REDHAT5 Linux vsftpd add FTP users __linux

VSFTPD installation on the internet there are a lot of tutorials here is not much to say, here is mainly for the host space service friends in the installation of good vsftpd after how to increase the FTP account userLet's take a look at how we

VSFTPD installation and configuration on SuSE (Enterprise Linux 10) __linux

These two days on the SuSE installation and configuration of FTP, encountered a lot of problems, here to do a summary:First, installationSuSE's graphical user interface does a good job, so the installation process is relatively simple.1, open

How to write __linux under Linux crontab

The function of the crontab command is to schedule the execution of some commands at certain intervals. In the/etc directory there is a crontab file, where there are some scheduling programs running on the system. Each user can establish their own

"Linux" compression decompression and so on common command usage __linux

View System Parameters uname-a bash-3.00# uname-a SunOS devin-wu-svr 5.10 generic_142910-17 i86pc i386 i86pc 1.SOLARIS10 1.1 compression Tar cvf sunwxvnc.tar sunwxvnc the folder Sunwxvnc into Sunwxvnc.tar Gzip Sunwxvnc.tar compresses Sunwxvnc.tar

Brief introduction to Linux file Search __linux

Directory1, about search;2, search the file name to find files;2.1 Find;2.2 Locate2.3 Whereis and which2.3.1 where2.3.2 which3, in a file or output to find;4, about this article;5, reference documents;6, related documents;++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Solaris/linux command line simple manual __linux

1. The system# passwd: Change Password# exit: Exiting the system2. Document# cp: Copy files or directories, parameters:-A recursive directory,-I override confirmation# mv: Change the name to move# rm: Delete, Parameters:-R Recursive Delete3. Table

Linux Environment Installation PHP7 Download # wget Http:// Decompression Installation # tar ZXVF php-7.0.2.tar.gz # CD php-7.0.21 2 See installation Help First #./configure--help

Linux Yum--yum Remove Repo (Repository) –yum Disable repo (Repository) __linux


Original address: Quick Guide, howto Remove and disable YUM repo (repository). Yum command itself does not contain any way to remove the repository.

LINUX file structure, compared to normal open,read,write __linux

The completion of the process to achieve the data to save, but encountered a large number of problems, originally intended to use SQLite, but due to storage speed and complexity, or with file implementation. 1. Linux open, read, write these are used

Linux Cut command split, can cut log files, text file __linux

A. Split description Split can be used to cut a log file, making it easier to process logs. For example, there is a 12G log, you need to delete a row of data, know the line number, but with the SED and vi relatively slow, You can cut the split

Get a system, sure to see the system configuration, Linux look at the configuration, can not be as intuitive as windows. You can only view one one. __linux

get a system, sure to see the system configuration, Linux look at the configuration, can not be as intuitive as windows. You can only view one one. One: CPU [Root@srv/]# More/proc/cpuinfo | grep "model name" Model Name:intel (R) Xeon (r) CPU X3220 @

Make command __linux under Linux

The key to the make command is to find out how long the previous files were modified, and to use this modification time to compare the last modification time of the dependent file. If the target file modification time is earlier than the dependent

Linux under the FTP command line using fine extraction __linux

FTP commands are one of the most frequently used commands for Internet users, and a large number of FTP internal commands are encountered, whether using FTP under a DOS or UNIX operating system. Familiar with and flexible application of FTP internal

Comparison between the four major Linux versions __linux

In this article I'll compare the four major Linux versions--debian,mandrake,red Hat, and suse-and discuss how to develop a standard for choosing a Linux version for a particular business environment. It is difficult to choose a version that fits a

Linux-related network configuration files __linux

In Linux systems, TCP/IP networks are configured with several text files that need to be edited to complete the networking effort. The important network configuration files in the system are:/etc/sysconfig/network/etc/hostname/etc/hosts/etc/services/

Use LVM to build bare devices and build libraries on red Flag DC Server (Linux) ____linux

Use LVM to build bare devices and build libraries on red Flag DC server (Linux) Some of the things you need to be aware of when creating LVM, creating raw device and building repositories. In addition, using LVM allows you to dynamically add the

Linux switching multiple versions of Php____linux


Install the paths of each version of PHP plus the version number such as--prefix=/usr/local/php-7.0.1 As below, I install the path When installing, add each version of PHP-FPM to the service Install-v-m755/php Source

Linux installation Python3.5__linux

1. Go to the Python website to download the Python3 source package, Select gzipped Source tarball Download the python-3.5.4.tgz file. 2. Create the Python installation directory in/usr mkdir

How to start the Linux daemon

Reference: daemon (daemon) is the process that is running in the background (daemon).This article describes how to start a Web app as a daemon.First, the origin of the problemAfter the Web

Suce Linux 12/var Space

If VNC can not enter the desktop, feel the system special card, it is possible that the download program too much, occupy a lot of space. Manual cleanup is required. Root View file space distribution real-time size via SSH:Du-sh/var/cache #

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