Apple Mac OS X daily tip 008: Quickly adjust/delete icons on the menu bar

There are some system icons in the upper-right corner of Mac Some system icons may be unnecessary, but you need to find their respective settings to set whether to display them on the menu bar. There is also a simpler way to delete the icon by

Apple Mac OS X daily tip: Option key and System icon on the menu bar

I have to admit that Mac is always pleasantly surprised to press and hold the option key to see if there is anything more in the menu. This time is a little different. You can play the menu first and then press the option key. This time, you press

Screenshot function and usage skills in Mac OS X

For full screen, we can pressApple key (spline) + Shift Key + 3After a clear prompt is sent, an image file is generated on the desktop. This is the screenshot image. The default file type is PNG. Custom screenshots are a convenient feature.Apple

QQ for Mac OS X: QQ emoticons management plug-in

During the two-day holiday, I had to chat with someone and found that QQ without a custom expression was inconvenient. I searched for such a plug-in: Installation steps: 1. Install simbl (Open Source)

Shortcut Keys for Mac OS

The following results are searched online and summarized here for your daily use. System StartupPress X at startup: Force Mac OS X to start the computerWhen starting, press option-command-shift-delete: Do not use the primary boot hard disk, and

The @ rpath and @ loader_path of dylib in Mac OS are minor issues.

Mac OS development is really weird, my ProgramIt can be divided into common dylib and application-layer apps. After debugging, you can use xcode to start the program and call dylib. However, you cannot directly click EXE to start the program and

Configure the svn server in Mac OS X 10.7

1.Mkdir/svn_serv_root This directory is not a version library, but a version library directory.   2.Svnadmin create/svn_serv_root/projecttest This creates a version library. If you have multiple projects in the future, you can continue to

Mac OS X remove SSH know host

Today, after upgrade and re-jailbroke my iPhone, when I try to SSH to it, I got some error message like this: [Bash] The fingerprint for the RSA key sent by the remote host is 5C: 9B: 16: 56: A6: CD: 11: 10: 3A: CD: 1b: A2: 91: CD: E5: 1C.

Install Oracle10g on snow leopard 10.6.2 (Mac OS X)

1 . Install preparation Basic Environment:Snow leopard10.6.2,Oracle10.2.0.4 OpenRun the following command on the Mac terminal: Sudo-I CreateThe oinstall group and oracle users must ensure that the combined user ID does not conflict with

Mac OS X git installation tutorial

Download: Download the latest PGK file. Graphical openingitgui: Bytes. When using SSH links on GitHub, you need to set up SSH 1. Check the SSH key Cd ~ /. SSH 2. Back up the existing key (if

5 Mac OS X RSS readers worth giving a shot

5 Mac OS X RSS readers worth giving a shot     Five RSS reading tools worth noting under Mac OS X   There was once a time when my favorite RSS reader cost a fair but not insignificant price and the Open Source alternative wasn' t

How to Set up Native subversion (javahl) with subclipse on Mac OS X

Macports installation tutorial Install the javahl binding with macports:Sudo port install subversion + bash_completionsudo port install subversion-javahlbindingsThe strange thing is that the installation is half done, And the download is no

Set the PATH environment variable in Mac OS X 10.8 (mountain lion) (used to install macports)

Solution: run the "sudo Vim/etc/paths" command to set the PATH environment variable in Mac to add the path to it. A path must be added to macports in one line: /Opt/local/bin /Opt/local/sbin Note: even if the script is successfully added, it

[Switch] configure SVN to ignore files in Mac OS

After xcode is installed, the Mac OS X system has built-in SVN support, so all you need to do is configure. 1. Create a directory to save the software repository.Sudo SU (then enter the password)Mkdir/OPTMkdir/opt/SVNMkdir/opt/SVN/ReposThe

Use mono for development on Mac OS-log synchronization (2)

In the previous article, we used mono for development on Mac OS-synchronous log (1) describes how to read configuration files and write logs on Mac OS. The basic configuration is complete. The following is the focus. Due to the time relationship,

Use mono for development on Mac OS-log synchronization (1)

I was planning to write more about Ext. net. Since I am playing Silverlight and Android, I am not planning to write it down. And I am very busy recently, so I am not posting in time. Now, let's get started: Recently, the customer has a requirement

Change the Mac OS resolution in VirtualBox

These days I want to have a try on the Apple computer, so I cannot decide to buy a MacBook for a while. I want to have a virtual machine first. After some hard work, I finally installed Mac OS X on VirtualBox according to this post. This post is

Apple Mac OS X daily tip 002: how to modify the default program for opening a document

Take pdf files as an example. pdf files on my machine are opened by default using adobe reader. I want to change it to preview and open. 1. Right-click the file to be opened, right-click the menu, and click "show Introduction .. 2. In the pop-up

Apple Mac OS X daily tips 004: Capture screenshots (screenshots/screenshots)

Write daily tips, and the Mac OS X with the screen capture shortcut key is indispensable. 1. command + shift + 3Full Screen 2. command + shift + 4 and press the space The mouse changes to a camera, select the window to be crawled, and click

Apple Mac OS X daily tips 007: tidy up desktop/Finder icons

It seems that there are two ways to arrange Mac desktop icons. One is that Icons can be placed randomly (1), and the other is that Icons can only be placed in invisible grids on the desktop (2) In the first State (which is also the default state of

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