4 Useful tips for Linux mkdir, tar, and kill commands

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How to analyze Linux logs

There is a lot of information in the log that you need to deal with, although sometimes it's not easy to extract it. In this article, we'll show you some examples of basic log analysis You can do now (you just need to search). We'll also cover some

Linux awk command Details

IntroductionAwk is a powerful text analysis tool, with the search for grep and the editing of SED, which is especially powerful when it comes to analyzing data and generating reports. To put it simply, awk reads the file line-by-row, using spaces as

Interview questions and answers about Linux firewall iptables

Interview questions about the Linux firewall ' iptables 'Nishita Agarwal, a tecmint user, will share an interview experience with a company she has just experienced (Pune, a private company in India). She was asked many different questions during

Common Command Mastery on Linux

Http://coolshell.cn/articles/8883.htmlThis article comes from a question and answer by Quroa "What is some time-saving tips that every Linux user should know?"--linux users have the skills to be aware of how to improve efficiency. I feel very good,

Linux awk command Details

Brief introductionAwk is a powerful text analysis tool, with the search for grep and the editing of SED, which is especially powerful when it comes to analyzing data and generating reports. To put it simply, awk reads the file line-by-row, using

Linux driver Macro __setup (str, FN)

(i). Defined as follows:#define __setup (str, fn) \__setup_param (str, FN, FN,0)#define __setup_param (str, unique_id, FN, early) \Static Char__setup_str_# #unique_id [] __initdata __aligned (1) = str; \Static structObs_kernel_param __setup_#

"Linux Advanced Programming" (Chapter 11th) System v interprocess communication 4

Shared memoryShared memory is primarily used to enable large amounts of data transfer between processes.Data structure definition for shared memory:System limits on shared memory:Shared memory vs. piping:You can see the benefits of shared memory:1.

Linux System core Performance tuning

Children who have done performance tests on the Linux platform may encounter the following problems:1, the TCP port number is not enough to cause the concurrency (that is, to establish a new connection with the server failed)2, time_wait state

Linux autoconf and Automake use

As a Linux program developers, must have encountered makefile, with make command to compile their own written program is indeed very convenient. In general, it is not easy to write a simple makefile by hand, if you want to write a makefile that

Linux (Ubuntu) under Partition and formatted SD card

My phone SD card needs to be divided into two partitions, under the WINDOWXP.The main problem is that window only knows the first partition of the SD card.Someone modified the driver to let Windows recognize the SD card as Hitachi's Microdisk,

Linux ' | ' vs. redirected instances

Redirection and Piping---------- Small Command big asREDIRECT standard input out directed commandThe most used is to write content to a file[Email protected] ~]# echo "Hello,world" >1.txt[email protected] ~]# cat 1.txtHello,worldRedirect the results

Linux-man page

Use man date to view the details of the date command.[email protected]:~$ Man Date Date (1) User Commands Date (1) # Please note that above The number in parentheses is name . Copyright . There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. See

Mastering the Linux kernel Design (iii): Soft interrupt of the lower half mechanism

"copyright notice: respect for the original, reproduced please retain the source: Blog.csdn.net/shallnet, the article is only for learning exchange, do not use for commercial use " The interrupt handler executes asynchronously, interrupting other

Soft links and hard links for Linux files

1.Linux Link ConceptThere are two types of Linux links, one called hard links, and the other called Symbolic links (symbolic link). By default, the LN command produces a hard link.1.1 Index nodesAn index node refers to a data structure in many

Linux hint no crontab for root solution

Linux hint no crontab for root solution Uploaded by: yuyan3081 I also want to " share the Money" 2014/6/19 attention ( 2004)

Embedded Linux------SDL porting (BMP images shown under am335x)

#include #include "/usr/local/ffmpeg_arm/include/sdl/sdl.h" char *bmp_name[3] = {"000.bmp", "111.bmp", "222.bmp"};int Main () { int i=0; The images sdl_surface* hello = NULL; sdl_surface* screen = NULL; Start SDL sdl_init

Chapter--linux Foundation

(i): Linux system root directory structureThe concept of "filesystem" in the Unix-like system contains two meanings, the first is "root file System" and the second is "Storage class file System". The latter concept is basically the same as the

Tar.xz How to extract: Linux and Windows tar.xz Decompression command Introduction

How do I decompress and compress tar.xz files under Linux? (This article is compiled by www.169it.com)To unzip the Tar.xz file under Linux 12 # xz -d ***.tar.xz  //先解压xz # tar -xvf  ***.tar //再解压tar TAR.XZ

[Turn] make a 64M USB drive boot disk (mini Linux + WinPE +dos Toolbox)

DIY Custom winpe+ various DOS Toolbox USB boot Disk +minilinuxBecause of a 64M old U disk, no use, take to play the waste heat. If the USB drive is large enough, you can use the more powerful mini Linux and WinPE with more tools. This time the

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