Renaming "Logical Volume Group" for Mac OS X

Recently updated the 10.10 version of Mac OS x--yosemite, Feeling good, but when I opened the disk tool found a flaw in the place, disk volume group name is actually my previous "Mavericks",How do I make changes to it? Here's how:Open command Line

MacPorts installation and use in Mac OS x

Under the Mac in addition to use DMG, pkg to install software, more convenient also useful macports to help you install other applications, and BSD in the same ports. MacPorts, like Apt-get and Yum, can quickly install some software.The installation

Test-use Marsedit as a blog Park client for Mac OS X

Test?#include #include #include Using namespace? STD ;?class Test{Public:? ? Test ()? ? {? ? ? ? cout "Test" Endl;? ? }?? ?? ? ~test ()? ? {? ? ? ? cout "~test" Endl;? ? }Private:? ? int Value_;};??int Main (int argc, const Char * argv[]){?? ?

Ubuntu Install Mac OS X on VMware

Platform:Ubuntu 12.04VMware Workstation 9.0.2 build-1031769Steps:1) Next imageThe domestic website has a tail-prefixed version of DMG, withdmg2img [FOO.DMG]Always prompt error, file after discovery is only a compressed package, extracted into the

Used Ubuntu, tired of windows,pc has been happy to run Mac OS X

    If you hate the Windows platform, if you want to switch to Ubuntu or other Linux platforms, then a better option is OS X.     I've used Ubuntu before, and that's a great system for an IT technician. But I still have to deal with some of the

[Video] how to update and reinstall Mac OS

Mac OS is the best desktop operating system today, but even a better system has a new version released one day, or it is messy when you try various settings by geeks, in this case, we need to update or reinstall the system. System update When a

Hackports-Mac OS X penetration testing framework and tools

Hackports is a penetration framework under OS X. Hackports is a "super project" that makes full use of the existing code porting work. security professionals can now use hundreds of penetration tools on MAC systems without virtual machines. Tool

Tips for using Mac OS: What should I do if the system loses response?

Even a better system and a faster version will cause choppy or dead-end responses during running. Mac users may also encounter this situation from time to time. The most common manifestation is that the mouse turns into a colorful circle, and the

Tips for using Mac OS: rich and colorful fancy input methods

The Chinese Character Input Function in OSX mavericks is no inferior to that in Windows. It even provides powerful handwriting input and voice input functions. Many third-party input methods have been developed to support Mac. I. Basic Input

Configure Apache in Mac OS X

My Mac OS X version is 10.8.2, and Mac comes with an Apache environment. Start Apache Set VM  Start Apache Open terminal and enter sudo apachectl-V (you may need to enter machine secrets ). The Apache version is shown as follows:   Enter sudo

How to uninstall and delete mono on Mac OS

  Run the uninstallmono. Sh file on your computer. If not, create a file named uninstallmono. SH and copy the following code. #! /Bin/sh-X # This script removes mono from an OS X system. it must be run as rootrm-r/library/frameworks/mono.

Set the screen lock shortcut in Mac OS

First, find Automator in the application, select the document type as the service, and click Select. The steps are as follows: 650) This. width = 650; "src =" "Title =" screen

Mac OS X Kernel basic user credentials

User credentials In order to understand security in OS X, it is important to understand that there are two security models at work. one of these is the kernel security model, which is based on users, groups, and very basic per-user and per-group

Install Mac OS X mountain lion 10.8.2 in vmwarevm and use mamp to install and deploy the environment.

Preface: The previous article describes how to install the centos system on the vmwarevm and use lnmp to install and deploy the environment. Compared with installing centos, installing Mac OS X is a little troublesome. The reason should be clear:

Tips for using Mac OS: Mission Control and DIY dashboard

I. Mission Control Skills Mac OS X provides a smoother and smoother multi-desktop, application management and switching, and mission control. As mentioned in previous tutorials. The touchpad is moved up by four fingers (three fingers can be set in

Mac OS X 10.9.3 on vm10

Recently, WWDC has released the ultimate trick-the new programming language SWIFT (SWIFT), which has led to a great wave of onlookers and eager to try. Of course, to do something better, you must first sharpen the tool, so it must be very difficult

How does one disable Mac OS X from generating. ds_store files on external devices? And how to delete. ds_store files in batches?

How does one disable Mac OS X from generating. ds_store files on external devices? And how to delete. ds_store files in batches? Http:// Tid = 254 Background information . The ds_store file (Desktop Services

Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite disable Dashboard and Spotlight, yosemitedashboard

Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite disable Dashboard and Spotlight, yosemitedashboard Because the Macbook does not have a touch screen, it always feels that the Dashboard is meaningless, and Spotlight is rarely used. Because Mac is not the main operating

Port 80 bound to Mac OS X, macos

Port 80 bound to Mac OS X, macos Mac OS X requires the ROOT permission to bind port 80. However, if you use the root permission to start eclipse or tomcat, all types of files created during startup are root and cannot be deleted by common

12 tips for using Mac OS: solves APP Store update and download errors.

12 tips for using Mac OS: solves APP Store update and download errors. I have introduced so many powerful Mac OSX functions and a wide variety of usage skills. Are there any headaches for the Apple system? I'm afraid that the download of APP Store

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