Mac OS X discovered the most dangerous Trojan

Although jobs has gone, Apple's aura is still there, and hackers are still harassing Apple. Apple iOS has recently uncovered a security leak, and if IPhone and iPad users accidentally download malicious programs from hackers, they will cause

Install Gruntjs tutorial (Windows/linux/mac OS)

Overview Grunt and grunt plug-ins should be defined as project dependencies in the Package.json of your project. This allows you to use a separate command: NPM install installs all the dependencies in your project (the grunt and grunt Plug-ins

The method of programming Chinese pinyin in IOS and Mac OS x system (Super Simple) _ios

The popular Chinese pinyin Conversion scheme is a phonetic code table with a fast speed. In fact, the core Foundation also provides a solution, but also with a tone! Copy Code code as follows: nsmutablestring *ms = [[Nsmutablestring

Install and Deploy Egret Engine development environment under MAC OS X system _node.js

Overview Egret is based on typescript development, and the Typescript compilation tool TSC is based on node.js development. So during the installation process, we first need to install the underlying support tools. The software that needs to be

Install a project automation build tool that uses Node.js on Mac OS Gulp_node.js

Install Node.jsfirst need to install node.js, usually, just to node.js official website download installation package can be installed. But my shameful failure, popped up the following error: So I switched to the brew Dafa: Brew Install

MAC OS System Installation Golang tutorial _golang

Download Golang installation package Download Address: Http:// go1.4 Mac OS X (x86 64-bit) PKG Installer Setting environment variables Configure

Simple steps for installing Tomcat servers on Mac OS _java

A. Download tomcat First to the Tomcat official website to download the installation package, the official website download address is as follows:, please download the fly Windows version. Unlike the Windows

How to use MTR to diagnose routing node problems in Mac OS x

This tool is from Aliyun customer service that know, at that time encountered Aliyun CDN a node lost packet problem, use this tool to diagnose routing node problem. 1. Download address: (download in the garden) 2.

How to install the Mac OS X system on a VMware virtual machine

VmWARE Virtual Machine 6.5 version go to the official website to download Apple Mirror I was on the forum to download the need to register a user and find a call Connection There are a lot of versions of the mirrors I downloaded.

Troubleshoot host Mac OS cannot connect to virtual machine CentOS

Host: Mac OS 10.9.2 Virtual machine: [Root@localhost ~]# Cat/etc/redhat-release CentOS Release 6.4 (Final) [Root@localhost ~]# Uname-a Linux localhost.localdomain 2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Fri Feb 00:31:26 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64

Using VPN under Mac OS

VPN we all know and believe that many people have used it, but they are all VPN clients running on a Windows system. Because of the needs of the job, today to share with you how to use the VPN under the Mac OS. Operating system: Mac OS X Lion

The perfect blend of Mac OS x and Windows 8

Under normal circumstances we want to run the Windows software under the MacOS system how to do? One way we can crossover this software, then install it in Configuration->installsoftware, the other is to install the virtual machine in the Windows

System encryption Comparison: Vista BitLocker vs. Mac OS X FileVault

Long before Windows Vista came on the market, many people accidentally compared Apple's Mac OS X to try to compare the pros and cons. After all, there are too many similarities between Windows Vista and Mac OS from a simple point of view, for

How to enable Superuser in Mac OS x

Root user, also known as Superuser, is one of the most powerful UNIX accounts, and root accounts can perform any "operations" on any part of the system, including copying files, moving/removing files, executing programs, and so on. As a result,

Fast compressed files in Mac OS x


When you want to back up files or send large files to your friends or co-workers, the compression software will be of great help to you. Compressed files save storage space and speed up the transfer of files over the Internet.If you've installed Mac

A review of new features of MAC OS X Mavericks system

MAC OS X Mavericks system has ten new features Recently, Apple officially released the new desktop operating system Mac OS X Mavericks, and completely free, is very surprising. Apple says Mac OS X Mavericks has more performance, better battery

Apple Mac OS x Snow Leopard System HD Icon appreciation

Apple's next-generation operating system Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard has been listed, removing performance and functional improvements and improvements, most notably in the System files and application icon updates. In the snow leopard, all the icons

Ten optimization methods of Apple Mac OS X operating system

Mac OS X system, which is used on Apple computers, can be called one of the best operating systems. However, just as we use Windows, some simple tuning can make this operating system even better. OS X has a lot of strange and inconvenient settings

Install Mac OS virtual machine

1. Prepare "ingredients"650) this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "title=" Sp170220_173555.png "alt=" Wkiom1iquixc6-kuaaawvd3xbp4453.png "/>2.unlocker206 plugin to be placed on the desktop,

Use the Solarized color scheme on Mac OS X to make the interface more appealing

I believe that friends who have been immersed in terminals and code for a long time have a set of their favorite color schemes. I used to use the simple and suitable Terminal. app color scheme. After switching to the MacBook Pro with Retina display,

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