Linux file compression and Packaging commands (learn notes) __linux

1. File Compression File compression commands are divided into:gzip : Compress filesgunzip : Extract Filesgzip-d: can also be used to extract filesbzip2 : Also compressed filebunzip2 : Extract bzip2 Compressed files Examples of the use of

linux-Profile __linux

Linux Introduction: Linux is a free, free, open-source operating system. is also the most famous example of open source software. Its main purpose is to establish a UNIX-like compatible product that can be used worldwide without any commercial

Linux uses core and GDB queries for "segment errors" where __linux

Sometimes we are in a section of C code, because of an illegal memory operation, in the process of running the program, there is a "segment error." Oh, this kind of question I think a lot of people will often encounter. Encountered this problem is

Simulation of hot standby (client-side adaptive mode) under Unix/linux __linux

The simulation of hot standby (client-side adaptive mode) under Unix/linux has aroused a great interest in the process of switching between two machines. In the evening to write a code simulation, the process of switching between two machines. The

Recursively traverses all files under a path (for Windows or Linux) __linux

Recursively iterate through all the files in a path Under Windows, you can use FindFirstFile and findnextfile to implement this.In Linux, you can use Opendir and readdir to implement it. See the implementation of the following two functions,

Windows create Linux root rights account SSH key Putty login prohibit root account __linux

background: Not familiar with Linux, the new server centos,1 a gpu,512m memory, would like to use to put something;Dos attack, and then understand the need for SSH key login, but also prohibit the account password log in the way, prohibit the use

Linux Terminal character interface display garbled __linux

Method One: Configure SSH tools    securecrt Chinese version configuration    [Global options]→[Default session]→[Edit default settings]→[terminal]→[appearance]→[font]→[new song body  10pt  chinese_gb2312]→[character encoding  utf-8]       putty

Linux mounted optical drive, floppy drive, u disk __linux

Linux Mounted optical drive, floppy drive, u disk 2008-02-28 21:46:26|  Category: Linux | Tags: | size big Small SUBSCRIBE Mount-t Iso9660/dev/cdrom/mnt/cdrom Hanging Optical DriveMOUNT-T vfat/dev/fd0/mnt/floppy Floppy drive (file type can be

Linux limit SFTP users can only access a directory __linux

1. Create a new user and set a password > Useradd suser > passwd suser//Enter password 2. Set up sshd configuration file > cd/etc/ssh/ > CP sshd_config sshd_config.back//Backup > VI sshd_config Note If the line does not comment it will

Linux Terminal Split-screen tool Tmux__linux

Original address: "The gentleman born is not dissimilar also, the good leave in the thing also". -The word "Xunzi Quanxue" If you remember correctly, "Xun Zi Quanxue" We should have read this

How to configure Apache in Linux with simple __linux

You download a lamp that is a professional Linux Web server and simply look at lamp's instructions to get it done. agree with 0| Comments 2011-04-18 23:46 Enthusiastic netizens Nux can be a big difference. I wrote the following according to Supsite'

Linux ROCKETMQ Installation and use __java

After comparing the RABBITMQ,APACHEMQ, the discovery is still rocketmq easy to use. why easy to use, Baidu Check all know. Don't say crap, just say it. Linux Installation: 1, the need for software (installation-free version) Download Address [

LINUX-CPU Analysis-top__linux

I. Preface we all know that the tasks under Windows for each run are managed and viewed through Task Manager. So under Linux. Frequently used system performance analysis commands: Top [Displays information about processes currently being executed by

LINUX-CPU Analysis-vmstat__linux

I. Preface in order to understand the meaning of this article more conveniently, it is better to look at the following cumbersome concepts and make it easier to understand. Do not understand these concepts, even after reading you can only know, run

Configuration of Debian Linux system after installation __linux

Set Source Because most sources are not very stable, that is, a certain degree of timeliness, and the speed of download is not necessarily guaranteed, so you can install and use Apt-spy to automatically test which source download speed fastest, and

Creation and use of static libraries on Linux

The concept of a static library:We know that program compilation requires preprocessing, compiling, assembling, and linking several steps. In our application, there are some common code that needs to be reused, compile the code into a "library" file,

Linux (Radhat) Basic Learning-file permissions

文件权限的意义:系统最底层安全设定方法之一,保证文件可以被可用的用户作相应操作1. View of file propertiesls -l filename 等同于 ll filename (文件属性)ls -ld dir 等同于 ll -d dir (目录属性)-|rw-r--r--.|1| root| root| 46 |Oct 1 05:03 |filename1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Linux Command---PWD

Introduction to CommandsUse the pwd command in Linux to view the full path to the current working directory. Command formatPWD [Options]command functions and ParametersFeatures: View the full path to the current working directory ; parameters:

The basic concept of DNS service for Linux

How DNS is queried1. RecursionRecursion means that the client only needs to ask once, if the superior DNS server does not know, then the superior DNS server to find their own DNS server.2. IterationThe iteration means that the client needs a DNS

Linux Step---MV command

1 command function (brief description):Commands can be used to move files or change file names, often used to back up files or directories, MV--and move2 Command syntax:MV "option" "Source file or directory name" "Target file or directory name" #注: "

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