Linux kernel version and release version __linux

1.1.4 Linux kernel version and release version 1. Kernel versionThe kernel is the heart of the system, the core program for running programs and managing hardware such as disks and printers, which provides an abstraction layer between bare devices

Install ALSA sound card driver __linux in Linux


Just installed the video card this time turn to Ann sound card, installation of a sound card than the installation of video card is much simpler, the main reason for the information on the Internet is more natural worry a lot. All right, the words

Build your own Linux distribution __linux

Building a Linux distribution of its own is a dream for every free open-source software enthusiast. It was once a very difficult thing to do, a Linux distribution is also rare, can do a Linux distribution has been extremely glorious things. But, by

Communication between Linux processes __linux

Order The process communication method under Linux is basically inherited from the process communication means on UNIX platform. The two main forces that make a significant contribution to the development of Unix are the at&t of Bell Labs and the

Linux options for each release version __linux

Original source: Because of its "free" and "open" features, Linux has spawned hundreds of different distributions. The so-called distribution, is in the Linux kernel packaging some software, such as our common

Linux performance Analysis--top__linux

Top The top command is one of the most popular performance tools. Most system administrators run top to view the operation of Linux and UNIX systems. The top utility provides an ideal way to monitor process and overall Linux performance. It's more

The Edid__linux of LINUX:HDMI drivers

HDMI (Highdefinitionmultimediainterface), as a new generation of digital multimedia interface, can transmit high-speed uncompressed digital audio, video data, The HDMl1.2 pixel clock is up to 165MHz, the data rate reaches 4.95Gbps, while the HDMl1.3

Properties of Linux files and directories __linux

 Author:North-South North from: linuxsir.orgAbstract: This article is about file or directory attributes, such as node inode, file type, file permissions and attribution, but also setuid, setgid and paste bit for general explanation. The usage

Linux Write log file __linux

Call the Errorlog function to write the custom struct error_message type of data to the specified logfile file #include #include #include #include #include #include struct Error_message{time_t occur_time;//when the error occurredconst char *

Successful implementation of the Add DNS library on ARM Linux __linux

First download the source code:Bind-9.5.0.tar.gz Source: Source: OpenSSL support is required to compile bind. So compile OpenSSL first../config no-asm--prefix=/home/

How to do ADSL dialing under Linux!__linux

Installing dial-up Software First, you must install the corresponding ADSL dialing software. In the usual Redhat release, this RPM package comes with PPPoE. We implement this through the following command: [Root@www root]# Rpm-qa|grep PPPoE Rp-pppoe-

Linux alsa sound card driver ann loading and unloading set default sound card __linux

Environmental ubuntu12.04 Because the desktop version of the default installed, and the sound is also very convenient, here is the server version of the configuration, after all, do the development often or with the server version of 1.

Test Linux Kernel input event--getevent source __linux

Download Address: getevent.c #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include //#include #include #include #include #include #include "getevent.h" static struct

Linux in the Terminal Open Folder command __linux

Gnome-open/etc Ubuntu in Nautilus/etc The command is to open a window with root permission to manage the file. For example, if you click on a computer directly, there are many folders and files that are root users to operate, So you can not

Linux Kernel module analysis (module_init macros) __linux

When we learn about Linux driver development, we first need to understand the modularity mechanism (module) of Linux, but module is not only used to support driver loading and unloading. One of the simplest examples of modules is as

Debian Linux can't get into the graphics interface toss __linux

First of all, my operating system is Debian Linux, I debian using the XFCE desktop environment, yesterday I used the command apt-get install GNOME, installed a pile of software after the restart, can not enter the GUI, can only enter the character

The use of Linux kernel-driven Gpio __linux

an overview Linux kernel Gpio is the simplest, most commonly used resource (and interrupt, Dma,timer) driver, applications can use the corresponding interface Gpio,gpio use the integer ID between 0~max_int, can not use negative numbers, Gpio is

How to play PATCH and make Diff__linux under Linux

turn from: manufacture and application of patch under Linux Because there are several common files to be modified during the u-boot transplant, it is too cumbersome to

Linux uses Speex library to compress audio __linux

int Sound::encode () { File *fin,*fout1,*fout2,*fout3;//Three files pointer, Fin is a recorded audio file Short in[frame_size]; Short out[frame_size]; float Input[frame_size]; Float output[frame_size];//set several buffers Char cbits[200]; int

Linux Basics-21

I. Shell's built-in commandsThe shell itself provides some commands, called built-in commands, that have been exposed to some of the shell's built-in commands.Like what:We use which to view LS and find it in the/bin/directory. But looking at the

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