Some of the Linux directives commonly used in performance testing __linux

1, Uptime [Root@smgsim02 ~]# Uptime 15:08:15 up, 4:19, 2 users, load average:0.07, 0.29, 0.14 Current time system run to date how many users logged in the current system is 1 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes ago the load situation Load average is the

LINUX under the use of Crontab scheduled backup log __linux

Refer to two better documents. Http:// Http:// There are probably two kinds of crontab, one is to modify the global configuration file/etc/crontab, the other is to

Linux Curl timed Task __linux

1. Linux timing tasks are set in the/etc/crontab file, using commands to view [python] view plain copy Cat/etc/crontab In the/etc directory there is a crontab file, where there are some scheduling programs running on the system. Each user can

Linux under GLIBC memory management __linux

I don't remember the references. 1 Background Introduction A suspected "memory leak" problem: malloc application of memory, free release after the operating system has not been returned, such as memory module occupied by 10GB of memory, after the

Linux Kernel Analysis-network [seven]:netfilter__linux

Kernel version: 2.6.34 NetFilter is introduced into the 2.4.x kernel, and becomes the main extension of network application under Linux platform, including not only the implementation of firewall, but also the processing of message (such as

Analysis on the hardware detection flow of SD card under Linux Sdio interface __linux

Mmc_alloc_host () Application Platform SD unit corresponding to the MMC_HOST structure->Init_delayed_work (&host->detect, Mmc_rescan) creates a corresponding SDIO device insert for this platform SD unitDetection kernel work_queue task column

Linux VLAN packet format and vconfig command test __linux

It mainly analyzes the packet format of VLAN. At the same time, the application of vconfig command is explained. pc: ap: (eth0.100) 1: Add VLAN, use Vconfig. ~# Vconfig BusyBoxv1.10.3 (2012-09-23 02:13:20 CST) multi-call

Discussion on multi-process concurrent writing of the same file in Linux system environment __linux


To discuss the issue of writing to the same file by multiple processes in a concurrent environment, we will involve knowledge of file sharing. Before we begin, let's discuss some knowledge about file sharing. 1. File sharing UNIX systems support the

Linux sed command detailed __linux

Sed is a good file processing tool, itself is a pipe command, mainly in the behavior unit, you can replace, delete, add, select and other specific work, the following first understand the use of SEDThe SED command line format is:sed [-nefri] '

Linux Remote Desktop XRDP configuration __linux

Accessing the remote Linux desktop using the RDP protocol In general, if you need to log on to a remote Linux system, we will use ssh/telnet to do it, and if we need to log on to a remote Linux system desktop environment, we might use VNC. VNC is

Linux mail to QQ email __linux

Because of some security settings for QQ mailboxes, mail messages delivered by this machine mail command The SMTP server is localhost SendMail or postfix. So the message from IS from Localhost.localdomain Mail QQ all refused. and returns a 550 error

LINUX protocol stack detailed flow control Tc__linux

The implementation of the streaming TC is mentioned in the packet sending section, and is now further studied. Packet sending is implemented through Dev_queue_xmit, if (q->enqueue) { rc = __DEV_XMIT_SKB (SKB, Q, Dev, txq); Goto out; } If there

Linux program installation directory/opt directory and/usr/local directory __linux

When Linux installs the software, I always have the idea that the software is installed in that directory. Because the Linux system differs from the Windows system, instead of creating a folder on that disk, install the program you need to install

The role of Linux folders __linux

A. Linux directory structure Typically, the root file system takes up less space because most of the files do not need to be changed frequently, and a strict file and a small infrequently changing file system are not susceptible to damage. In

Linux under the Tar xvzf is decompression tar.gz, the equivalent gzip-d File.gz+tar vxf File.tar, as well as other decompression methods Daquan __linux

The most common packaging program under Linux is tar, and the packages we use in the TAR program are often referred to as the TAR packets, and the TAR package file commands are usually ended with. Tar. After the tar package is generated, you can use

One Linux command per day: sed command __linux

Sed's handling of the text is powerful, and the SED is very small, with fewer parameters and easier to master, and his way of doing it is a bit like awk. Sed reads files sequentially line by row. It then performs all the actions specified for the

errno is thread-safe under LINUX __linux

errno is thread-safe under Linux 2011-06-20 11:34:54 Category: Linux in Linux or UNIX environments, errno is a very important part. When there is a problem with the called function, we can determine the cause of the error by errno value, which

Linux View System Information Method Summary __linux

How to view system startup time and run time under Linux 1. View/proc/uptime file Computing system startup time: Cat/proc/uptime Output: 5113396.94 575949.85 The first number is the system has been running for 5,113,396,.94 seconds, using the

Linux kernel Some of the better sites __linux

Original URL: Http:// http://www.kernel.orgThe Linux Kernel Archives ftp://ftp.kernel.orgThis site is the main site of the Linux kernel development, which contains the latest kernel releases and relatedInformation.

Linux User ID UID and valid user ID Euid__linux

Each process in a Linux system has 2 IDs, a user ID and a valid user Id,uid, which typically represents the creator of the process (which user created), and Euid represents the process's access to files and resources (with the same permissions as

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