Getting Started with Linux kernel (v)--Necessary hardware knowledge __linux

To understand how the Linux kernel works, you have to know a little bit about the basics of hardware. Here we introduce the functions of several registers in the core components of the Intel 80x86 Series CPU protection mode, which play a vital role

Linux Memory Management A __linux

Download Address: absrtact : This chapter first examines the process memory management of Linux from the perspective of application developers, and builds on the kernel to discuss the system physical

The stupid way to see if the serial port is available under Linux __linux

A recent attempt to migrate a gateway program from the VxWorks platform to the Linux platform. In the serial port has encountered some problems, here record.First, under VxWorks, use the devs command to view the device: -> devs DRV name 0/null

LFS Chinese Manual release: How to Build your own Linux distribution __linux


Have you ever wanted to build your own Linux distribution? Every Linux user wants to do one of their own distributions, at least once, in the process of using Linux. I am no exception, as a Linux rookie, I have also considered the development of a

Linux all kinds of Chinese garbled solution sorting __linux

Remote login server with VIM in the Terminal editor to view files often meet a variety of Chinese garbled problems.To do the following settings can basically solve the problem of vim Chinese garbled First check the system's support for Chineselocale-

Linux mmap Memory Map mmap () vs Read ()/write ()/lseek () __linux

Turn from: Mmap () and MMAP2 () are often visible through strace statistical system calls. System call MMAP () can map a file to memory (process space). This allows the operation of the file to be converted to

Segmentation fault errors appear in Linux __linux

Write your own program when encountered this problem many times, most are pointers do not dynamically allocate space directly using subscript caused. Like what: Char *s; cin>>s; int Len=strlen (s); for (int i=0;i I've had this mistake a few times,

Linux under nice/renice Command summary __linux

Linux under nice/renice command summary2010-03-30 12:58 1.1.1 Nice Command The kernel determines how much processor time the process requires, depending on the nice value of the process. The value range for the nice value is:-20 to 20. A process

Facebook/infer-linux under the source environment to build __linux

Using Docker technology under ubuntu14.04 to try Linux environment installation infer download source code root@4c4ab5d66584:/home# git clone cloning into ' infer ' ... Remote:counting objects:2443,

Linux Virtual System file exchanger profiling __linux

The most notable feature of linux® is flexibility and extensibility, such as its virtual file system exchanger (VFS). You can create file systems on a variety of devices, including traditional disks, USB flash drives, memory, and other storage

Linux Tar Split Compression decompression piecewise compression decompression __linux


Tar cjf/home/data/ai-new/packets/| Split-b 1000m-tt.tar.bz2Cat tt.tar.bz2.a* > tt.tar.bz2Tar czf xx.tar.gz/home/ddTar xvf xx.tar.gz/home/dd To specify an extract directory by using-C TAR-ZXVF

Install Subversion Detail Guide under Linux __linux

1 Download related software apache-2.x  download source code package subersion     http://  Download Source code package The version of Apache in this article is apache/2.2.4 (Unix) Subversion

Process (ii) process specific attributes under Linux __linux

process data structure (process descriptor) Direct view of the source code (here is the 0.11 version of the kernel) in the file/include/linux/sched.h,linux Process Control block for a structure task_struct defined by the data structure, the

Understanding Linux Virtual File System VFS-Overview __linux

Currently, in addition to Linux standard file system EXT2/EXT3/EXT4, there are many kinds of file systems, such as ReiserFS, XFS, Windows VFAT NTFS, Network File system NFS and Flash file system JFFS2, yaffs/ YAFFS2 ubifs. Linux provides perfect

Linux serial Command __linux

proc # cat/proc/tty/driver/serial serinfo:1.0 Driver revision: 0:uart:16550a port:000003f8 irq:4 tx:103686 Rx : 76876 rts| cts| dtr| dsr| CD 1:uart:unknown port:000002f8 irq:3 2:uart:unknown port:000003e8 irq:4 3:uart:unknown

Linux kernel "task" timer, kernel thread, system call __linux

first, the kernel timer 1. Basic ConceptsIn some scenarios, we need to do some action after a certain time, but do not want to wait and waste the CPU, this time the timer is a very appropriate mechanism. The timer is used to perform a function at a

Delete and create Linux folders and files __linux

Today I learned a few commands, is to create, delete files and folders, in Linux, folder is a directory, the following next I learn the command. Create a folder "MkDir" one, mkdir command use permissions All users can create folders or directories

What is the difference between a hard link and a soft connection in Linux?

The difference between hard links and soft links in Linux1. In principle:Hard link:A is a hard link to B (both A and b are filenames), the Inode node number in A's directory entry is the same as the Inode node number in the directory entry for B,

Installation of Linux under MQ

Prior to the WebSphere MQ 7.1 release, there was only one instance of the installation of the product, on UNIX and Linux systems,Some soft connections are added to the/usr/lib,/usr/bin and/usr/include directories, which also point to the only

The Linux hostname inexplicably became Bogon and resolved to change to localhost

Cause: The company network interface to do the interface authentication, the virtual machine bridge to the physical network card can not complete authentication network access, but can only say that the virtual machine network mode changed to NAT

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