Mac OS X Access Windows shared folders

Mac OS X Access Windows shared foldersMac does not have a network neighbor, but you can use the Finder to access files shared by Windows on your local area network1. Click "Go to Server" (or shortcut key command+k) in the Finder to the menu.2. Enter

Create a USB flash drive for Mac OS X mavericks

1. One USB flash drive with 8 GB +.2. Download maverics to the local app store (applications will be downloaded by default)2. Open the Mac OS Disk utility, select the USB flash drive on the left, and open the erase panel on the right.Format/format:

How to install Mac OS X mountain lion in VMware 10.0

The previous two blog posts introduced how to configure and install the Mac style in Ubuntu. After a long time, I still felt quite uncomfortable. So I want to install Mac OS X on my computer,After some pasting, it is difficult to install Win8 +

How does Mac OS X open multiple terminals?

In Windows, there are good terminal software such as putty and securecrt. You can simply use your own terminal in Mac OS X. I can use SZ as well.Because I didn't know how to open multiple terminals when I was just using Mac, I downloaded a software

Tomcat deployment in Mac OS X

Since the MAC system was reinstalled a few days ago, we are ready to set up some necessary experimental environments. Here is a brief summary of precautions for deploying Tomcat on Mac OS X: Download the corresponding version of Tomcat, for example,

Set MIME types for Mac OS X Server

Recently, I developed an OS X Server to configure my Mac as a web server. Study the release of IOS enterprise applications.This is used in many places on the Internet:For OS X Server, add the following MIME types to the "MIME types" (MIME type)

Set the root password for Mac OS

I don't know how to forget the Mac OS root password. Method 1: First, start the machine and press the apple and S keys to enter the system in single user mode. Enter Mount-UW/and press Enter.Enter the passwd short user name (if you know). If you

Conversion of A. ds_store hidden file in Mac OS

> It's annoying to look for a program to cut down. ds_store. Just don't let it appear. In fact, this problem has plagued me for a long time. Each directory will run a. ds_store file. I usually use   Find/path/to-name ". ds_store"-delete   Yes,

Mac OS X 10.9.4 installation of full text index Coreseek-3.2.14 stable edition Problem and Solution

Install coreseek according to official documents:Http:// The following error message is reported during the make operation during mmseg installation: n file included from css/ThesaurusDict.cpp:6:

Configure Apache in Mac OS X

Start Apache Open terminal and enter sudo apachectl-V (you may need to enter machine secrets ). The Apache version is shown as follows:   Enter sudo apachectl start to start Apache. Open the address bar of safari and enter "http: // localhost". The

Use spotlight to search code on Mac OS X

Using grep to search for code and convenience is the most primitive and commonly used: ? ~ grep ‘NuPlayer‘ -iInr --color ./aosp 'I' indicates case-insensitive, 'I' indicates that binary files are ignored, 'n' indicates the row number of the

Configure Apache in Mac OS X

Start Apache Open terminal and enter sudo apachectl-V (you may need to enter machine secrets ). The Apache version is shown as follows:   Enter sudo apachectl start to start Apache. Open the address bar of safari and enter "http: // localhost". The

How to Set up Maya plugin develop environment on Mac OS X

1. The first platform I use is xcode version 5.1.1, maya2015, Max OS X 10.9.4. Maya2015 requires: mountain lion 10.8.5, xcode 5.0.2 with SDK 10.8 (mountain lion), clang with libstdc ++. However, it does not matter. Although xcode's default project

Install VMware Tools for Mac OS X 10.9 systems under vmware10

Q:Why do we need to install VMware Tools? Answer:VMware Tools is installed on the vmwarevm to share files between the host and the virtual machine. It also supports the drag and drop function, and allows you to move the mouse between the VM and the

Text tutorial for installing xcode 6 beta in Mac OS X 10.9

In order to help you learn and use the swift language without affecting the project progress or the normal use of the system, it is also out of the stability and ease of installation, we do not need to update to the new version of xcode 6 beta on

Use virtualbox in Ubuntu to install Mac OS X mavericks (10.9)

After the Mac OS X mavericks virtual machine is disabled, exit osxmavericks2.iso from the storage-> storage Type Controller SATA attribute. Click the delete button below to bring up the displayed dialog box. Click Remove. Then, select the

Default Mac OS X system key bindings

Shortcut English Computerese   ? New Line Insertnewline: ? ? New Line (don't leave form box) 1 Insertnewlineignoringfieldeditor:   ? New Line Insertnewline: ? ? New Line (don'

How to create a service process on Mac OS X

There are a total of 4 background process types on Mac. For details, refer to designing daemons and services. You can use launch daemon to start the service without relying on users.Create launch daemon Run xcode to create a simple command line

Remote Desktop on Mac OS

Recently, I am working on Mac. I often operate on Windows 7 and Mac on two computers. I have two keyboards and two mice, so I have a big head, therefore, it is convenient to remotely connect the Mac machine to win7 .. Haha! To be honest, there are

Installation and configuration of gnuplot in Mac OS X (images such as set term PNG cannot be output)

Today, gitstats is used to analyze the activity information of git Repo. It finds that gnuplot is used internally, and PNG images cannot be generated. The shell that enters gnuplot finds that PNG output cannot be set. As follows: Gnuplot> set term

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