Various Linux systems configure multiple IP methods to organize __linux

How to add IP under CentOS First, add a single IP method: # cd/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts # CP Ifcfg-eth0 ifcfg-eth0:0 # Nano ifcfg-eth0:0 Copy Code Copy a eth0 file with the CP command, the new file name is eth0:0, and then edit the file with

Initial __linux of Linux script writing

If you are an IT support expert, you like the command of Windows very much, when you first use the Linux command line, you may soon find yourself confused. The DOS commands you've been familiar with for a long time don't exist in Linux. So you will

REDHAT5 Linux vsftpd add FTP users __linux

VSFTPD installation on the internet there are a lot of tutorials here is not much to say, here is mainly for the host space service friends in the installation of good vsftpd after how to increase the FTP account userLet's take a look at how we

Linux interprocess communication Mode--local Socket__linux

Previous Code First Service side: s_unix.c #include #include #include #include #define UNIX_DOMAIN "/tmp/unix.domain" int main (void) {socklen_t clt_addr_len; int listen_fd; int com_fd; int ret; int i; static Char recv_buf[1

"Learning Notes" compiles the Linux kernel (next)---kconfig, makefile, and the compilation of the Linux kernel on the arm platform __linux

This paper mainly introduces the kernel configuration system of Linxu2.6. If you browse the source directory, you can see that there are a lot of kconfig files and makefile files in the source directory and its subdirectories. What's the effect of

"Linux" under su command SU cannot set groups Operation not permitted error __linux

Linux command SU performs the following errorSu:cannot set Groups:operation not permitted This error was said on the Internet because the/bin/su file was canceled, so the solution was chmod a+s/bin/suI still can't use the SU command after I execute

VSFTPD installation and configuration on SuSE (Enterprise Linux 10) __linux

These two days on the SuSE installation and configuration of FTP, encountered a lot of problems, here to do a summary:First, installationSuSE's graphical user interface does a good job, so the installation process is relatively simple.1, open

How to write __linux under Linux crontab

The function of the crontab command is to schedule the execution of some commands at certain intervals. In the/etc directory there is a crontab file, where there are some scheduling programs running on the system. Each user can establish their own

Linux uses Cpio to decompress initrd.img__linux

The initrd.img in the 2.6 kernel is cpio compressed and is no longer a ext2 format used by the 2.4 kernel and cannot be mounted using the Mount-o loop. Need to decompress with gunzip and then use Cpio to unpack Cp/boot/initrd-***.img

Implementation and principle of LS command [Linux drill]__linux

Intro:Personal work for two years, has never summed up their own learning, this article is a hope to summarize their learning. If I can help you, it is a useful article. This is the first of a series of Linux exercises. The main is to summarize

SELinux security blocking problem and solution under Linux __linux

Today, I built FTP, I used to create a Linux user can not login, echo results are: Oops:cannot Change Directory:/home/linux Check the next reason, originally is SELinux configuration problem, SELinux block vsftp user access to the home

"Linux Learning Notes" Linux job __linux

1.awk Array Awk is handy for data processing. An array of awk, an associative array (associative Arrays), which can be a number and a string. You do not need to specify the number of elements because you do not need to declare the array names and

Solaris/linux command line simple manual __linux

1. The system# passwd: Change Password# exit: Exiting the system2. Document# cp: Copy files or directories, parameters:-A recursive directory,-I override confirmation# mv: Change the name to move# rm: Delete, Parameters:-R Recursive Delete3. Table

Redhat Linux Command Encyclopedia __linux

A. Start, shutdown, login, log out related commands Login Log Out Log Out Stop System Stop System reboot Power off write the contents of memory to disk Install Lilo startup management Program Install Lilo startup management Program two.

Linux Yum--yum Remove Repo (Repository) –yum Disable repo (Repository) __linux


Original address: Quick Guide, howto Remove and disable YUM repo (repository). Yum command itself does not contain any way to remove the repository.

Get a system, sure to see the system configuration, Linux look at the configuration, can not be as intuitive as windows. You can only view one one. __linux

get a system, sure to see the system configuration, Linux look at the configuration, can not be as intuitive as windows. You can only view one one. One: CPU [Root@srv/]# More/proc/cpuinfo | grep "model name" Model Name:intel (R) Xeon (r) CPU X3220 @

Make command __linux under Linux

The key to the make command is to find out how long the previous files were modified, and to use this modification time to compare the last modification time of the dependent file. If the target file modification time is earlier than the dependent

Linux Package Management: RPM and Yum

One, RPM packageRPM is named "RedHat package Manager" and is referred to as RPM. This mechanism was originally developed by Red Hat, the most important feature of RPM is the need to install the software has been compiled, and has been packaged into

Linux directory structure and detailed introduction

/: root directory, located at the top level of the Linux file system directory structure, the general root directory is only the directory, do not store files, etc,/bin,/dev,/lib,/sbin should and root directory placed in a partition./bin,/usr/bin:

Linux Common basic commands

Linux Command encyclopedia chm document Download1. Disk ManagementCD [Destination directory] # switch Directories    DF #显示磁盘情况    du [Options] [file] #显示目录或文件的大小LS #列出当前目录内容mkdir [directory name] #创建目录PWD

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