How to display all hidden files in Mac OS X

The command to list hidden files or folders in a folder on a terminal is: CD folder path Press enter and enter: Ls- To force the Mac OS X system to display all hidden files or folders, use the following command on the terminal:The first command:

Mac OS X 10.8 solves the issue of Hg failure to download HTTPS website code

In Mac OS X 10.8, if you use Hg clone https:, there will be warning, which is mainly caused by security authentication. To avoid this problem, follow these steps: 1. Enter the command line mode and run the following command to generate an

Install Mac OS X and crack the Office

Mac OS X has a lot of office software, including Apple's office software: iwork, but it is charged. Here we recommend a free office software under Mac OS X: OpenOffice (download ). However, there must be many Mac users who want to use Microsoft Word,

How to input special characters in Mac OS X

Apple logo (SHIFT + Option + k) Copyright (option + G) USD $ (SHIFT + 4) Cents (option + 4) £ (Option + 3) Yen ¥ (option + Y) € (SHIFT + Option + 2) -(Option + -) Approx. ≈ (option + x) Degree ° (SHIFT + Option + 8) Division (option + /)

VMware Workstation 7 Virtual Machine installation Mac OS 10.6

I believe that many players are used to the Microsoft Windows operating system, especially the latest Windows 7 operating system. The interface is friendly and easy to operate. However, almost all senior staff with computer experience and industry

Development Tool on Mac OS X-xcode

Development Tool on Mac OS X-xcode Yang Xiaohua ( 1. xcode IntroductionI remember when I browsed the news about the dragon core, the dragon core maker once said that whether a CPU is popular or whether a corresponding

For developers, how should I choose Mac OS 10.8.2 vs Win8?

This summer, I entered a Mac program for iOS and Mac development. However, I found that many of my usual tools have for Mac, so I moved the development environment. This year, Win8 also came out. Let's make a comparison. They are all the latest

Rely on me! Mac OS X can be installed on PC machines !!

The BT seed for Mac OS X for x86 installation package [click here to download] has been leaked on a major torrent website, and someone has successfully installed it on Vmware, now let's see how to install it!Note that you cannot install OS x on a

How to display and hide files and folders in Mac OS

Mac has a design principle, that is, what users do not need to see or what users do not want to see will not be displayed. However, if you want to modify some of these files, you can do this by entering the command line on the terminal to display

Windows and Mac OS

From: Why do I prefer Apple Computers and Mac OS X? As a person who often uses Mac OS x and is developing on Mac OS x, I have been looking for a chance to explain why I prefer Mac

Configure Svn in Mac OS X

After xcode is installed, the Mac OS X system has built-in SVN support, so all you need to do is configure. 1. Create a directory to save the software repository.Sudo SU (then enter the password)Mkdir/OPTMkdir/opt/SVNMkdir/opt/SVN/ReposThe directory/

How does Mac OS X execute applications?

As a long-term UNIX user, I usually have some tools to troubleshoot system faults. Recently, I am developing software and adding support for Apple's OSX system. However, unlike other traditional unix variants, OSX does not support many tools related

Mac OS X lion shortcut

Clever Use when starting a computer: 1. When the computer is started, you can press and hold the option key to recreate the desktop. This operation should be performed once a month.Times.2. When the computer is started, press the Shift key to

Install Mac OS X snow leopard

12/17 update, explained the meaning of HFS + extraction from the CD.The osinstall path was modified in 1/21. To avoid bumping, the moderator is forbidden to reply to this post. If you have any questions, please search for Forum topics or contact

Use Chinese in texshop (for Mac OS)

First, we recommend that you go to texshop-> preferences-> source, find the encoding drop-down menu bar, and select the encoding format as Unicode (UTF-8 ). Although there will be special commands in the latex source code later to specify this

Mac OS X shortcut key (2)

Word processing is the most common task for computers. In the process of word processing, skillful use of a variety of shortcut keys has a decisive significance to improve work efficiency. (Taking any software, even the operating system, to study

Valid signing identity not found solution for iOS development on Mac OS X (loss of original IDP private key)

Preface: I just changed the mini to macbookair, and I have been developing it on the Mini. Before I changed the air, the first project was just launched, and the first application for testing and certificate publishing were all completed on the mini,

Use vmware7 to install a Mac OS VM

To study some things, you need to use the Mac operating system. So I thought about how to install a virtual machine on my 32-bit Dell 630 notebook. After some exploration, I finally installed it successfully. The installation experience is recorded

Install OpenLDAP on Mac OS

Mainly reference Encountered several problems, After slapd is started, it does not respond. directly return to the command line. According to the above article, this indicates that the operation was successful, but

Install Mac OS X Server 10.6 on VMware, one of the iPhone development environments on Win7

Address: IPhone development is strictly required by the Apple system, but it is difficult for Windows users around the world. This article is based on most articles on the internet, I

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