Trojan New Mutant flashback.b intrusion Mac OS x upgrade

In recent days, Mac OS X system camouflage Flash Installer Trojan again appeared in the Mac computer field, and early in September posing as the flash installer Trojan horse OS X/ FLASHBACK.A was exposed to security vendors once, after the security

Win7 and Mac OS x Printer sharing settings

  For work or other reasons, many people have set up a small local area network in their homes and offices so that we can share the printer. Only one printer can be used to meet all computer sharing. The most popular computer operating system now

How Apple Mac OS opens app apps with command line terminals

How can Apple Mac OS open app apps with command line terminals? Sometimes the configuration file on the Mac OS platform will need to open the app application at the Mac terminal. The following small Lego for everyone to share Apple Mac OS open app

MAC OS X Lion the way to open all windows of an inactive program

In the MAC OS X Lion System, users turn on the three-finger drop gesture, discovering that it is only possible to open the window of the current application, but not to other inactive programs. But sometimes we want to open the windows of other

How to install and use MacPorts in Mac OS

tutorial on installation and use of MacPorts. 1. Download MacPorts 2. Download the PKG package through the Internet, open the installation 3. Update MacPorts Index Input: sudo port-v selfupdate 4.MacPorts of COMMON

Mac OS sudo without entering a password

When we perform many operations that require advanced permissions, we need to use sudo to execute as root, and the system will require you to enter the current admin password to The Ming. Although this is a necessary security policy, but on the

How Mac OS x mounts the NTFS file system

When using the Mac system, often encounter the connection on the mobile hard disk, you can see the contents of the disk, but could not write the case, reported read-only file system error, then you may be the most easily think of the method is to

How Mac OS x's Apple Tail control bar is used

Mac OS x's Apple Tail control bar is the way to control the switch and use of Apple talk. AppleTalk is a network that can be connected to other computers only if the Apple Talk is enabled. Introduction to Mac OS X Mac OS X, a UNIX core

How does Mac OS x connect to WiFi?

How does mac OS x connect to WiFi? When your Mac is in the range of a wireless network, there will be a virtual gray icon in the right half of the menu on the top of the screen, and a list of all available wireless networks will appear when clicked.

How Mac OS x is optimized

Mac OS X is optimized by: 1. Download a software called Onyx, put the software into the application folder can be run. He will ask you the current user's password. Click on the Automation item on the tab bar, check the "Optimize system", "Complete

Introduction to Mac OS X

Mac OS X, a UNIX core based system that enhances system stability, performance, and responsiveness. It provides unparalleled 2D, 3D and multimedia graphics performance, as well as extensive font support and integrated PDA capabilities, by giving

MAC OS quick access to individual system preferences

Do not know if you are like a small set, often in order to change a setting frequently in and out of the "system Preferences"? But using it only to bring up the display, sound and Exposé and spaces settings, what about the other settings? Find and

MAC OS no screenshot tool? Save it, the system is ready for you.

OS X There are many such as skitch, voila, such as excellent screenshot software, but for the disk space can save the province I am still accustomed to the system with the screenshot function, convenient, fast and practical. Below share some tips

Detailed steps for MAC OS system PPTP/L2TP settings

Apple's operating system is a Mac OS and is completely different from the familiar operating interface of the win system. So, Mac OS systems want to PPTP/L2TP set naturally and completely different from win systems. Next, let's take a look at the

Clever use U disk install Mac OS

Clever use U disk install Mac OS First, is to prepare a U disk 8G or more, there is a Mac OS installation CD-ROM, if there is no disc can also use mirrored files. Second, into the Mac OS, open Disk Tools, the U disk format into the Mac OS extended

How do I extract color RGB values from the Mac OS x notebook screen?

Get RGB values for any color on your computer screen under Mac OS X Digital Color measuring Meter 1, open the launchpad in the system, open the other folder 2, find the digital color meter, open, which is the application of the system itself

How Mac OS x includes attachments when replying to a message

When replying to an email using a mail app in Mac OS X, the default does not include attachments to the original message--doing so in most cases is not a problem. But when you copy or send an email to someone else, disappearing attachments may make

Bring up the Dock bar in Mac OS X Lion Full-screen mode

Apple introduced the concept of "full-screen application" in Mac OS X Lion: OS X Lion's entire system supports gorgeous full-screen applications, making it possible to take full advantage of every inch of the MAC display screen. You can enable

Mac OS X Mavericks GM u disk Production tutorial

OS X Mavericks GM version has come out, but some of the structure of OS X Mavericks installation package has changed, So you can't make a USB flash drive in the previous way. The following is a new way to make a startup disk (and of course it can

Alternative mac OS X 10.9 Startup USB Drive making method

10.9GM file structure has changed, can not be directly as before to restore the InstallESD.dmg file to the USB flash drive method to make the installation disk. Here we use the new method: Get ready: 8G or 8G above a USB flash 10.9GM installation

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