Linux File Search

Grep,egrep,fgrep: Text lookup (content in a text file)File Lookup:Locate:System-wide Search commands,Not real-time,Fuzzy matchingLookup is based on a system-wide file database#updatedb, manually generate the file database because the new system may

Embedded Linux Learning---process (1)

What is a process? When a user-typed command executes a program, it initiates a process for the system. However, unlike the program, in this process, the system may need to start one or more processes to complete independent multiple tasks. The main

Linux Server log Dump

After the project is configured, Apache,mysql and so on will generate a log, in order to facilitate management, it is at a certain interval of time to dump1.Apache logAdd the following two sentences to the configuration file:Customlog

Access to sensitive information methods after the most complete Linux claim in history

Before starting this article, I would like to point out that I am not an expert. As far as I know, there is no "magical" answer in this vast area. Share, share (my starting point). here is a mix of commands to do the same thing, in different places,

A brief analysis of Linux fork function

#include #include /* features: Replication process parameters: No return Value: Success: Parent process: Return child process ID subprocess: return 0 Failure: Returns -1*/pid_t fork (void);A new process created by Fork is called a subprocess (child

Linux device drivers

Linux device driver (Chinese version III) 2.6 kernel. pdf download[Date: 2011-09-27] Source: Linux Community Linux [font: Big Small]This book is the third edition of the classic "Linux device Driver". This version has been completely updated for the

Mac SVN command Linux also works

1. Checkout files to a local directorySVN checkout Path (path is a directory on the server)Example: SVN checkout Svn:// SVN Co2. Add a new file or folder to the repositorySVN Add FileExample: SVN add test.php (add

The difference and connection between profile, BASHRC, Bash_profile in Linux

/etc/profile: This file sets the environment information for each user of the system, and the file is executed the first time the user logs on. and collects the shell settings from the configuration file of the/ETC/PROFILE.D directory .  English

"Linux Device Drivers" The seventh chapter time, delay and delay operation--note

Measure time Difference The kernel tracks the time stream with timer interrupts Clock interrupts are generated at periodic intervals by the system's timing hardware, which is set by the kernel according to the Hz value, which is defined

What is the meaning of variable $#,$@,$0,$1,$2,$*,$$,$ in Linux?

$# is the number of arguments passed to the script. $ is the name of the script itself. $ is the first parameter passed to the shell script, and the second argument that is passed to the shell script is [email protected] is a list of all the

Linux CP/SCP Command +SCP command detailed

Name: CPUsage rights: All usersHow to use:CP [Options] Source DestCP [options] source ... directoryNote: Copy one file to another file, or copy several files to another directory.The meter-A as far as possible file status, permissions and other

Turn: A Linux command every day

Starting with a detailed system of learning Linux common commands, adhere to a daily command, so this series is a Linux command per day. The main references for learning are:1. "Brother Bird's Linux private cuisine"2.

Linux chmod Command Detailed

chmod----Changing the access mode of one or more files (mode) chmod [options] mode files  can only be used by a file owner or a privileged user to change the file access mode. Mode can be expressed in digital form or in the form of who opcode

Linux Bash security bug fix

1. The affected systems includeCentosDebianRedhatUbuntu2. Check if the system is being repaired[[Email protected] ~]# env x= ' () {:;}; echo vulnerable ' bash-c "echo this is a test"VulnerableThis is a test[Email protected]

Linux DSP plays audio file

#include #include#include#include#include#include#include/*The following three parameters are related to a specific file * cmd:file audio file * [file Pass.wav] =>> Pass.wav:RIFF (Little-endian) data, WAVE Audio, Microso FT PCM, + bit, mono 44100 Hz

Linux Build SVN client and multiple project permissions Group management

Build SVN service, effective management code, the following three steps can be quickly done.1. Installation#YumInstall SubversionDetermine if the installation was successful 1 #subversion -v Svnserve, Version 1.6.11

Common Linux Versions

A common Linux version Website Feature Description       Current most popular ubuntu  debian  linux ubuntu  debian  release package, while preserving  debian 

The Nineth chapter, file and file system compression and packaging Linux system common compression commands

Common compression commands for Linux systems:In Linux, the zip file extension is mostly: "*.tar, *.tar.gz, *.tgz, *.gz, *." Z, *.bz2 "Linux supports a very high number of compression commands, and different commands use compression techniques that

30 Linux face questions

1.linux How to hang a shared directory under Windows Mount.cifs// user=administrator,pass=123456 Linux server needs to manually build a later user and pass is the Windows Host account and password note

Linux lakes and 10:bash the aesthetics and philosophy in script programming language

I confess that I once again became the title party. But admittedly, this must be an essential essay. In this article, I'll explore the aesthetics and philosophy of the Bash scripting language. This is not a tutorial for bash scripting, but it gives

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