Apple Mac OS X daily tips 024: Add a custom smart folder

Smart folders are actually preset search options. You can open the folder directly next time you look for these files. For example, I want to set up a smart folder "pdf files I have seen today" You can do this. 1. Choose finder menu> File> new

Apple Mac OS X daily tips 025

This is a problem on Sina Weibo. I wanted to use it as an example of a daily skill to demonstrate the calculator function of Mac OS X spotlight. The result is tragic... I was dizzy when I looked at the results. Shouldn't it be 9 ?????!!!!

Apple Mac OS X daily tip 029: query the serial number (serial number) and identifier (udid/identifier) of the iPhone/iPad)

1. Check the serial number. You do not need to connect to your computer. Enable the settings of the IOS device. 2. if you view it on your computer, you can open iTunes and plug in the iOS device. There is a serial number in the summary of the

Apple Mac OS X daily tips 011: select a file to rename/select a file to open/close the hidden program shortcut key

I checked it online just now. The shortcut key for renaming the selected file/folder is "Press ENTER" (by the way, it is equivalent to F2 in Windows) This skill is over, but I have another question. If "Press ENTER" is the shortcut key for

Apple Mac OS X daily tips 015: carefully recommend a Mac Virtual Machine Parallels

To be honest, I think most people have to install a Windows on Mac, and many people choose Boot Camp. Enable both Mac and Win .. I 've been running like this for a long time. Recently, I 've found that more and more Mac are used. Therefore, it is

Apple Mac OS X daily tip 014: default button in the change dialog box

Default button (blue button) in the dialog box displayed on Mac) there is no way to change it. In Win, we have developed the habit of moving the direction key and then press Enter. In Mac, we can make a slight change. Here is a "full keyboard

Apple Mac OS X daily tip 020: Change Programs, documents, Dock, folder icons

I have an e-book folder on my desktop. It looks like nothing special. I want to change it today. I have found some articles on the Internet, but the operation always fails. Maybe the version is different? My Mac OS X 10.6.7 But it succeeded. 1.

How to quickly display and restore hidden files on Mac OS X

In Mac OS x, you can quickly display and restore hidden files. in Mac OS X, you can click "." Before the file name to hide the file. You may have noticed this before. For example, when you copy a file from mac to PC, you can see the. DS_Store file,

Vpn Analysis in Mac OS

Vpn is a vpn Client running on Windows.Due to work requirements, I would like to share with you today how to use vpn in Mac OS.Operating System: Mac OS X LionSoftware used:Openvpn has not officially developed a client for mac OS, so it can only be

Create private hard disk partitions on Mac OS X

Creating private hard disk partitions on Mac OS X for days will inevitably lead to some private files for users who are dealing with computers. On Windows platforms, many software can create password-protected folders, this ensures that your private

Mac OS X shortcut keys

Mac OS X shortcut keys control + A: move the cursor to the beginning of the column control + E: move the cursor to the end of the column control + K: delete all text on the right of the cursor, to delete the entire column, use the

Mac OS X 10.8 solves the issue of hg failure to download https website code

Mac OS x 10.8 solves the issue of hg failure to download https protocol website code in Mac OS X 10.8, using hg clone https:, there will be warning, mainly due to security authentication issues, to avoid this problem, follow these steps: 1.

Add an automatic command for Mac OS X startup

Mac OS X Add boot automatic command execution because this Post wrote Java code python/Applications/goagent-goagent-496b57e/local/proxy. py specific implementation: 1. New script, content for the above command. The script path I created

Brew tool installation (Mac OS)

Brew tool installation (Mac OS)Run the following command on the terminal to install brew: 1 $ sudo su2 $ curl-L | tar xz -- strip 1-C/usr/localThen you can use the brew tool to install or uninstall

Enable Mac OS X terminal commands

Run the Mac OS X terminal command to enable the function. 1. display the resource library in Lion. Method 1: Enter the following command in terminal: chflags nohidden ~ /Library/hide it in "terminal" and enter the following command: chflags hidden ~

Delete all. svn files in the project on Mac OS X

Delete all. svn files in the project on Mac OS X Abstract: when developing a project, it is generally developed by multiple people. Therefore, you must use a version control tool, such as SVN. After the project development is complete, we will

How to install Mac OS on AMD cpu

How to install Mac OS on AMD cpu after a month of hard work, I finally successfully installed my Mac system and started it successfully. Here, I will share my installation experience. For ease of installation, there is no impact on the use of the

Configure Apache in Mac OS X

In Mac OS x, the Mac OS X used to configure Apache is 10.8.2, and Mac comes with the Apache environment. Start Apache and set the virtual host to start Apache. Open terminal and enter sudo apachectl-v (you may need to enter the machine secret ). The

How to install mac OS on a VM

All the files in this article have been installed and tested repeatedly by myself and many students, and the next time has been successful. Therefore, the following message is displayed: the host only has 2 GB of memory, and the CPU does not support

How to modify the display resolution of Mac OS X installed in VMware

How to modify the display resolution of Mac OS x installed in VMware I used VMware to install Apple's Mac OS in Win7. After the installation was successful, I found that the resolution was 1920*1080, the resolution of the host machine is 1366*768. I

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