Linux Wait_queue/work_queue__linux

Linux-wait_queue/work_queue First, we have to understand that all the processes in Linux are managed by the task_struct structure. A TASK_STRUCT structure is assigned when the process is generated, and the process is then managed through this

SVN installation and configuration of Linux under the detailed __linux

First, the preface The SVN server has two modes of operation: 1. Standalone server; 2. with Apache; Each has its pros and cons, independent SVN server is not combined with Apache installation, connect the independent SVN server does not use the

Linux-based V4L2 video architecture driver Authoring __linux

The recent study of Mjpg-streamer, found this article, feel good, took over. Turn from: In fact, learning is a process, at the beginning of the most difficult to accept, after the easy .... First,

Linux crontab configuration files and commands __linux

1, cron service every minute not only to read all the files within the/var/spool/cron, but also need to read a/etc/crontab, so we configure /etc/crontab The file can also do something with the cron service (the crontab configuration is for a user,

Linux centos6.5 builds its own penetration test practice environment damn vulnerable Web application__linux

The damn vulnerable Web application is selected Go to download Address download PHP package, Install apache:yum-y Install httpd Start Apache:service httpd Start Install php:yum-y Install

Detailed Linux file processing of the common commands __linux

Original blog, reprint please indicate the source Attach a few Linux blogs with a higher number of previous visits My 8 tips for using the shell Nine classic usage scenarios for grep SED command detailed awk Command Detailed Everything in Linux is a

Linux initialization init system 1---sysvinit__linux

Reprint Address: from Sysvinit to Systemd In recent years, the INIT process of the Linux system has undergone two major evolutions, the traditional sysvinit has faded out of the

Linux Input Subsystem __linux

Linux Input Subsystem Event interface detailed: Get Input device Information(2013-06-06-15:24:27) In the previous work, we often encountered the requirements of the event device operation and setup in the input subsystem. But has not been summed up.

Install SVN (pro-Test) __linux on Linux

Search a lot of articles on the network, find either this mistake, that mistake. Time, the following article to test, simple to install. The first part: the way of independent installation (not Apache): 1, yum install-y subversion-* 2,

The trigger and execution time of Linux kernel process scheduling function schedule () __oracle

The kernel's dispatch operation is divided into the trigger and the execution two parts, the trigger only then sets the current process the tif_need_resched flag, the execution time is through the schedule () function to complete the process choice

Linux dpkg Command __linux

The dpkg command is a utility used by Debian Linux systems to install, create, and manage software packages. A file that is used primarily to handle a. deb suffix name. You typically use dpkg-i filename to install the. deb file. The detailed

Linux open () function practice __oracle

1, first Use Man 2 open to view the Open function interface 2, the simplest open function code #include #include #include #include int Main () { int fd; Fd=open ("abc", o_creat,0777); printf

Linux timestamp and Standard Time "turn" __linux

In Linux systems, there are many occasions when a timestamp is used to represent the time, from January 1, 1970 to the current number of days or seconds. such as the/etc/shadow Password change date and expiration date, as well as the proxy server's

Linux Update command detailed __linux

The Linux uptime command is primarily used to get the host running time and query the Linux system load and other information. The uptime command used to show only how long the system was running. Now, you can show how long the system has been

Details Linux file Programming __HTML5

As you all know, under Linux, everything is file, so familiar with Linux file operation, Linux is the basis for programming. Cut the crap, get into the subject. In Linux, the file descriptor is used to represent the common file of the device file,

Memadmin based on Linux installation configuration __linux

1.1 memadmin Introduction Memadmin is a visual memcached management and Monitoring tool, using PHP development, small size, easy to operate. main functions: Server parameter monitoring: STATS, SETTINGS, ITEMS, slabs, sizes real-time refresh server

Linux Record Lock __linux

The function of a record lock is that when a process is reading or modifying a part of a file, it can prevent other processes from modifying the same file area. Record locks are actuallyA byte range lock, because it locks only one area of the file,

Chapter Three the wildcards expressions of Linux special character expressions

first, the contents of this chapter 1, special characters 2, the filename wildcard character 3, logical operators and parentheses in multiple commands 4, the command is an expression Note: This Linux system is RHEL5.3 two, Linux system special

Linux Dbus Bus __linux

D-bus three-tier architecture D-bus is a message bus system for communication between applications for communication between processes. It is a 3-tier architecture of the IPC system, including: 1, function library Libdbus, for two applications to

Linux Network programming: Set non-blocking Socket transceiver Data __ block chain

Non-blocking I/O includes non-blocking input operations, non-blocking output operations, non-blocking receiving foreign connections, non-blocking initiating outgoing connections. The functions included are: Read, Readv, recv, Recvfrom, Recvmsg,

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