Request an iOS publishing certificate. P12 and description file. mobileprovision

The iOS publishing certificate is used to publish to the app Store, and only the IPA packaged with the iOS publishing certificate can be posted to the Apple app market.If you want to debug a real machine, see the Creating tutorials for releasing iOS

Android 4.4.2 Dynamic addition of JNI library method Records (one JNI library layer)

Welcome to reprint, be sure to indicate the source. is the second method of adding JNI and services following the application layer development process record of the s5p4418 Android 4.4.

Using Android Mediarecorder C + + class for video encoding

in this case, media source is camera. (Learning platform is android sdk6.0)Call Graph:Startrecording: Recorder = New Mediarecorder (String16 ()); Classmediarecorder:public Bnmediarecorderclient,Public Virtualimediadeathnotifier

Publish your web app to the Cloud-azure Web App with one click

We are now more and more traditional applications, gradually migrating to the cloud, the original private cloud deployment model, and gradually to the cloud PAAs IaaS transformation. For example:We request VM VMs in Cloud Azure, deploy our web apps

Simplest FFmpeg-based mobile sample: Windows Phone HelloWorld

=====================================================The simplest example of a ffmpeg-based mobile Sample series article List:The simplest mobile-based example of FFmpeg: Android HelloWorldThe simplest ffmpeg-based mobile sample: Android Video

Replace Google's own Android development virtual machine? Why not try the following virtual machines

??Google's own virtual machine to start the speed of the human egg pain unceasingly, the following summary lists 3 virtual machines. It's easy for Android developers to enjoy Android without the Android phone.1, BluestacksUsage:

How to Add the Linux Host to Nagios monitoring Server Using NRPE Plugin

In our first part of this article, we ' ve explained in detail on what to install and configure latest Nagios Core 4.2.0on Ce Ntos 7.2 server. In this article we'll show you how to add Remote Linux machine and it's services to Nagios monitoring host

Androidmanifest.xml add different packages in the component (Activity, service android:name specified value is usually a period plus class name), you can specify the full class name (package name + class name) to resolve

We all know that for multiple activity, if you are in the same package, you can register in MainfestXML code span style="Font-size:small;" > XML version= "1.0" encoding="Utf-8"?> manifest

Android USB camera Open Source Library Uvccamera Tutorial

Https:// listen to the name to know the Common class library using the UVC (USB vedio Class) protocol. Linux native support with basic support for all free-zone USB cameras on the market. This open source

Mobile screen adaptation principles and methods explained

Preface:Today in Sunday, I was sitting in the Huangpu District library thinking about the adaptation of mobile screens. As a young front-end Ma Song , no, is the code farm, mobile screen adaptation of the program's post has not read 100, also read

Summary of mobile phone number processing in WAP page

1. Prevent safari in iOS devices from identifying numbers as phone numbersThe test found that safari on the ipad always identifies long strings of numbers as phone numbers and the text turns blue. Click the pop-up menu to add to your contacts.It's

"Info:deploying Web application directory ..." solution for Tomcat boot time

Reprint Address: The first time you encounter Tomcat booting from a Linux server, the situation is simple, and after Tomcat boots it is stuck in info:deploying Web application directory ... This

android-own definition of the use of image resources (1)

android-own definition of the use of image resourcesApril 28, 2014 Monday sunny mood calmthis blog post to you to introduce, in the Android development in the use of some of the image resources, the specific contents of the trouble please seriously

[Android Development] Permissions classification: Normal permissions and Dangerous permissions

Https:// Permissions This content Security architecture Application signing User ID and file access Use permissions Normal permissions and

IOS Program Transfer (transfer from a developer account to B developer account)

1. Material preparation1). The app account that needs to be transferred out (app's developer account)2). Pending app account (app final transfer to developer account)2. Login to your Developer account (the developer account where your project is

HDU 3861.The King's Problem strong Unicom component + minimum path coverage

The King ' s problemTime limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:65536/32768 K (java/others)Total submission (s): 2947 Accepted Submission (s): 1049problem DescriptionThe Kingdom of Silence, the king has a new problem. There is N cities in the

Windows + IIS Environment deploys ASP. NET Core App

Environment: Windows Server, IIS 8, ASP. NET Core 1.1.Many people who deploy the ASP. NET Core app for the first time in IIS encounter problems and find that the original deployment method cannot run the ASP. In the past, either the original ASP

IOS ui16_ Data Persistence

////Student.h//ui16_ data Persistence////Created by Dllo on 15/8/19.//Copyright (c) 2015 Zhozhicheng. All rights reserved.//#import #pragma mark assumes that it is necessary to sign an agreement to implement an archive and an anti-archive operation

"iOS Development-80" quartz2d Drawing Brief Introduction: Line/Circle/ellipse/square and context stack management Cgcontextsavegstate/cgcontextrestoregstate

-(void) DrawRect: (cgrect) Rect {//Get current Context cgcontextref ctx=uigraphicsgetcurrentcontext (); Save the current context state in the stack cgcontextsavegstate (CTX); Zoom, move processing (need to be set before drawing)

Several types of Android data serialization schemes

First, IntroductionThe serialization of data plays an important role in Android development, whether it is in interprocess communication, local data storage, or network data transmission without the support of serialization. Choosing the right

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