Linux Utility Commands and part notes __linux

1 Ubnutu Remote access shared folder (for win only) 1. Below the command line Mount// User=admin\\xxx,pass=xxx/mnt/user Note: is the name of the Windows host and the user is the name of the shared folder. Admin is

Linux Copy Folder command __linux

Replace the B folder and all the files in the a directory with the B1 folder in the A1 directory and all of its files is a copy folder # Assuming the fullpath of the B folder in the A directory is/aa/bb/cc/a/b # Assume that the fullpath of the B1

Linux configuration svn automatically sends mail __linux

Company game Operation needs, a new set up SVN and configured a bit to submit the function of automatic mail delivery, a few key steps to forget the content, for useful reference to the students ha 1. Ready to install Package: Apr-1.3.8.tar.gz Apr-

Installation of MPlayer under Linux __linux

MPlayer is one of the most media-enabled players with the fastest playback speed (correctly installed graphics drivers), and it can play almost all of the win media files. The following describes how it is installed: Installation premise:To compile

Practice Linux, Alsa Speex Echo Elimination __linux

A few days ago Win32 under the Speex AEC (, very complex, today to try to make alsa under, found very simple AH!!! First of all, put on the Audacity effect chart: The code is simple,

Linux under Ctrl+s suspended animation recovery __linux

When using SECURECRT, the problem of the screen suspended animation When using SECURECRT, the occasional screen of suspended animation, can not enter and so on. Later found that, as long as the data ctrl+s, will be suspended animation, input ctrl+q

MU-class network: Linux talent nurturance program _2_ Linux common Commands __linux

mu network: Linux talent Formation program Linux common Commands Linux Common Commands 1. Command basic format linyk3@thinkpad:~$ linyk3: Login user name ThinkPad: Host name ~: Current Location $: normal User, #: root user command [options]

Windows and Linux dual systems modify boot entry order __linux

windows and Linux dual systems modify boot entry order Install the Ubuntu dual system under windows and choose Ubuntu by default at startup, at least three ways to modify the boot sequence. 1. Modify/boot/grub/grub.cfg sudo vim/boot/grub/grub.cfg

Linux MPlayer compile, install and configure __linux


With the totem player with Ubuntu I never released a movie, every time to see the film to go to XP, Linux could have played a few things, to solve the entertainment problem, download the MPlayer file, and then compile their own. At the same time the

Choose from pure DOS into Linux and Windows systems

I prefer a simple and practical operating system, as long as the necessary to complete the use of the line, there is no need to be too large, so the purpose of this article is simple. This article is for technical exchange only, the software

How to view free memory/physical memory usage/remaining memory in a Linux system __linux

View free memory/physical memory usage/remaining memory in a Linux system There are many ways to view system memory, but the main is to use the top command and free command How do you see the results when you execute the top command? Here is a

Linux Details-liunx firewall/etc/sysconfig/iptables detailed __linux

#头两行是注释说明 # Firewall configuration written by System-config-securitylevel # Manual customization to this file is not recom Mended. #使用filter表 *filter #下面四条内容定义了内建的INPUT, Forwaard, ACCEPT chain, also created a new chain called Rh-firewall-1-input:

Linux Run install package production __linux

Today there is this demand, the production of a package, but I do not want to play into the RPM package, suddenly think of Nvdia drive automatic installation package is run format, so, in the online search run how to make, found that the following

Linux Basic command, archive, compress, view file content __linux

Linux /--root directory (top-level directory) ls---Display the contents of the file Man ls--Help manual, function, syntax, parameter exit Q bin--(green) Normal user's command root--Root User's host directory Medi--、 mnt--mount point cp--Replication

Use the Public/private key to allow Putty (SSH) to log in automatically (and use the key for SSH automatic login on Linux) __linux

Method One: Use Puttygen.exeThe first step: Creating a secret key Run Puttygen.exe, select the key type and length you want, use the default SSH2 (RSA), and set the length to 1024. Passphrase can be empty so that you don't have to enter a password

Introduction to Windows SSH Client putty and implementation of Windows and Linux file transfer __linux

Introduction to Windows SSH client PuttyIntroduction of PuttyPutty is a free and compact Win32 platform for Telnet,rlogin and SSH clients. Its main program is only 364k, but the functional wire is not inferior to the commercial Telnet tool.Official

The writing of the Man Handbook for customizing command line utilities and commands under Linux __linux

The function of this command-line program is to solve the C code under Linux, quickly create templates for. h and. c files, in order to standardize the code. The main purpose of implementing this program is that I want to familiarize myself with the

Linux common file Compression/decompression command __linux

Some common compressed files: *. Z Files compressed by Compress program *.bz2 Files compressed by bzip2 program *.gz GZIP Program Compressed Files *.tar The TAR program is packed with

25 Common Linux Basic Commands __linux

1. Xargs Usage Detailed   because many commands do not support | Piping to pass parameters, and there is a need in daily work, there is a xargs command, such as: find/sbin-perm +700 |ls-l This command is wrong. find/sbin-perm +700 |xargs ls-l This

The experiment __arduino of network programming under Linux

(1) TCP programming Server-Side TCP_SERVER.C #include     #include     #include     #include     #include     #include     #include     #include       #define  portnumber 3333    Int main (int argc,  Char *argv[])    {       int sockfd,new_fd;    

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