How to enable Mac OS X6 Acceleration

If you want to increase the speed of computer boot and running, the most direct and effective way is to add physical memory. If you are lucky enough to have a computer with 4G memory, you may feel relaxed at work and study. In addition, if you are

How to Set up a virtual vpn on mac OS

First, open "network" in "system preference settings ". And create a VPN network connection: when you create a VPN, you will be asked to select the VPN mode, namely, PPTP or L2TP. Please select "PPTP". After a VPN is established, we can

Solve the problem that mac OS X does not recognize the Kindle Fire

Solve the problem that mac OS X does not recognize the Kindle Fire. If you want to debug the android Application Using the Kindle Fire on MAC, the android application is not recognized by default. Google found the promise and recorded it. Open the 1

Overview of basic Mac OS operations

Overview of basic Mac OS operations *. for the OS version, click the apple icon in the upper left corner-> about the local machine *. go to the terminal and select "go"> "utility" from the Finder menu to view the "terminal" in the opened folder. *.

Solution to forgetting the root password for mac OS

If you have other accounts with administrator permissions, you can use the following command to modify the root password:Sudo passwd rootEnter the new password and confirm the new password. If does not exist, restart the system to enter

Detect Wi-Fi signal strength in Mac OS X Lion System

The Mac OS X Lion system detects Wi-Fi signal strength. Many fans often think that Wi-Fi wireless access is slow at home, but they do not know whether the router is placed incorrectly. In fact, the Mac OS X Lion system has a built-in Wi-Fi signal

Nine things you should know after upgrading to Mac OS X Lion

 Xiongshi is out of service. Most Mac users have been upgraded to the Lion system. Although users and major media have high comments on this operating system, it is impossible to achieve 100% perfection, at least it is impossible for everyone to be

Display the user resource library folder in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

The user resource Library folder in Mac OS x 10.7 Lion is displayed in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. The user resource Library folder is hidden by default, it may be because Apple deliberately hides the folder because it is worried that users may accidentally

Precautions for installing mac OS

Precautions for installation of mac system 1. Options for startup items (1), c for startup, startup from cd or dvd (2), and option for startup, select the boot item, and then press "Option (Alt)" to bring up and start the CD from the CD.

Configure the VNC Server on Mac OS X

VNC Server-side configuration on Mac OS X is mainly a remote control tool applied on WINDOWS platform, which can be divided into Viewer and Server,The Server is installed on the target host, and the Viewer is used to access the target host from

Install JDK1.6 on Mac OS X and related memos

1. Install JDK1.6Www.2cto.comThe oracle official website has a Mac installation package starting from jdk1.7, but some projects must use jdk1.6, so jdk1.6 must be installed through other channels.Check the discovery, to install JDK 1.6, you can

Install Windows 7 on Mac OS X-BootCamp

I installed two Mac versions before. One is MBA, the other is MBP, and the other is the previous version of MacOS. Although it is also installed from Bootcamp, but it doesn't feel as simple as this time-one seems to have to find the driver to

Delete duplicate or useless programs in "open mode" in Mac OS X

Delete the duplicate or useless program list in "open mode" in Mac OS X. If an application that does not exist orOpen the terminal and run the following command:

Mac OS X shortcut key (1)

Mac OS X shortcut (1) To (Go To) Control-F2 To menu Control-F3 To Dock Switch) command-Tab switch between programs Command-'switch between windows in the Program (Window) command-H hide Command-M minimization Command-N new Command-O open Command-P

Mac OS X shortcut key (2)

Mac OS X shortcut key (2) using a computer, "word processing" is the most common task. In the process of word processing, skillful use of a variety of shortcut keys has a decisive significance to improve work efficiency. (Taking any software, even

Mac OS X: volume control, etc.

Mac OS X: volume control, etc. 1. set the boot audio volume: mute: sudo nvram SystemAudioVolume = % 80 "minimum volume: sudo nvram SystemAudioVolume = % 00 maximum volume: sudo nvram SystemAudioVolume = 2 Note: when the user changes the volume in OS

Mac OS X: how to move a personal folder from the default volume to another volume (applicable to OSX10.5 Leopard)

Mac OS X: how to move a personal folder from the default volume to another volume (applicable to OSX10.5 Leopard. create a folder on another volume of the current system volume for a new personal folder, such as student. 2. go to user management

Mac OS X: Prohibit/prevent network users from copying apps to the desktop

Mac OS x: the question of disabling/preventing network users from copying apps to the desktop is as follows: for Mac OS X network users who use OD management, the user's home folder is stored on the server by default, that is to say, it is no longer

Mac OS connection

Mac OS connection register a first. Environment preparation: Xcode (direct AppStore download and installation) Git (available in external .) Source code installation process: extract the source package tar

Create a USB boot disk on Mac OS X Apple lion

Create a USB boot disk on Mac OS X Apple lion. use the Disk Utility tool provided by the system to format the USB flash drive. convert iso to img, command: hdiutil convert-format UDRW-o debian-6.0.7-amd64-netinst.img debian-6.0.7-amd64-netinst.iso 3.

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