Linux Learning Notes: System boot boot process

Linux system boot Boot processRecently found himself in just mastering a few more hard wounds: First, knowledge system fragments, such as Linux, this learning point that learning point, the result is not a system, string up; Second, the

Linux common Commands (a)-Manage Files and directories command (2)-ls command

Note: Not original, mostly excerptsEnglish Full Name: list is the meaning of lists.1. Command formatls [options] [directory name]2. Command functionList all subdirectories and files in the destination directory3. Common parameters-A, –all lists all

Linux recompile install GD, add FreeType support, resolve CAPTCHA does not display problem, Fatal error:call to undefined function imagettftext ()

Problem:Fatal error:call to undefined function think\imagettftext () in/var/www/webreg/thinkphp/library/think/ Verify.class.php on line 143See Phpinfo () and learned that GD does not have freetype supportSolve:First install freestyle,php-gd Ensure

[Linux Server] [bash] makes it easier to switch directories

This article reproduces: [Linux server][bash] makes it easier to switch directories:One, why use these commands?We may have questions about why we have to use these commands,Wouldn't it be possible to switch directories with a CD?Yes, you can switch

Linux system optimization Parameters

Net.core.wmem_maxMaximum socket write buffer, with reference to the optimized value: 873200Net.core.rmem_maxMaximum socket read buffer, with reference to optimized values: 873200Net.ipv4.tcp_wmemTCP write buffer, reference to optimization values: 819

Linux operation and Maintenance little memory

In Linux CentOS operations, common operations and commands are recorded:1. DNS SettingsOn a Linux server, when we ping this error: Ping:unknown host, it is very likely that the system's DNS is not set or set incorrectly. In/etc/resolv.conf, you can

Remember a Linux physical server migration summary

Two days ago we did an online migration of two servers in the production system, so we wanted to summarize some of the things that have happened before and after the migration and the lessons learned. In the professional style of doing things, I

Changes to the logo displayed in Linux kernel boot

1. Configuring the KernelEnable the kernel to load the logo at boot time, in the source code of the main directory make MenuconfigDevice Drivers--->Graphics Support--->Select and enter the Bootup logo--Choose the standard 224-color Linux logo[*]

Linux Learning Notes (Linux) system Management

1. Process ManagementA process is a program or command being executed, each of which is a running entity that has its own address space and consumes a certain amount of system resources.The role of process management is to determine the health

Linux runs differences based on Read permissions and permissions for this folder

Suppose you use LS under Linux. Careful you will find that actually the folder has permission to run. For example:DRWXRWXR-X CL CL 4096 9 25 14:22.DRWXR-XR-X CL cl 4096 October 10 16:00. /Drwxrwxr-x 5 CL cl 4096 September 10:58 algorithm/Drwxrwxr-x 2

Linux Interrupt subsystem: the mapping and maintenance of interrupt numbers

Write at the forefront:Long time no calm down to tidy up some things, began to work for one months, the brain want to tidy up a lot of things. Record is a good way of self-learning, calm down more thinking and more summary, three years of work goals

Linux common command English full name and Chinese explanation

Prior to using the Linux command, if you are familiar with the meaning of English, it is more helpful to understand the corresponding command.Man:manual means manual, you can use this command to query the use of other commands. This command is

Compress a folder (folder packaging) under Linux

Tar-zcvf/home/xahot.tar.gz/xahotTAR-ZCVF the directory to be packaged when the file name full path is generated after packagingExample: Package the/xahot folder into a/home/xahot.tar.gz file.Zip compression method:Compresses the current folder Zip-r.

Linux Command--chmod command &chgrp command &chown command

The chmod command is a command used to change file or folder permissionsUse the method for chmod [who] [+ |-| =] [mode] File nameThe mode method is as follows:The numbers correspond to characters as follows:R=4,w=2,x=1To rwx the property, 4+2+1=7To

Linux system Programming--special process zombie process

Zombie Processes (Zombie process) The process has run to the end, but the resource occupied by the process is not recycled, and such a process is called a zombie process . At the time each process exits, the kernel frees all

Linux soft connect with hard links

  Soft linksSoft links in Linux are like shortcuts in Windows systemsCreate soft link format: ln-s source file full path soft connect full pathOperation Demo:    Hard LinksHard link and soft connection, it is equivalent to the image of the source

Analysis of Linux input and output stream and file descriptor

The File descriptors is an integer table memory-managed object that can be read and written by the process.A process can get the file descriptors by opening the files directory or device by creating a pipelineor copy an already existing

Linux Multi-threaded debugging (memory footprint, dead loop, high CPU usage ...) )

Article Source: software stops service at some point, CPU usage reaches 100%+, one possible cause is a dead loop, assuming there is a potential dead loop in the program

multithreaded thread-related functions under Linux

Multithreading some basic functions and identifiers(1) pthread_t:unsigned long int is a thread identifier(2) Pthread_create function for creating threadsint Pthread_create (pthread_t *_thread,//The first argument points to the thread identifier of a

Linux System API

The following is a list of Linux system calls that contain most of the common system calls and functions derived from system calls. This is probably the only list of Linux system calls you can see on the Internet, even if it's a simple alphabetical

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