Linux switching multiple versions of Php____linux


Install the paths of each version of PHP plus the version number such as--prefix=/usr/local/php-7.0.1 As below, I install the path When installing, add each version of PHP-FPM to the service Install-v-m755/php Source

Linux installation Python3.5__linux

1. Go to the Python website to download the Python3 source package, Select gzipped Source tarball Download the python-3.5.4.tgz file. 2. Create the Python installation directory in/usr mkdir

"Dig the secrets of the DNS"-linux command five-minute series of 34 __linux

Turn from: This original article belongs to the "Linux Shed" blog. The blog address is The author of the article is ROC. === "First meeting." I believe that the use of Nslookup students must be

Write the UDP client/server program under Linux __linux

First, the introductionUDP is a kind of transport layer protocol in TCP/IP protocol, this paper introduces the method of programming Client/server model based on UDP protocol under Linux, and gives an echo client/server example program.Brief

linux--Parent-Child process synchronization collaboration __linux

The following code is the value of a parent-child process alternating print variable counter. Because after fork, the child process copies the stack of the parent process, the signal processing function, the signal screen word, and the following

POSIX shared memory __linux of Linux IPC

Introduction: System v Shared Memory and shared file mappings allow unrelated processes to share memory areas for IPC communication. But there are some drawbacks to these two technologies: 1. The System V Shared memory model uses keys and

Linux to implement a simple color progress bar program __linux

When we install software under Linux, we often see a progress bar, as follows:[########################################################] [100%] [/] So, is there any way we can achieve a simple progress bar? Linux under the progress bar color is too

Linux kernel Analysis--double-linked list of data structures in the kernel (i) __ajax

About the data structures used in the kernel this series will have five articles, Introduced separately Linked list Queue Hash Mapping Red and black Treesfirst, the introduction of the core linked list The linked list defined in the kernel is a

Linux recv, send blocking, non-blocking differences and usage __linux

Non-blocking IO and blocking IO: In network programming, the concept of blocking IO and non-blocking IO is encountered for a network handle, and here is a description of the two sockets first:Basic concepts: Blocking IO:: The blocking mode of the

Linux VI Edit and save __linux

The file can be modified by using the command VI file path. When the modification is complete, press ESC and enter ": Wq" to save the exit. does not contain quotes. Other Orders of VI : w save file but not exit VI : W file will be modified

Linux in/usr and/var directory detailed __linux

/usr file systemThe/usr file system is often large because all programs are installed here. All files in/usr are typically from Linux distribution, locally installed programs and other things under/usr/local. This may not be necessary to reinstall

Linux Debug Switch Dev_dbg__linux

1, recently in the write I2C under the EEPROM driver, but found that using the I2c_new_probed_device function can not enumerate to the device, so want to debug the function (in driver/i2c/i2c-core.c), see some of the debugging information is as

Linux SSH Transfer File __linux


Network Connection Program SSHPowering Linux What is SSH    SSH(Secure Shell) is a secure network connection program, it allows you to connect to other computers on the Internet, execute programs on other computers, copy files between

Linux Memory Management---The difference between virtual address, logical address, linear address, physical address (i) __linux

Analysis of the Linux memory management mechanism, not from the above concepts, before introducing the above several concepts, first from the "in-depth understanding of the Linux kernel," the book excerpt from a few paragraphs on the above nouns

ARM-LINUX-GCC Bare Metal Program Development (ii) __linux

Nandflash startup and standard library issues Put U-boot's start. S is ported to my program so that the program can be downloaded into memory with the Supervivi D feature, but not enough. Because the program is stored inside, if the power off

Linux device driver Model A Sysfs__linux

1 Linux Device models The Linux 2.5 kernel introduces a new device model designed to manage all devices on the computer in a unified way. It contains the following infrastructure: Type Description Equipment devices

Block device driven 2--SD card driver 1 (sdchi.h analysis of linux-3.2.36) __linux

My experience: Seeing some of the great God's instructions, I timidly entered the drivers/mmc/host/. As the use of s3c2440, look at the driver, I will first find s3c words, so I noticed sdhci-s3c.c and S3CMCI.C. Took a look at Kconfig Config

Linux View executable file dynamic link library related information __linux

LDD View executable link which system dynamic link library NM see what symbols are in the executable Strip Remove symbol table can give the executable a thin body If we want to extract a bit of textual information from an executable program, we

How to start the Linux daemon

Reference: daemon (daemon) is the process that is running in the background (daemon).This article describes how to start a Web app as a daemon.First, the origin of the problemAfter the Web

See the number of physical CPUs, cores, and logical CPUs under Linux

information in the Cat/proc/cpuinfoprocessor The ID of the logical processor. ID of the processor that physical ID physically encapsulates. the ID of the core ID for each key. CPU Cores The number of cores in the same physically encapsulated

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