Install black Apple Mac OS in VMware

1. Make sure that the vt (virtualization technology) of the CPU is enabled. How to enable VT support for HP Series The enabled options are on the BIOS Security Options page:Security> system security has two items: Virtualization Technology (vtx)

Five tips make you an expert in Mac OS X screenshot capture)

Friends who use OS X will always use the built-in screen function of the system. Although this small function is very quick to use, you only need a shortcut key to complete it, however, there will also be a variety of undesirable things. For example,

Cracking Mac OS X administrator password

The Administrator system password can be preset on both Apple Computer and Vista. Each account has one password. This password can be used as a line of defense when the system is started and the system permissions are modified to prevent

Prevent Garbled text in the ZIP file generated by 7-zip on Mac OS X

May 3, 2009 @ PM · filed under flow account For a long time, I have found that in Mac OS X, whether using stuffit expander or unzip in the command line, when extracting some zip files generated in windows, the obtained Chinese file name is garbled.

Recommended Mac ox native program, practical and convenient dictionary: Mac OS X dictionary

I believe that when you use a computer, you should often encounter all kinds of English words that you don't know at all. Especially for children like me who don't study English well, it's a headache, so the dictionary is especially important for me.

Hid API for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows

ArticleDirectory About What does the API look like? License Download Build instructions Contact About   Hidapi is a multi-platform library which allows an application to interface with USB and Bluetooth hid-class

Problems with jfilechooser in Mac OS

To download FTP to a local system, you need to open a file storage dialog box. The local operating system must support windows, Linux, and Mac. Therefore, Java javax. Swing. jfilechooser should be used; So I wrote a testProgramAs follows:  

Create wireless Ad-Hoc network-Mac OS

Have you ever wanted to quickly create Wireless Network Between two or more Macs, Having a router in the middle? Macs can use bonjour to make it super Simple. This is useful if you are on a business trip or any other Situation when you need to

Setting Google App Engine in Mac OS X snow leopard [failed]

1. Download Google App Engine SDK for Python: here. Do not run googleappenginelauncher immediately after the download, but put it in a directory. My

Mac OS X 10.2 multi-language support

Due to the popularity of information, the need for communication, and even the popularity of Japanese and Korean TV series recently, readers often ask questions recently, how to enable Mac to display or enter commonly used Chinese and English

Engrave a CD for Mac OS X lion

  Download and install from the Mac app store. Apple (probably) does not provide the CD version. However, the downloaded lion is an installation package and cannot be directly burned to the CD. Therefore, a simple "hack" technique is required here.

How to Set host on Mac OS

1. Double-click the "Macintosh HD" icon on the desktop; 2. Click the Applications> utilities> terminal icon; 3. Enter sudo VI/etc/hosts on the terminal interface and press Enter; 4. After the input is successful, press E on the displayed

Mac OS X mountain lion, a failed system

After Mac OS is upgraded to mountain lion 10.8.2, the GIT GUI function of xcode 4.5 becomes invalid and is about to be downgraded to Lion. Many American or Japanese friends have encountered such problems on Google. We suffered a huge loss this time,

Install xcode 3.2 on Mac OS X lion

1. Use Disk Utility (in utility) to convert the disk image of xcode 3.2.x into a readable and writable DMG file. After the switch, double-click it so that the finder can display it in the device. Right-click the xcode package (xcode and iOS SDK) in

Install snow leopard (Mac OS X 10.6) from a mobile hard disk)

ArticleDirectory Mobile hard disk partitioning Restore installation image to mobile hard disk The reading speed of the CD is too slow. Try to install MacOSX on the mobile hard disk. This article is from here.   Mac OS X is not

Install Mac OS X Server 10.6 on VMWare for iPhone

1: original link address If you do not have enough budget to purchase an Apple Computer, you need to install a driver for the Mac operating system on the X86 architecture PC.ProgramIf you want to experience the Apple Computer or do some

Remote Desktop on Mac OS

Recently, I am working on Mac. I often operate on Windows 7 and Mac on two computers. I have two keyboards and two mice, so I have a big head, therefore, it is convenient to remotely connect the Mac machine to win7 .. Haha! To be honest, there are

Mac OS X accessing Windows Shared Folders

Mac does not have network neighbors, but finder can be used to access files shared by windows in the LAN   1. Click "go to server" (or the shortcut key "command + k") in the "Finder" menu)   2. In the server connection dialog box, enter "SMB: /

Tomcat for Mac OS

Procedure Download tomcat. My tomcat is 7.0.12.Decompress the folder and rename it TomcatMove this folder to your favorite directory, such as/LibraryRun startup. Sh in/library/tomcat/bin.Open http: // localhost: 8080 to check whether tomcat has

Mac OS X Server command line to enable screen sharing

Description: SERVER: Mac OS X Server 10.5 Screen Sharing has been used normally. Use Windows XP tight VNC to connect. However, the screen sharing function was accidentally canceled during the operation. You cannot use VNC connection but can log

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