-disk, but the contents of the Read virtual U disk must be read from the disk each time, rather than read from the system's cache, as a result of this problem, we looked at the system call of read

"Notes finishing" Unix/linux process management (i)

Process management under the Unix/linux1. Processes and Procedures~~~~~~~~~~~~~1) The process is the running program. A running program,There may be multiple processes. The process performs a specific task in the operating system.2) The program is

Linux Basics (v): Packages

I. Introduction to package Management(a) Package Classification 1, source package: (mostly c,c++) Script installation Package 2, binary package (source after compiling, Linux installation is basically binary package) RPM

Linux--/tmp directory files are automatically deleted after reboot

SOURCE Blog the/etc/default/directory, there is a RCS file with the following file contents:##/etc/default/rcs## Default settings for the scripts in/etc/rcs.d/## For information about these

Linux Command--date command

Reprint Please specify source: information for the date command[Email protected] source]# date--helpUsage: date [options] ... [+ format]Or: Date [-u|--utc|--universal]

/dev/shm[to Linux]

/dev/shm/is a very useful directory for Linux because it is not on the hard disk, but in memory. Therefore, under Linux, it is not necessary to build RAMDisk, the direct use of/dev/shm/can achieve a good optimization effect.One of the/dev/shm/needs

Linux character set and FTP transmission garbled processing

The recent FTP transfer files to the Linux server, there is garbled situation, the transmission of the file name with Chinese characters. The system language is then set to support ChineseInstall the relevant package firstYum-y Groupinstall

Linux Invincible Kill-kill ProcessID

found the server was black, decisively put IP to the ban,but the process of finding black me has been in Sleeping , with what Kill , Pkill It doesn't work .650) this.width=650; "src="

Linux system add root certificate Linux certificate trust list

1.linux access to HTTPS certificate issues[[Email protected] ~]# curl -v* about to  connect ()  to port 443  (#0) *   trying connected* Connected to 

Linux system add root certificate Linux certificate trust list

1.linux access to HTTPS certificate issues [[Email protected] ~]# curl -v* about to  connect ()  to port 443  (#0) *   trying connected* Connected to 

"Linux operating System" file compression and file permissions

"Linux Bingshu" Reading notes &3Only a few common commands are recorded, and the command that is biased is not recorded.Zip and Unzip file compressionThe zip command and the unzip command process the. zip file, which is used to compress the file,

Linux SVN server Setup, client operation, backup and recovery

Subversion (SVN) is an open source version control system that manages data that changes over time. This data is placed in a central repository, which is much like an ordinary file server that remembers every change in the file so that it can be

"Turn" support and implementation of Linux network card driver for Ethtool

One notable feature of Linux is its powerful network capabilities, which support almost all network protocols and provide a wealth of applications based on these protocols. The importance of Linux network management is self-evident, these management

Linux View Thread ID (SPID) for a process

Given the wide use of Linux threads, how do we look at the thread ID that a process has?Now many services are designed for the main process---child process--thread (e.g. Mysql,varnish)The main process is responsible for listening to connections on

Linux system Programming-thread synchronization and mutual exclusion: nameless semaphores

Signal Volume OverviewSemaphores are widely used for synchronization and mutual exclusion between processes or threads, which is essentially a nonnegative integer counter that is used to control access to public resources.programming can be based on

Linux system programming-thread pool

Thread Pool FundamentalsIn the traditional server structure, there is always a total listener thread listening to there is no new user connection server, whenever a new user enters, the server opens a new thread user to process the user's packet.

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