iOS development-ANPS PUSH notification Tags: push notifications ANPs remote push, local push

iOS Development-ANPs push notificationsTags: push notifications ANPs remote push local push2015-05-03 14:12 3510 People read comments (0) favorite reports This article has been included in:iOS KnowledgebaseClassification:"IOS-Event Responder

IOS development Notification (Notification) QuickStart and push notification implementation tutorials

iOS Development Notification (Notification) QuickStart and push notification implementation TutorialsTags: nsnotificationcenternsnotification2016-11-14 00:18 232 People read comments (0) favorite reports Classification:IOS (+)Reprinted from: http:

The macro # define that IOS uses

//appdelegate#defineAppdelegate [(appdelegate*) [uiapplication Sharedapplication] delegate]//----------------------System device-related----------------------------//Get device screen size#defineScreen_width ([UIScreen mainscreen].bounds.size.width)#

Interactive programming of Android and webserver data---3 web crawler implements JSP background execution of Virtual browser

Background: The original B/s design in a JSP interface to achieve a number of complex workflow ...The invocation of the mobile interface ensures that the normal webproject of the workflow specifically provides a scenario for the virtual

Android uses Android-support-multidex to solve the problem of Dex exceeding the number of methods, so that your app is no longer bursting

if reproduced, please declare the source: Time of the Sand: (from the sands of the CSDN blog)as applications continue to iterate, lines of business expand, applications are growing (for example, by integrating a variety

Android Security Development ZIP file directory traversal

1. zip file Directory Traversal introductionBecause the ZIP archive is allowed to exist in the package file ". /"string, an attacker could take advantage of multiple". /"Change the location of a file in the ZIP package when extracting, overwriting

Reverse phone core, add debug support and anti-debug

0x00 PrefaceAn Android app can be debugged by applying androidmanifest.xml to display the specified android:debuggable= "true" if the android:debuggable value is not set, then the default android: Debuggable= "false", so most of the published

iOS development-Generate/parse. vcf files

VCF, a format for address book export.One. Generate VCF FileSuppose you want to generate the VCF format file for the data in our iphone address Book.We can help with icloud.Tips: How to export iphone contacts via icloud of course, suppose you want

Android Ant Build.xml Instance

Use ant to compile apk.When using, only need to change the SKD path javahome path and project path can be. Generate output Folder ... generation complete cleanup output folder ... cleanup completed Create output Folder ... Create folder

Simplest FFmpeg-based mobile sample: IOS push-to-stream

=====================================================The simplest example of a ffmpeg-based mobile Sample series article List:The simplest mobile-based example of FFmpeg: Android HelloWorldThe simplest ffmpeg-based mobile sample: Android Video

Some apps handle user error actions

Ofo Small Yellow Car Login module1, do not enter the phone number, get verification code and verify the phone two options are not available (gray)Get verification code available only when 11 digits are entered (yellow)2, enter the irregular mobile

Android C language _init functions and constructor properties and. Init/.init_array section Exploration

This article focuses on "Android C language _init functions and constructor properties and. Init/.init_array section exploration", mainly related to the Android C language _init functions and constructor properties and. init/. Init_array section

"Little Super _android" GitHub source project finishing, hope to help everyone

The collection of frequently used projects on GitHub, hoping to help you in your daily development:Androidslidingmenu

The context is not clear, how to do Android development?

Activity mactivity =new activity ()As an Android developer, don't know if you've ever thought about this question, can activity be new? Android application development in the Java language, activity is also essentially an object, the above writing

Android Write Test class

Because of many tutorials on the web, I don't say much. Here I will talk about the problems I have encountered.In the Android Studio Authoring unit test class, two classes were written under the Androidtest package, as follows   

Hbuilder MUI call system crop picture, avatar crop-android

Head.addeventlistener (' Tap ', function () {var image_unspecified = "image/*";//Photo album displays the file type var photozoom = 2;//Get the picture back Back key var Photolat = 1; After trimming, return key var main =

Android Upnp/dlna app and cling 2.1.1 Dependent library

UPnP (Universal Plug and Play OPENCONNECTIVITY.ORG/RESOURCES/SPECIFICATIONS/UPNP) is a set of technical standards for network protocols that allow smart devices such as personal computers, smart TVs, mobile phones, Gateway) discovers and establishes

Android custom EditText cursor and underline color

Recently in the writing of Small demo review foundation, in the use of edittext when suddenly found almost no notice of its cursor and underline the color, so spent a lot of time, read a lot of blog, now to summarize and share the Harvest.1. First

Free conversion of DTOs and model using AutoMapper (up)

In actual software development projects, Our "business logic" often requires us to transform the same Data. For example, a web app collects the User's input from the front end as a dto, then transforms the DTO into a domain model and persists into

Android----get the current app package name, the name of the current activity, whether the System desktop, service class

1. Get the current app package namepublic static String Getrunningactivityname (context Context) {Activitymanager activitymanager= (activitymanager) Context.getsystemservice (context.activity_service);Full class nameString

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