How do I fix Mac OS X startup slow?

After the Apple system has been in use for some time, it will find that the system is getting slower. We can try to clean up the stacks of files, folders, etc. on the desktop, because the more files you have stacked on your desktop, the slower the

How do I quickly access the photo stream of iOS on Mac OS x?

Photo Streaming is a very important feature of icloud that keeps photos synchronized between the ipad, IPhone, ipod mobile device, and even the iphoto on Mac OS X, but iphoto can't directly manage photos of these photos. Is there any way to access

Introduction and Usage tutorial on Mac OS X Basics

Mac os X v10.5 "Leopard" is the most technically-level operating system that Apple has released so far, but don't let that scare you. Although it is true that the universe, but Leopard undoubtedly make you use Mac work easier, more convenient for

What to do if a program quits unexpectedly on Mac OS X

What about the Wang Yu bug in Mac OS X Yosemite? Mac OS X Yosemite new bugs, so users can play pranks again, but beware of friends! As long as you enter a specific string, the various text boxes on your Mac will crash to the end, and even some apps

How do I enable Root account for Mac OS X?

Although Apple does not recommend opening the root account of Mac OS X, it sometimes encounters some operational difficulties that have to be resolved by opening the root account. So how do I turn on the Root account of Mac OS X? Open Root Account

Detect Bluetooth signal strength in Mac OS X

A few days ago we shared a way to detect the strength of WiFi signals on the Mac OS X platform, and many fans said it was practical. Today's small series to share with you the method of detecting Bluetooth signal, if you find that the Bluetooth

How to generate strong passwords with Mac OS x built-in Tools

Mac OS X's built-in keychain access (Keychain access) allows you to save account names/passwords for your users, as well as password strength tests and strong password auto-generation capabilities to see how to use them: 1. In the

How MAC OS x implicitly files are displayed

The commands for listing hidden files or folders under a folder with a terminal are: cd folder path After entering the carriage, enter: Ls-a Forcing the Mac OS x system to display all the hidden files or folders, you can use the terminal to use

Hide/Show folders on Mac OS Apple

After upgrading from lion to mountain lion WiFi has a problem, from the Mac automatically hibernate after the network, wake up automatically re-connect. From the forum to see a lot of Mayyo also and I have encountered this problem. So Google took a

Introduction to command line hardening tools iterm using Mac OS


ITerm Introduction The iTerm is a completely free command-line application built for Mac OS users. We can open its official website and take a look at There is a geek style bar, we can click Downloads to enter the download

Mac OS x How the system displays the repository folder

1. Open Finder, then go to "personal" (icon is small House) folder, press the shortcut key Command + J to display the introduction. Then there is the option to display the Repository folder, which can be checked. 2, some friends found that

Mac OS X system to watch the major domestic television network live TV broadcast method

Domestic MAC users The most depressed of the Chinese characteristics of the trouble in addition to net silver is network TV: Web version of live TV is IE only, network TV clients are only Windows version. Today, we introduce a method that includes

What are the similarities between Win10 and Mac OS system?

The official version of WIN10 is finally released today, and all Win7 or WIN8 users can upgrade their WIN10 system for free. Microsoft's system has been greatly improved, with an astonishing similarity to the Apple OS system of Microsoft's old rival.

Mac tips How to set the default width of Finder columns under Mac OS X system

The most important feature of the Mac OS X system in Apple: The Finder has four display modes: icons, lists, columns, Cover Flow, and many Mac "veterans" using the third type of column mode. However, the Finder's default column width is narrow, the

The method of querying the phonetic alphabet of unfamiliar characters in Mac OS X Lion System

If you see a Chinese character on the Internet or in a document, want to know its pronunciation. Apple Computer Mac OS X Lion system comes with pinyin input method not only can type, but also can help you query the pinyin of uncommon characters.

Mac OS X Lion System with Chinese input method to input facial expressions

Emoticons word, just like:-) This non-graphic expression, which is made up of punctuation marks, is often used when chatting on the internet and writing things. Apple Computer Mac OS X Lion system comes with the Chinese input method has built-in

How to quickly add a schedule to a MAC OS X Lion system built in ICal calendar

To add a schedule to your MAC's calendar/calendar software in ICal, you'll need to "open ical-Select Date-Right-click Add-fill content and time-and so on" to such a complex process. The latest Lion system greatly improves the intelligence of ical,

How MAC OS x system is logged into Facebook graphics tutorial

First step: First open Network in System Preferences. Step two: and create a new network connection for the virtual connection: Step three: When you establish a virtual connection, you will be asked to choose the mode of the virtual connection,

Bring up the Dock bar in Mac OS X Lion full-screen mode

OS X Lion's entire system supports gorgeous full-screen applications, making it possible to take full advantage of every inch of the MAC display screen. You can enable multiple full-screen applications and multiple standard-sized programs to be

How do I get a Mac OS x system to display the repository folder?

Since OS X Lion started, Apple has hidden the user's Repository folder (library) by default. And often use this folder, so for Mac more familiar with the user still need to show it. The Mountain lion and lion systems can be resolved by a single line

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