My impression on Mac OS X

Recently, I was using the OS X of apple.   1. Beautiful UI design; 2. There is a strong Unix (FreeBSD) in the background ); 3. built-in powerful dynamic language releases such as Perl, Python, TCL, Ruby, and awk; 4. Embedded Emacs and VI,

How to uninstall mono on Mac OS X

Installing mono on MACOs is not easy to use because it does not support Chinese display ,,, Not as good as Linux, so you have to uninstall it. The problem is that there is no uninstall tool... What should I do? I read the mono statement and it

Mac OS learning notes

  Mac OS learning notes   (1) install the Operating System   (2) Basic Concepts   (3) Build the xcode Development Environment     (4) Build a Java environment       (5) Build a python Environment     (6) Basic knowledge of

Mac OS X system shortcut keys (Chinese)

Note: Install Apple on a PC (Mac OS X v10.5 leopard)After the system, replace the CMD key with the Alt key  To improve the use level as soon as possible, it requires the long-term efforts of many Apple computer users, starting from 1.1 drops. 

Securecrt for Mac OS X (solution)

Securecrt is a text-based commercial remote management tool for telnet comparable to putty. It is a terminal simulation tool.ProgramIs an ideal choice for remotely running UNIX and VMS system hosts. It supports VT100, vt102, vt220, and ANSI terminal

Access hidden user library files | Mac OS 10.7 lion

Method 1 In the finder, choose go> go to folder. In the go to folder dialog, type ~ /Library Click Go. To The topmethod 2 Hold down the ALT (option) Key when using the go menu. The user library folder is listed below the current

Mac OS update installation document

Connect to the previousArticleBuilding an iPhone Development Environment on Vmware Mac OSUpdate Diagram Note: This is an update diagram From Mac OS 10.5.6 to 10.5.8. The MAC system is installed in a virtual machine. 1, 1, download good Mac OS 10.5

Installation of Mac OS X.

Multiple systems are not required. you only need to invest hundreds of disks to buy a mobile hard disk. it is much better to install multiple operating systems. easy to use. Of course, you need hardware support. remember to use the parameter-x32 for

Mac OS gethostuuidstring

The error gethostuuidstring: Unable to determine UUID for host. Error: 35 is reported only when Java is run on the terminal.   In fact, it is relatively simple to add the 802.11 segment to the array segment

Enable and use the "root" User revision in Mac OS X

SlaveAppleMenu, selectSystem preference settings.... SlaveDisplayMenu, selectAccount. Click the lock icon and use the Administrator account for authentication. Click "Logon Options ....". Click "Edit..." in the lower right corner. // It is

Mac OS and corresponding supported xcode versions

Good things do not need to be used. Some links may be unavailable. IPhone SDK 2.2.1 leopard (10.5.4) Http:// Path =/iPhone/iphone_sdk_for_iphone_ OS _2.2.1 _ 9m2621a _ final/iphone_sdk_for_iphone_ OS _2.2.1

Step 1 of iPhone Development (vm7.0 Virtual Machine installation of snow leopard Mac OS snow leopard 10.6 !)

Step 1 of iPhone Development (vm7.0 Virtual Machine installation of snow leopard Mac OS snow leopard 10.6 !) Article category: mobile development Required tools and software:Download vmware workstation 7.0.0 203739:

Onscripter for Windows/Mac OS/Linux Chinese Version

Do you want to use more than one thing? Do you want to run Android gal on windows? Do you want to play gal in Mac OS? Do you want to create a gal that can run on both Windows and Mac OS? First, we will introduce what Is ons, full name:

How does Mac OS open an app under a terminal?

Recently, When you configure Vim to quickly open a file, you need to open an application in the terminal and also include parameters. I found that the open command can be implemented: See the description of the open command as follows: open:

Mac OS X (snow leopard) and SVN (1.6.2)

Mac OS X (snow leopard) and SVN (1.6.2)   Today I spent a few hours trying to figure out why eclipse was unable to connect to my locally running Subversion server. I was annoyed especially because xcode and terminal were not having any issues. Some

How to install xcode3.2.5 on Mac OS X lion10.7

The official explanation is as follows:Lion10.7 install xcode4.xXcode3.x installed on snow leopardIf xcode3.x is installed on lion10.7, The xcode. app file cannot be found in the application after installation.If xcode4.x is installed on lion10.7,

Stack function of Mac OS X

I personally hate the shortcuts for placing programs on the dock. Because when there are more than seven icons on the dock, it is difficult to see the whole at a Glance-too many icons on the dock not only play a "quick" role, but are in the way.

Install git on Mac OS X

1. Install git Because the Mac git address is invalid. Compile and install 1. Extract Tar xjvf git- 2. Compile CD git- ./Configure -- prefix =/usr/local Make 3. Install Sudo make install   OK. Which git: Try it ~ Ii. Set

Mac OS X v10.6 or later: iTunes cannot recognize iOS devices after restart

 Problem In rare cases, after Mac is restarted, iTunes on Mac OS X v10.6.x or later may not recognize iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. If you reinstall iTunes, the device may be identified. However, restarting Mac may cause the device to be

Windows + VMware + Mac OS X 10.6.6 shared files

Windows + VMware + Mac OS X 10.6.6Shared File illustration Lucky 1/1/23 Note: I don't know about Google, but I don't know about Baidu. 1. Enable the VMware settings when the virtual system is disabled, and load Darwin. ISO in the CD option.   2. CD

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