Linux file Soft links, hard links

Hard links and soft links for LinuxThere are two ways to link: hard links and soft linksIn a Linux file system, a file saved in a disk partition, regardless of the type, assigns a number to it, called the index node number (Inode index).(1) Hard

[Linux] Linux awk command detailed

reference: is a powerful text analysis tool, with the search for grep and the editing of SED, which is especially powerful when it comes to analyzing data and generating

The man manual for Linux tools color page settings

DescriptionFor our developers or operations engineers, often to query the use of a system command or C function interface, the best professional information is the man manual, through some settings can let man manual page display appropriate color,

Linux Common Command Daquan

In fact, Baidu has a lot of Linux command Daquan documents, not much to say. Here's a list of some common Linux commands.System InformationThe processor architecture of the Arch Display machine (1)UNAME-M Display the processor architecture of the

What is the "debug" Core dump? How do I properly and permanently open Linux?

650) this.width=650; "Src=" Iahl5mqlicpyp9021xzq0t2xhdiar7xhzwcysxnaakoemicq4soiccjyvqsjic8bltwuw8yricaniamgfwc9vchbpobndg/0?wx_fmt=jpeg " alt= "0?wx_fmt=jpeg"/> Content IntroductionWhat is the "debug" Core dump?

Compression decompression under Linux

The most common packaging program under Linux is tar, which is often referred to as the TAR package, and the tar package file commands are usually terminated with. Tar. After the tar package is generated, you can use other programs to compress the  

Linux Configuration Firewall

With this tutorial, make sure you can use Linux native. If you are using SSH remote, and can not directly operate the machine, then we recommend you cautious, cautious, and then cautious!With Iptables We can configure a dynamic firewall for our

i.mx6 Linux Egtouch Touchscreen porting

i.mx6 Linux Egtouch touchscreen porting One, Download driver:, read: Eeti egtouch Linux Programming Guide Three, System boot configuration: ... # I put the driver directly in the kernel, and did not

A bash configuration file that writes user-executed commands to a syslog under a Linux system

Note that if the user's shell is/bin/sh, it needs to be modified to/bin/bash!! Usermod-s/bin/bash User NameKali Linux System corresponding configuration file is/ETC/BASH.BASHRC, different release version may be differentStep one: VI/ETC/BASHRC added

Reaction.Design.Chemkin.Pro.v15083.LiNUX.rar +

Mucad 3.703 full-iso 1CD + statsoft Statistica CADStar13.0 PCB Design tool + Zuken e3.series v16.01+Cyme v7.1 R02 1CD Power Engineering softwareThe latest version of Cadstar 13.0, which adds a number of smart features to meet the

Linux sync Io:sync, Fsync and Fdatasync

Traditional UNIX implementations have a buffer cache or page cache in the kernel, and most disk I/O is buffered. When writing data to a file, the kernel usually copies the data into one of the buffers, and if the buffer is not yet full, it is not

Configuration of NIC Sub-IP is the alias of Nic configured under Linux

WhatWhat is an IP alias?In the words of Windows, you configure multiple IPs for a network card.WhenWhat is the occasion to add IP aliases?Web needs, multi-IP access testing, specific software for multiple IP needs ... and so on.HowHere are a few

Small Ant learns Linux (--linux) output redirection and input redirection

Speaking of output redirection, let's look at what the standard input is:Device file name file descriptor type      keyboards                                       /dev/stdin                         0                                       Standard

Linux PS-EF exclude current process (kill current Tomcat process)

In Linux, we often use "ps-ef|grep tomcat" to view the process as the result of using the command on the server I am working on:As you can see, there is a process for that command in addition to the 3 purple Tomcat.If you want to exclude the current

Properties and permissions for Linux files and directories

Properties and permissions for Linux files and directoriesThis paper introduces the properties and permissions of files and directories of Linux system, such as index node inode, file type, file permission and owner, and also introduces the setuid,

Linux Learning file Operations

Linux, Learning progress together ~MkdirThe mkdir command is used to create directories. It works like this:The mkdir command is used to create a directory, so use:mkdir directory ...A Note on notation: When three periods follow an argument in the

Linux notes: Linux help commands, Man,help,whatis,apropos

Command name: ManFunction: Get help informationCommand path:/usr/bin/manUsage: Man command or configuration fileOther: Call less to view Help for the command or configuration file.Command name: WhatisFunction: Get a brief introduction to the

Linux notes: Search command Find,locate,which,whereis,grep

Command name: FindFeatures: File SearchCommand path:/bin/findUsage: Find search scope match criteriaOther:Example:Find/root-name InitFind/root-size +1024Find/root-user DashenFind/root-group YizuFind/root-cmin-5Find/root-size

Linux threads-Mutex lock pthread_mutex_t

We often need multiple threads to stay in sync while the thread is actually running. In this case, the mutex can be used to complete the task, the use of the mutex is mainly pthread_mutex_init,pthread_mutex_destory,pthread_mutex_lock,pthread_mutex_

How Linux systems in a virtual machine access files on a PC's hard drive (how to mount a folder under Windows to a Linux virtual machine)

This time decided to learn embedded, change to install a Linux system first familiar with the use of Linux system, but their own computer installed on the Win7 system does not want to install a dual system, one is idle trouble, and the second is

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