Install and configure Windows XP virtual machines with VirtualBox under MAC OS x system

Preparatory work Download and install VirtualBox for MACDownload VirtualBox for OS X hosts to Https:// Download and install VirtualBox Extension PackOn the page of step 1, click VirtualBox Oracle VM

The UI setting interface for Mac OS X 10.9.3 cannot set the time zone.

10.9.3 the time zone cannot be set in the option settings. This means that the time zone cannot be saved after the time point is selected, leading to system time disorder. The solution is to use the terminal

VMware Mac OS patch installation

Vmware9.0 is installed. When creating a virtual system, there is no Appel Mac OS system option. You can check it online by setting a VMware Mac OS patch. Next I will demonstrate how to use the VMware Mac OS patch?Method/step 1Baidu click

How to install Lua on Mac OS X

First, check whether the local machine has installed Lua on the Mac OS terminal.   Last login: Thu Jul 10 07:54:48 on ttys000keshans-Mac-mini:~ keshan$ lua-bash: lua: command not found   2. If there is no official Lua website to download the latest

Set terminal to color in Mac OS X.

The reason why we like OS X so much is that it comes with the command line tool, but Apple has set a lot of default values for terminal, which makes the interface ugly and we are very sad that there is no color, at the same time, we want the

Recusively change the owner of files (chown) on Mac OS X

I 've just changed my OS x/MAC main user-I 've created a new 'CODER' user account that I want to use for development instead of my old 'lombard' account. I realized that a lot of my applications I 've previusly installed via homebrew now had to be

Mac OS X socket 1 [A simple example]

Mac OS X socket 1 [A simple example] Server code C: //// Main. C // unix_socket_very_simple_server // created by DMD on 4/7/14. /* function: Server for Unix (OS X Mac) */# include # include # include // UNIX socket # include # include #

Mac OS X socket 2 [a simple example]

Mac OS X socket 2 [a simple example] Xcode-> new Workspace Xcode-> new project: C: [add to:?] Server: Code //// Main. C // S2 // server // created by DMD on 4/7/14. # include # include # include # include # include # include # include #

Use the solarized color scheme on Mac OS X

Maccos X-terminal solarized Color Scheme   I believe that friends who have been immersed in terminals and code for a long time have a set of their favorite color schemes. I used to use the simple and suitable terminal. app color scheme. After

Enable rsh on Mac OS with command line

1. Enable rsh on MACOs. 1). OS version (10.0) Enabling the "Allow Remote Login" option turns on telnet, rlogin (remote login), and RSH (Remote Shell) services. you can then connect remotely to your computer by using a client application for any of

How to display hidden files in Mac OS X

For those who use the MAC system for the first time, it may be a little uncomfortable, that is, OS X does not display or hide the File menu or settings. However, in the Mac OS X operating system of apple, there are many ways to hide the display of

Mac OS X is too thin, so dad no longer needs to worry about insufficient SSD capacity.

The current computer is equipped with the top 15-inch Retina MBP, 2.4G i7, 8GDDR3 memory, and Geforce gt0000m graphics card. It has extremely powerful performance and wants to ride the Spring Festival holiday, install a COD and try it out. If the

Nginx single-host server Load balancer test configuration file mac OS x

You need nginx as the server to create a networked device. In this way, load balancing is nothing to worry about. # User nobody; worker_processes 1; error_log/Users/lingyun/www/log/error. log; events {worker_connections 1024;} http {include mime.

How to display hidden files in Mac OS X

For those who use the Mac system for the first time, it may be a little uncomfortable, that is, OS X does not display or hide the File menu or settings. However, in the Mac OS X operating system of apple, there are many ways to hide the display of

Access remote Unix host GUI using X11 in Mac OS

1. Start XQuartz2. Open the preference settings, and select "simulate three-Key mouse"3. Select "Full Screen mode" for the output, and press Command-Option-A to switch4. If the configuration is modified, You need to exit and restart to take effect.5.

Tips for Apple Mac OS X daily: XCode shortcuts

Tips for Apple Mac OS X daily: XCode shortcut key 1. file CMD + N: New File CMD + SHIFT + N: new project CMD + O: Open CMD + S: Save CMD + SHIFT + S: Save as CMD + W: close Window CMD + SHIFT + W: Close file 2. edit CMD + [: LEFT indent CMD +]:

ROR environment configuration in Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) (RVM + REE + Rails 3 + MacVim)

I always wanted to switch from ubuntu to mac platform to develop ROR, but there was no resource or time. The company launched a new MPO, so it was motivated. There are many pitfalls in the installation and configuration environment, so record them

Mac OS X Window shortcut

MacOS X Window operation shortcut key Finder key combination shortcut key Command-A select all items in the front of the Finder window (if no window is opened, select the desktop content) shift-Command-C open the "computer" window

Installation of sqlite3 on Mac OS X Lion

For the installation of sqlite3 on Mac OS x Lion, I mainly want to install packagego get of go. Therefore, the installation of sqlite3 is as follows: when installing the sqlite and pkg-config installation packages for Mac

Host Machine mac OS cannot connect to virtual machine centos

Host: Mac OS 10.9.2 Virtual Machine: [Root @ localhost ~] # Cat/etc/redhat-release CentOS release 6.4 (Final) [Root @ localhost ~] # Uname- Linux localhost. localdomain 2.6.32-358. el6.x86 _ 64 #1 SMP Fri Feb 22 00:31:26 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_6

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