Make the program run in the background under Linux

First, why do you want to make the program in the backgroundThe procedures we calculate are very long, usually a few hours or even one weeks. The environment we use is to connect remotely to a Japanese Linux server using Putty. So the following

Folder compression decompression package under Linux

Http:// /home/xahot.tar.gz/xahotTAR-ZCVF the directory to be packaged when the file name full path is generated after packagingExample: Package the/xahot folder into a/home/xahot.tar.gz

"One of Linux backup and restore" 3.19 dump (file system backup)

"Linux instructions from beginner to proficient" in the 3rd chapter of document management, this chapter introduces many common commands, such as CP, LN, chmod, Chown, diff, Tar, MV, etc., because these are related to file management, used in daily

Linux regular match Little note

1. Using a regular match file name# # grep-n ' [^\/][a-za-z0-9]*[.a-za-z0-9][a-za-z0-9]*$ ' Regular_express.txt/etc/init.d/hello.h/etc/init.d/hehe2. Using SED to extract the NIC IP(1)# ifconfig eth0 |grep ' inet addr 'inet addr: bcast:

Linux programming-Processes and Signals (chapter 11th)

11.3 Starting a new process canstart another program inside the program to create a new process. This work can be done through the library function systemYes.#include int system (const char *string);the function of the system function is to run the

>, >>, <, << redirect and pipeline commands in Linux

1 redirects1.1 Redirect Symbol> Output redirected to a file or device overwriting the original file>! Output redirected to a file or device forcing overwriting of the original file>> output redirected to a file or device to append the original file1.

Linux file Lookup--location find command

File Lookupgrep egrep fgrep Text LookupFile Lookup:Locate:non-real-time, fuzzy matching, lookup is based on the system-wide file database;# Manually generate file database updatedb;Find:Real-time search, precision, slow speedtraverse all files in

Cadence innovus v15.10.000 Linux 1DVD Physical Design Implementation Solutions

Cadence innovus v15.10.000 Linux 1DVD Physical Design Implementation SolutionsA new generation of physical design implementation solutions that enable system chip (SYSTEM-ON-CHIP,SOC) developers to deliver optimal power, performance and area (PPA)

Linux external connection port number limit

These two days do stress tests and found a problem when simulating TCP Client number of outbound connections reached 28000 when left and right, the following exceptions begin to be thrown in large Assign

Linux time programming related functions

Type description of the timeTimeTimeTime :日历时间。1970年1月1日0点到此时的秒数。Time acquisition functiontime_t time (time_t *t);Function Description: This function returns the number of seconds that have elapsed since January 1, 1970 00:00 00 seconds. If time_t

A detailed description of compression decompression commands under Linux

Linux zip commandZip-r*All files and folders under the current directory are compressed into files, and-R indicates that all files in the subdirectory are compressed recursively.2.unzipUnzip-o-d/home/sunny Myfile.zipUnzip the

Linux Add, remove HDD mount/unmount

1. Create new partition command with new hard disk FdiskCommand parametersA: command to specify the boot partition; d: command to delete an existing partition; L: command to display a list of partition ID numbers; M: view fdisk command help; N:

Linux APF Firewall installation configuration

APF (Advanced Policy Firewall) is a software firewall in the Linux environment produced by Rf-x Networks, which is used by most Linux server administrators and is easy to understand and use with iptables rules.One, download, install APFLinux

Linux directory structure and file basic operation

Organize fromHttps:// you talk about the Linux directory structure, the first thing you need to know is that the difference between the Linux directory and the Windows directory may not be much different

Linux system Programming-system invoke I/O operations (file operations)

One, the file descriptor in the world of Linux, all devices are files . We can call the function of I/O in the system (i:input, input; o:output, output), and operate the file accordingly (open (), close (), write (), read (), etc.).

Working completely with Linux of the Linux programs I use are listed below. A list may have many, that is to facilitate you to choose, I listed the more trustworthy. But in fact a lot of only the first one is I really use,

Linux Standalone Installation subversion-1.8.18

First, the required packages1, apr-1.4.6.tar.gz:, apr-util-1.4.1.tar.gz:, pcre-8.20.tar.gz:, SERF-1.2.1.TAG.BZ2:HTTP://PAN.BAIDU.COM/S/1DDHFMHVThis library provides support for HTTP

SVN installation and configuration under Linux environment (using Hooks to synchronize development environment and test environment)

Install with Yum One-click installation:1. Environment CentOS 6.62. Install SVNYum-y Install Subversion3. ConfigurationBuild the Repository DirectoryMkdir/www/svndataSvnserve-d-r/www/svndata4. Build the RepositoryCreate a new Subversion

Linux Read system call

A recent project made a device that simulates the U-disk, but the contents of the Read virtual U disk must be read from the disk each time, rather than read from the system's cache, as a result of this problem, we looked at the system call of read

Linux View Thread ID (SPID) for a process

Given the wide use of Linux threads, how do we look at the thread ID that a process has?Now many services are designed for the main process---child process--thread (e.g. Mysql,varnish)The main process is responsible for listening to connections on

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