Be careful, Mac OS has a password similar to a universal password!

The system was nearly reinstalled due to the last system failure. Fortunately, I found a way to share it with everyone. If you have an apple computer, but you still don't know how to set the firmware password (similar to the BIOS password,

How to install the Subversion server in Mac OS X (Lion)

Recently, you need to install the Subversion server on lion. After searching online, you find that most methods require downloading and installing specialized SVN server software. But in fact, the default installation of Max OS X has built-in HTTP

Mac OS X 10.8.2 terminal switch Root User

Method 1:1. Enable Terminal2. jonesduan-MacBook-Pro :~ User $Sudo-I3. Enter the root password. Method 2:It is the same as step 1 and Step 3 in method 1, but the command entered in step 2 is notSudo-IInsteadSudo SuOrSu. Differences:The difference

Mac OS X 10.7.2 lion modify and add Environment Variables

Mac OS X environment variable settings First, check the shell: Run echo $ ShellIf the output is CSH or tcsh, It is C shell.If the output is Bash, sh, zsh, It is a variant of the Bourne shell.Before Mac OS X 10.2, the default value is C shell.The

Add offline dictionary under Mac OS X 10.7.x lion

For more information, see MAC system has built-in dictionaryProgramDictionary, and highly integrated with its own safari, mail, spotlight and other programs. Unfortunately, the English dictionary is used by

Finder search problems under Mac OS X lion 10.7.2

I. Description: The Browser file under Mac OS X lion 10.7.2 uses the finder, and the top right of the finder has a search box (for example ), By default, the keyword is entered here. The search range is the entire Mac. In fact, most users use

The logon page cannot be displayed when CMCC is connected to Mac OS X.

Generally, when connecting to China Mobile CMCC and other wireless networks, a login interface will pop up, asking users to enter their accounts and passwords, and then they can log on to the Internet. However, some children's shoes may encounter

[Mac OS/IOS] Disassembly tool Hopper analysis crash log

There are many methods to analyze the crash log in Mac OS. Here we do not want to explain how to analyze the crash log, mainly to show the usage of Hopper. The powerful Ida may already be known, but its Mac OS version has brought us back to the DOS

Build iOS development environment on Mac OS

Starting from this chapter, we will take you step by step into the development of iPhone 4. Of course, the development language is no longer Java, but objective-C, which is simply a variant of C; children's shoes with certain language basics can be

Allow Mac OS X to Access Windows Shared Files]

At present, there are already a lot of Mac users, and many design companies have configured MAC for the designers. Next I will introduce the file access between Mac OS X and windows. First, you must know: Mac OS x can only recognize Windows's fat16

How to install WINXP + Linux + Mac OS X

Install multiple operating systems, such as Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Fedora Linux, on one PC. My general idea is to use the WINXP start Manager (NT loader) as the default start manager, and install the start manager of other operating systems in

Install Mac OS X lion 10.7.4 on black apple (updated)

Install Mac OS X lion 10.7.4 on black apple (updated) InHttp://, We have introduced how to install MacOS X lion 10.7.4. However, recently, it was puzzling that the keyboard was suddenly unavailable. I

SVN tool versions date reset script in Mac OS

Versions is a great SVN tool in Mac OS, but it has a date limit. Someone on the Internet provides a script to reset versions's use date, which is worth learning. Paste it to make a record.   #!/usr/bin/env pythonimport os, sys, re, plistlib,

[IOS/Mac OS] The program crashes in objc_msgsend (). What should I do?

What should I do if the program crashes in objc_msgsend?   The most likely reason is that when you send a message to a released object, or although the pointer is correct, the content is damaged by other objects (such as out-of-memory ), or a

Output function call information (Mac OS, Linux & windows) without interrupting the program during program debugging)

Reprinted please indicate the source: When searching for problems,If you do not want to interrupt the program running, output the function execution sequence under a certain condition to help determineBit. In xcode,

[WebKit] private Mac OS APIs

WebKit is not completely open-source. Apple encapsulates a piece of code in a static library (libwebkitsysteminterfacexxxx. A) and does not provide source code. In addition, different OS versions (including IOS) have specific versions. This is what

Hadoop on Mac OS Practice 1: Standalone Configuration

Statement: For hadoop-related information, please refer to the official documentation and select different versions as needed: Current version, Version list, This article uses

The entire process of building a development environment for j2-and subclipse in Mac OS X 10.6

The entire process of building a development environment for j2-and subclipse in Mac OS X 10.6 Author: Sun Dongfeng (the source is not required for reposts) Recently, it has been fully migrated to the Linux system for development and has completely

View Mac OS X version

Original post address: Bash-3.2 # uname- Darwin MeMac-cns-Mac-Pro.local 9.4.0 Darwin kernel version 9.4.0: Fri Aug 1 21:34:49 est 2008; Toh & stagexnu: xnu-1228.5.20/build/obj/release_i386

[Mac] How to Use Wireshark in Mac OS X and how to solve the NIC Problem

1. Wireshark depends on X11; 2. Mac OS X is not installed with X11 by default; Therefore, to install Wireshark on Mac, first find out how to install X11 on the Mac OS installation DVD. After installation, Echo $ display to see if the following

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