How to clear the duplicates in the "Open with" Mac OS x file

In Mac OS x, when we select a file that wants to open the file in some way, you can choose right-open, which prompts you for the software that might be available to open the file. But sometimes, this "open the Way" list will appear a lot of

Mac OS 10.10 Downgrade 10.9 tutorial

Most of the Mac user upgrade after 10.10, a variety of small problems, some users say that the most headache is the PD can not be stable operation, of course, some people can still, but I do not, methods are used or the same crash. Last night

How does Apple Mac OS system set resolution to adjust font size?

At present, most of the use of Windows operating system, of course, some people like to use other systems. Recently, some Mac users asked me how to resize the Mac OS system fonts. Small make up this tell everybody, need friend can look down Oh!

Nginx problems in Mac OS X installation

Install Nginx under Mac OS X there are not many friends, because in the MAC system installation Nginx environment is not practical, but someone touched us together to see, maybe it will help you. I was nginx through the brew install, and the front

Top ten Mac OS x system optimization Methods

Mac OS X system, which is used on Apple computers, can be called one of the best operating systems. However, just as we use Windows, some simple tuning can make this operating system even better. OS X has a lot of strange and inconvenient settings

How does the program cache file in Mac OS x be cleaned manually?

In the Mac system repository cache (caches) folder, there are almost all the cached files that we leave behind when we use the program. Most programs automatically save cached files so that the cache accumulates more and affects speed and space. If

How MAC OS X 10.8 Restarts the notification center

In order to solve these problems, it is a good way to restart the notification center in the MAC OS X 10.8 System when the notification center sometimes has problems such as inaccessible, stop updating, and so on. Below and small weave together to

MAC OS X 10.8 Notification Center cannot access, stop update how to reboot

In order to solve these problems, it is a good way to restart the notification center in the MAC OS X 10.8 System when the notification center sometimes has problems such as inaccessible, stop updating, and so on. Below and small weave together to

Mac OS X10.10wifi connectivity issues how to fix?

Mac OS X10.10wifi connection problem how to solve? I believe many friends who use the OS X Yosemite System have a WiFi connection problem, the following small series for everyone to bring Mac OS X10.10wifi connection problem repair, together to

USB disk to install the Mac OS method

Apple system problems need to reinstall, how to use a U disk to restore it? Here's how to use a U disk to install Mac OS. First, is to prepare a U disk 8G or more, there is a Mac OS installation CD-ROM, if there is no disc can also use mirrored

How do I cut a file under MAC OS x

We sometimes need to cut some of our files, but some Mac users don't know how to cut the files. In fact, the method is not difficult, the following is the specific steps of the operation.   Specific steps: 1. Copy first with Command+c 2. Try

MAC OS x User Checking method

1, open the terminal. 2, enter the following command to download the script Curl-o 3, run the script Python 4 If

What Mac OS x10.10.1 has updated

Apple released the Mac OS X 10.10.1 update today, the first update since the October Mac OS X 10.10 launch. The Mac OS X 10.10.1 Test began this month 3rd, when Apple released the update to its users with two beta releases. Users can now

Apple releases Mac OS X10.9.4 new beta

One week after the last release of the OS X10.9.4 Mavericks beta, Apple released a new version to developers in Thursday, with the latest edition bringing bug fixes and minor tweaks. The latest OS X10.9.4 Mavericks (version number 13E25) Beta

How to display file information in Apple Mac OS x System finder

When we view a file using the Finder in the Mac system, we do not display file information such as image size, number of items in the folder, length of the music file, and so on. This has caused some trouble to our use. So. How do I get the Finder

How do I install Mac OS systems in a virtual machine?

Installation steps The first step is to open the virtual machine, create a new virtual machine, name Mac OS, type and version select Mac OS, click Next. The second step, choose the size of the memory allocated to the virtual computer,

How Mac OS x downloads the installation of TTS in different languages

There's a relatively small number of TTS types in the Mac, so many Mac users want to have more TTS types on their PCs, so how do you download and install TTS? Today I'll teach you how to download and install TTS in your Mac. Installation method:

Modify partition size or delete partition within MAC OS X 10.10 System

If you need to modify or delete a partition within an OS X 10.10 system, you need to convert the logical partition first.  Here's how: 1, restart the computer, press and hold Command-r to enter the system recovery partition. Select Chinese

How to configure Mac OS X to share networks with Windows

After you install Parallels Desktop on your Mac, Windows is set to share network settings with Mac OS X by default. Windows programs can access other computers and the Internet on the local network by using the MAC's IP address. Windows itself does

What is Mac OS x dark mode?

What is Apple Mac OS X Dark mode and how do I turn on Apple Mac OS X dark mode? PC6 Apple small part accidentally on the colleague's Mac see his menu bar unexpectedly is translucent black white, as shown below, small part unknown feeling Li, the

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